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RS400 Boat Register / History

The boat register history has been built up over many years by owners of the boats entering their own details. If you see a boat number missing or a boat that you have previously owned but the entry is not there, please enter the details as a new entry.
This helps people when purchasing used boats as well as helping us build events calendars closer to the active fleets.
Boat Not Listed?

CountrySail NoOwnerPurchasedClub
GBR1501Ken and Susan Twemlow08/08/2019Notts County
GBR1493Geoffrey Holden03/05/2019Locks SC
GBR1484Mark Somerville01/07/2018Bassenthwaite sc
GBR1480Andy Hadfield08/12/2018Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR1479Mick Whitmore31/03/2018Eastbourne Sovereign SC
GBR1477Rob Timmis01/09/2018Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR1474Ben Campbell 01/12/2017Nbyc
GBR1471John McLaren01/10/2017Salcombe YC
GBR1469Martin Powell01/07/2018Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR1467Paul Ridgway25/04/2017Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1460David Exley18/11/2016Leigh and lowton sailing club
GBR1455John MacKenzie28/02/2016Dalgety Bay Sailing Club
GBR1453Stuart Halman 07/10/2015Leigh and lowton sc
GBR1452Howard Eeles11/09/2015
GBR1451Guy Mason14/10/2015Bartley SC
GBR1450Nick Eaves26/08/2015Bartley SC
GBR1447John Cooper16/05/2015Lymington Sailing Club
GBR1446Richard Hall02/05/2015Oxford Sailing Club
GBR1443Stuart/Richard Urquhart10/03/2015Royal Findhorn Yacht Club
GBR1441Paul Oakey19/02/2015Portchester Sailing Club
IRL1440David McFarland15/12/2014CAYC
IRL1438Ross Vaughan21/11/2018Royal North Of Ireland Yacht Club
GBR1436Chris Penney01/12/2017Carrickfergus Sailing Club
GBR1433Rob and Jan Martin01/06/2014Lymington Town
GBR1430Simon and Penny Mathews02/03/2014Lancing Sailing Club
GBR1428james gardner01/04/2014hisc
GBR1426Bruce Woodcock06/07/1905Dabchicks SC & West Mersea YC
GBR1425Roger Green23/04/2015Eastbourne SSC
GBR1420John Cass01/08/2015Downs Sailing Club
GBR1417Steve Wingrove14/03/2017Porthpean SC
GBR1407Jonathan Heissig
IRL1406Newer than Liam's10/11/2012RNIYC
GBR1405Liam Donnelly01/11/2012Royal North of Ireland
GBR1401Bill Kenyon12/04/2012Budworth SC
GBR1400Steve Middleton30/03/2012Burghfield Sailing Club
GBR1398Graeme henry14/02/2015St Mary's Loch sailing club
GBR1395Paul Allen01/01/2013Leigh & Lowton
GBR1393Nick Zammit01/11/2012Locks
GBR1392Chris Stanton31/03/2015Queen Mary Sailing Club
GBR1391Martin Reeve09/09/2011Locks Sailing Club
GBR1390Andy Hatch01/09/2011Queen Mary Sailing Club
GBR1388Mike Acton20/05/2011Gurnard SC
GBR1386Mr Roger Elliman04/05/2011Chichester Yacht Club
GBR1385Mitch and Marie Haberfield25/01/2013Northampton Sailing Club
GBR1384Trevor Newley31/12/2014Emsworth Sailing Club
GBR1383Phil Robinson and Dave Pears 20/05/2015carsington
GBR1382Andrew hunt01/09/2016Eastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club
FRA1380Bernard de Castellane01/11/4889
IRL1379Neill Strain25/08/2017Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club
GBR1365Martin Powell01/04/2016Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR1363Ross Ryan01/03/2014Notts County Sailing Club
GBR1362James Sinclair24/11/2013East Lothian Yacht Club
GBR1359Matt Reeves and Trisha Clancy15/09/2018Starcross Yacht Club
GBR1357Simon Coleridge01/04/2017Rock Sailing Club
AFG1355Robin Kirby 01/02/2018Warsash sc
GBR1354Ken Twemlow07/11/2011Notts County
IRL1353Robert Hastings26/10/2014Royal North of Ireland YC
IRL1352Simon Hutchinson15/07/2012Royal North of Ireland YC
GBR1351Richard green 13/10/2018Yorkshire Dales
GBR1350D Houghton / J Symonds18/04/2015Gt Yarmouth & Gorleston SC
IRL1349Garrett Donnelly11/09/2014MYC
GBR1348Martyn Styles01/01/2008Downs Sailing Club
GBR1347Phil Wright01/08/2008Gurnard S C
GBR1346Phil Kilburn10/05/2014Notts County S C
GBR1341Richard Felstead08/04/2012Lymington Town SC
IRL1339Stephen Kane02/04/2019RNIYC
AFG1337Graeme Henry20/08/2013St Mary's Loch sailing club
IRL1335paul phelan01/12/2016Greystones S. C.
GBR1334John Woolhouse/Russ Pedder01/04/2012Northampton Sailing Club
AFG1333Rob Corfield27/09/2016Dell Quay Sailing Club
GBR1332Paddy Spink01/01/2008Brancaster Staithe S C
GBR1331Dave Hereward12/11/2007Datchet Water S C
GBR1330Bill Dawber03/09/2017Dell Quay Sailing Club
GBR1328Steve and Sarah Peat01/05/2014Starcross YC
GBR1327Mike Heeley04/01/2008Downs Sailing Club
GBR1326Nick Martin28/11/2012
GBR1325James Logan28/03/2016NCSC
GBR1324Liam & Sue McGrath11/09/2009Starcross Yacht Club
GBR1323Phil Titchmarsh01/11/2007Glossop & District Sailing Club
GBR1322Chris and Trisha Taylor-Firth08/10/2017Burghfield SC
GBR1321Robert Espey and Michael Gunning20/08/2013B.Y.C./ R.U.Y.C.
GBR1320Stuart Harrison30/09/2015Lee on the Solent Sailing Club
GBR1319Steve & Sarah Peat24/11/2007Oxford Sailing Club
GBR1317Roger Green05/11/2007Eastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club
GBR1315Graham Dodge21/03/2008Weir Wood Sailing Club
GBR1312David Swift01/07/2019Warsash SC
GBR1311David Robinson03/06/2008Arun Yacht Club
GBR1309Russell Clark01/02/2017Stokes Bay SC
IRL1308Gerry Cannon10/02/2007Greystones Sailing Club
IRL1307Simon Herriott25/03/2007Greystones Sailing Club
GBR1306andrew bown15/10/2015lymington town
GBR1302Andy Baldock01/01/2007Grafham Water S C
GBR1301Mick Whitmore01/06/2016Eastbourne sovereign sailing club
GBR1298Martin Parker11/03/2010Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1296Ian Paterson15/07/2017Grafham Water Sailing Club
GBR1294John MacKenzieDalgety Bay Sailing Club
GBR1293Richard Allen08/01/2017Carsington
IRL1292Liam Donnelly10/11/2010Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club
GBR1291David Shiel01/04/2006South Caernarvonshire Yacht Club
GBR1290Peter Taylor29/07/2018Dalgety Bay SC
GBR1289Matt Jackson24/05/2019Scaling Dam SC
AFG1288Peter Dancso27/04/2018Queen Mary
GBR1287Tom Peters and Anna-Louise Morris01/11/2005Weston Sailing Club
GBR1286Paul Stainsby01/09/2013Queen Mary Sailing Club
GBR1285Mike Latham14/06/2019Errwood Sailing ClubLeigh & Lowton SC.
GBR1283Chris Pickles07/05/2017none
GBR1279John Kemp01/02/2010Gurnard S C
GBR1278Andy Bray21/06/2006Lee on Solent Sailing Club
GBR1277Graham Tullett20/04/2018Bristol Corinthian Yacht Club
GBR1276Reddington01/01/2006Bartley Sailing Club
GBR1275Sam Parker and Anna LudgateWeston Sailing Club
GBR1274Bill HandleyRestronguet Sailing Club
GBR1270James Cutler10/07/2014Burghfield Sailing Club
NOR1269Per Gunnar Waage25/05/2012Haugesund
GBR1268Alistair RoseRoyal Windermere Yacht Club
GBR1267Paul Huett04/12/2015Draycote Water Sailing Club
GBR1265John Perry and Mark Kingsley03/08/2010Aberdeen and Stonehaven YC
GBR1263David Stockton12/05/2018Wimbleball
AFG1262Jon Willars18/08/2017Welton Sailing Club
GBR1261Stuart Hills27/03/2012Exe
GBR1260richard shellcock10/05/2012oban s.c./ loch tummel s.c.
IRL1259McCready Sailboats01/07/2013Ballyholme Yacht Club
GBR1258Andrew Homer16/02/2008
GBR1257Nick LoweY Felinheli
GBR1256Paul Bowen 01/01/2010Gurnard S C
GBR1255PattersonRoyal North of Ireland Yacht Club
GBR1254Philip Murray13/05/2450Tynemouth sailing club
GBR1253Paul Miller25/01/2005Bexhill on Sea Sailing Club
NOTE: Written Off in Road Traffic Accident
GBR1252James AlsopQueen Mary S C
IRL1251Peter Bayly20/03/2016
GBR1249Malcolm Ritchie01/01/2009
GBR1248Kev O'BrienRAFSA
GBR1247Jonathan Smith01/02/2012RAFSA
GBR1245Paul Blowers20/07/2009Gurnard S C
GBR1241RobinsonAldeburgh Yacht Club
IRL1240Daniel Lordan06/05/2015INSC
GBR1239Ray Davies01/01/2004Brightlingsea S C
GBR1238Chris JenningsBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR1237Nick Craig01/01/2008Frensham Pond S C
GBR1236MartinBough Beech S C
GBR1235Chris Bownes04/02/2017Bartley
GBR1234William Ormerod30/05/2019
GBR1233Nick FrancisQueen Mary S C
GBR1232Chris Jordan12/10/2013Burghfield SC
GBR1231Nikita Watson28/08/2017Netley SC
GBR1227CharltonBrightlingsea S C
GBR1226Chris GarveyBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR1225BowenGurnard S C
GBR1224FairmanWeston Sailing Club
GBR1222Ken Twemlow01/10/2007Nottinghamshire county sailing club
GBR1221ModralUllswater Yacht Club
GBR1220FreemanParkstone Sailing Club
GBR1219Mark ReddingtonBartley Sailing Club
GBR1218Mark Bath21/09/2003Bowmoor Sailing Club
GBR1217CooperLymington Town S C
GBR1216Byrne04/10/2016Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club
GBR1215Sean Pratt05/08/2017Carsington Sailing Club
GBR1213David and Frances Wilkins19/08/2014Parkstone YC
GBR1212Richard Ashwell01/02/2016
GBR1211Stuart HudsonWeston Sailing Club
GBR1210James DownerGurnard S C
GBR1209Jim and Robyn Rosser17/06/2007Hickling Broad Sailing Club
GBR1208PykeBurghfield Sailing Club
IRL1207Cillian O'Mara03/01/2014Killaloe Sailing Club
GBR1206MacqueenItchenar Sailing Club
GBR1204Chris Gowers01/10/2006Port Dinorwic S C
GBR1203Johnny Limebear02/09/2018West Riding Sailing Club
GBR1202Sam Knight01/06/2014Bartley
GBR1201Neil Peacock01/01/2004Bartley Sailing Club
GBR1200Richard Buckman14/04/2014Shoreham Sailing Club - West Sussex
GBR1199Graham Child01/08/2008Lee on the Solent Sailing Club
GBR1198Simon Grey02/11/2013Chanonry
IRL1197Aidan Mac Sweeny01/05/2013Royal Cork Yacht Club
GBR1196Julie Boswell16/10/2019Llandegfedd Sailing CLub
GBR1192Jack Munnelly30/04/2015Arun Yacht Club
GBR1191McKeandLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1190JonesLeigh on Sea Sailing Club
AFG1189Steve Restall 01/02/2015
IRL1188Stephen mclernon01/09/2017
GBR1187GunnNottinghamshire county sailing club
GBR1186Dan Jackson 01/11/2016Tenby
GBR1185FellowesAldeburgh Yacht Club
GBR1184JonesBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR1183ElliottRotherham Sailing Club
GBR1182Matthew David Higginson07/02/2010Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR1181Bruce Mills01/08/2015Warsash S.C.
GBR1180Fiona Ferguson/Neil Jardine31/01/2009Loch Tummel Sailing Club
IRL1179David Rose02/06/2014RCYC
GBR1178Brian Holmes18/07/2012Coleraine YC
GBR1177Barrettw. o. b. y. c.
IRL1176Andrew Verso07/06/2011Greystones Sailing Club
GBR1175HendonBlithfield Sailing Club
GBR1174Garry PhareRoyal Torbay Yacht Club
GBR1173Claire Laurie01/11/2006Royal Findhorn Yacht Club
GBR1172Alex Fleming05/05/2008Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1170Steven Sheridan10/03/2009RVYC
GBR1169ByrdDraycote Water Sailing Club
GBR1168Oli Harris19/04/2013Alton Water SC
GBR1167Robert Joce01/01/2008Queen Mary S C
GBR1166MartinBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR1165Christopher HitchmanBartley Sailing Club
GBR1164Munro and Robinson01/08/2013Royal Findhorn Yaught Club RFYC
GBR1161Bruce Dawson26/04/2017Carsington
AUS1160James Grant01/01/2007
GBR1159Matt Reeves18/09/2018Starcross Yacht Club
GBR1158BissetLymington Town S C
GBR1157Philip Murray14/01/2018Tynemouth sailing club
GBR1155PAUL ALLEN01/10/2003Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1154TimmingsLymington Town S C
GBR1153NotleyMengeham Rythe S C
GBR1152Mike Jacot28/06/2017Saltash Sailing Club
GBR1151ClothierBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR1150Cathy Partington07/07/2019Leigh & Lowton SC
GBR1149Nick BellAldeburgh Yacht Club
GBR1148CurrieBassenthwaite Sailing Club
GBR1147Marek JezierskiQueen Mary S C
GBR1146RobertsonRoyal Forth Y C
IRL1144George Kingston 01/02/2014RCYC/KYC
IRL1143Alexander Rumball20/09/2014Irish National Sailing School
GBR1142ALAN RINGE01/06/2005exe
IRL1140Robert O'Sullivan03/04/2014MBSC
GBR1139AyreParkstone Sailing Club
IRL1138Mike Ferguson 24/10/2012Byc/ RUYC
IRL1136Connor Duffy06/04/2015RSGYC
GBR1135ShielLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1134Nick Simmons01/08/2007Weston Sailing Club
ITA1132Davide Patriarca10/08/2015ASD Club Il Castello
GBR1131erica caswell24/12/2016yorkshire dales sailing club
GBR1130David Gates24/04/2103Salcombe Y C
GBR1129David Webley/Fraser Mulford25/04/2013Wormit Boating Club
GBR1128Steve Middleton01/01/2003Burghfield Sailing Club
GBR1127David Geal30/10/2008Bewl Valley Sailing Club
GBR1126StewartBartley Sailing Club
GBR1125BaileyBartley Sailing Club
GBR1124Gael PawsonThorney Island SC
GBR1123Paul Aitken16/07/2015Lyme
GBR1122GreavesLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1121Henry Maples and Seb Cannon07/11/2007Weir Wood Sailing Club
GBR1120RayHighcliffe S C
GBR1119Paul Miller and Andy Bullen01/09/2018Bexhill Sailing Club
GBR1118Chris Hughes01/11/2015
GBR1117James Sinclair30/09/2012East Lothian Yacht Club
GBR1116David Buckley06/02/2011Chew Valley Lake S C
GBR1113Mark Meadows28/10/2005Burton Sailing Club
GBR1112Jon Abbatt05/09/2017Ullswater Yacht Club
GBR1110Norman Bell30/03/2007Grafham Water S C
GBR1109Mark and Tris Turner20/01/2019Warsash sailing club
GBR1107Allister Cleal13/04/2010Guernsey Yacht Club
GBR1106Dave Brannigan17/08/2006Llandegfedd Sailing Club
GBR1102GriffithsBewl Valley Sailing Club
GBR1101Baker01/09/2007Queen Mary S C
GBR1100AshdownLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
IRL1099Ross McDonald01/05/2014HYC
GBR1098MayhewIsland Barn Reservoir S C
GBR1097Mark Swan and Paul Raven13/02/2016Exe Sailing Club
GBR1096Peter Taylor04/03/2017Dalgety Bay SC
GBR1095Adrian Buswell01/03/2011Mengeham Rythe S C
GBR1093Alistair Hill07/06/2015Grafham Water
GBR1092Alan Cooke01/03/2001Grafham Water S C
GBR1091Stuart and Cath Belfield12/12/2008Leigh and Lowton
GBR1090Cassandra BeasleyWeston
GBR1089RitchieAldeburgh Yacht Club
GBR1088KenyonParkstone Sailing Club
GBR1083Sam Wilford01/02/2011Hollowell Sailing Club
GBR1082Mark Somerville 14/08/2013Bassenthwaite sailing club
GBR1079Mark Helyer01/01/2007Torpoint Mosquito Sailing Club
GBR1078Peter Jackson & James DyasSilver Wing Sailing Club (BASC)
GBR1077Simon Nichol14/02/2013Chester
IRL1076Mark Sartini23/08/2016Killaloe Sailing Club
GBR1075AdamsBexhill on Sea Sailing Club
GBR1074GurneyThames Sailing Club
GBR1073Neil McLaren28/01/2017
GBR1072DawsonBassenthwaite Sailing Club
GBR1070Neil Kennedy07/07/2013Bexhill SC
GBR1069christopher mulholland09/07/2012Roadford Lake SC
GBR1067Tim and Is Brooke22/04/2016W&FYC
GBR1066Roland Walker01/07/2006Aldeburgh Yacht Club
GBR1064David Ramsden20/01/2012Queen Mary SC
GBR1063William Hall26/02/2011Rutland Sailing Club
GBR1062Richard Johnson02/05/2008Emsworth Sailing Club
GBR1061WatsonLoch Tummel Sailing Club
GBR1060Pete Pickford/Chris Carpenter27/11/2015Dell Quay
GBR1059Keith Ellis04/05/2014Castle Cove SC
GBR1058Richard Symons01/05/2017Dittisham sailing club
GBR1057McLarenBrightlingsea S C
GBR1056PinchQueen Mary S C
GBR1055PrinceWeir Wood Sailing Club
GBR1054Stephen Ratcliffe12/04/2008Hickling Broad Sailing Club
GBR1051Matthew Sheahan28/09/2011Netley Sailing Club
GBR1050PartingtonLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1049TeagueSouth Cerney Sailing Club
GBR1048Martin Hart27/08/2010Notts County Sailing Club
GBR1047TiceLocks Sailing Club
GBR1046Peter holmes Ben Burley20/02/2008Covenham Sailing Club
GBR1045CarverRoyal london yacht club
IRL1044Tom mcgrath01/09/2016Royal Cork
GBR1043Ian Watkins30/10/2010Grafham Water S C
GBR1042ChristopherQuintonWeston Sailing Club
GBR1041Henry Barnes and Grahame Smith 15/05/2016Staunton Harold Sailing Club
GBR1040PorterSouth Cerney Sailing Club
GBR1038Joe Helm21/12/2012Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club
GBR1037Queen Mary Sailing Club01/05/2014Queen Mary SC
GBR1036Tom Taylor-Jones01/09/2011Wivenhoe Sailing Club
IRL1035Brian Bryce01/07/2014Killaloe Sailing Club
GBR1034RiddingtonLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1033Cameron Wade08/08/2009Grafham Water S C
GBR1032Patrick and Norman burns10/10/2012RYA/Dalgety sailing club
GBR1031Max Tosetti20/06/2009Queen Mary
GBR1030Greg Pace01/04/2012Bartley
GBR1029Mick Noble25/09/2016Carsington Sailing Club
GBR1027CrowtherGrafham Water S C
GBR1025Neil Mathews and Mark Diamond21/07/2007Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club
GBR1024DyterAldeburgh Yacht Club
GBR1022Andy Clark09/09/2015Lancing Sailing Club
GBR1021Bruce Watt01/10/2011Queen Mary S C
GBR1020Justyn Jones01/04/2011Cardiff YC
GBR1019Rob Corfield01/07/2008Dell Quay Chichester
GBR1018Richard Bolton10/06/2012East Lothian Yacht Club
IRL1017Sean Cleary / Steven Tyner01/10/2011Greystones Sailing Club
GBR1016Richard Tower 03/05/2015Carsington Sailing Club
GBR1014Clifford Nicholson30/03/2016
GBR1010BlockleyLymington Town S C
GBR1009Ashley Henley01/01/2008Grafham Water S C
GBR1008Philip Kennard01/04/2008Burghfield Sailing Club
GBR1007WooseyLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1006AlexanderEast Lothian Y C
GBR1005Rob Mitchell25/09/2007Chew Valley Lake S C
IRL1004Tom Purdon30/11/2017Strangford Lough Yacht Club
GBR1003TelfordSouth Windermere Sailing Club
GBR1002David Atienza01/01/2005Aldeburgh Yacht Club
GBR1001Robert Espey10/10/2011Ballyholme YC
GBR999Lee Hailey02/05/2010Queen Mary Sailing Club
GBR983Peter Middleton17/09/2016Saltash SC
GBR981AttrillBrading Haven Yacht Club
GBR980Robert Mackay04/07/2015Queen Mary S C
GBR979David Nunn01/03/2020Bowmoor SC
GBR976Jeff and Harris Maidment14/04/2018Burghfield
GBR973David and Jackie Gebhard21/12/2017Tynemouth
GBR971Simon Kitchen31/03/2019Grafham Water SC
GBR968GibbLargo Bay S C
GBR966GreenLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR965Pete Bennett01/10/2012Silver Wing S.C./ Datchet S.C.
GBR964Emma Johnstone20/04/2011Locksc
GBR963Jo Costura01/10/2007Rutland Sailing Club
BEL962Alexandre Juignet06/09/2014SNEH club de l'eau d'heure
GBR959Adrian Cross01/01/2007BMSTC
GBR958Craig Franklin08/03/2017Dittisham Sailing Club
GBR957Chris Lloyd19/04/2014Saltash SC
GBR956Ramsay Leuchars20/12/2014
GBR955FraserIsland Barn Reservoir S C
GBR953Stuart Halman27/08/2008Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR952Blaver-Mann01/01/2001Parkstone Sailing Club
GBR951Chris and Kathy Iles06/01/2007Locks Sailing Club
GBR950Alan Elkington01/10/2004Nottinghamshire county sailing club
GBR947Brian Beavis01/04/2007Portchester S C
GBR946Nigel Orkney29/10/2015Largo Bay Sailing Club
GBR945Tim Craig01/07/2008Elton Sailing Club
GBR944Winston LordWeston Sailing Club
GBR942Ben Collett21/03/2009Chichester Yacht Club
GBR941Fiona and Steve Atkinson26/08/2016Carrickfergus Sailing Club
GBR939Steve Janering01/05/2014Queen Mary
GBR938christopher roll10/04/2011King George S C
GBR937Andrew Gardiner07/03/2016Thorney Island Sailing Club
GBR936Mike Bayliss31/01/2008Covenham Sailing Club
GBR935MacLeanEast Lothian Y C
GBR934David Swift01/04/2014Warsash SC
GBR931Benjamin Ford 01/06/2018Neyland Yacht Club
GBR930Ian Collyer01/11/2011Hollowell Sailing Club.
GBR929John Whalley01/01/2006Royal Windermere Yacht Club
GBR928Mike Lewis23/04/2009Mengeham Rythe S C
GBR927WakelyWhitefriars Sailing Club
AFG926Dan Jackson23/08/2015TENBY S.C.
GBR925Russell Brayshaw29/04/2014Swanage SC
GBR924Patrick and Tim Denby05/06/2014Broadstairs Sailing Club
GBR923darren horton12/10/2012king george
GBR922Roger Carter / Ian Robertson01/02/2013Wormit Boating Club
GBR921ChipperfieldLymington Town S C
GBR918Tim Hardy30/09/2008Queen Mary
GBR917Mike Curtis01/04/1999Island Barn Reservoir SC
FRA916michael duflos20/10/2013
GBR915Sean Curtis 01/01/2015Curtis Sean
GBR914HerdDraycote Water Sailing Club
GBR913David Scott07/02/2007Northampton Sailing Club
GBR912Ian Hayhoe01/01/2007
GBR911David SparrowParkstone Sailing Club
GBR910Harry Houlding31/01/2015Fowey Gallants Sailing Club
GBR909steve patch10/10/2010lochcarron sc
GBR908Bill Burnett01/09/2013Bough Beech
GBR907Peter Daigneault 08/08/1999Eastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club
GBR906Matt Sayer / Agustin Reyna20/09/2013Cardiff Bay Yacht Club
GBR905WillisLymington Town S C
GBR904Grant Blake01/05/2015Oxford Sailing Club
IRL903Noel Davidson / Joe Turner11/04/2014Howth Yacht Club
GBR901Mark Reddington08/08/2014Bartley SC
GBR898Susan PrattleyOxford Sailing Club
GBR897Jamie Hembury-Gunn10/08/2015Brancaster Staithe Sailing Club
GBR896Ian Gray01/01/2004Queen Mary S C
GBR895MatthewsBlithfield Sailing Club
GBR893Ruth Iliffe11/04/2008Port Dinorwic SC/ Llandudno SC
GBR892Alasdair Sword01/11/2010Lympstone Sailing Club
GBR891Sean Ratcliffe10/10/2017Leigh and Lowton
GBR890TilleyLlandegfedd Sailing Club
GBR888Robin Taggart12/11/2014Coleraine Yacht Club
GBR887DavisNorth lincolnshire sailing club
GBR886Ben Rogerson01/04/2010Gurnard S C
GBR883BarkerMilton Keynes Sailing Club
GBR881Alex Reid30/12/2006Grafham Water S C
GBR880James Le Couilliard23/06/2019Aldenham Sailing Club
IRL877William Findlay11/12/4752Strangford Sailing Club
GBR874GibbEast Lothian Y C
GBR872Roger Bennett01/03/2013Glossop and District Sailing Club
GBR871Kim Harris11/07/2014Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR870Simon Horsfield
GBR869Statham14/05/2007Chase S C
IRL867Tiernan Regan and Simon Murray 08/11/2014National Yacht Club
GBR866Paul Reynolds01/02/2010Notts County Sailing Club
GBR865Michael Copeman and Nicola Palmer20/03/4917Bexhill Sailing Club
GBR863Nigel Maycock01/03/2007Littleton
GBR862RapleyMengeham Rythe S C
GBR861Gerard Barron01/07/2007Brancaster Staithe S C
GBR858Chris Rowsell15/04/2000Dell Quay SC & Torpoint Mosquito SC
IRL857Paul Phelan15/05/2015Greystones S.C.
CHE855CERN Yacht Club01/04/2004YCC (Yacht Club du CERN)
GBR854Chris Brown04/02/2010Weston SC
GBR853MAILLARD / KIAIE02/07/2011Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club
GBR852Maurice Barnes20/09/2009Hollowell Sailing Club
GBR850JubbIsland Barn Reservoir S C
GBR849Hayley Parks01/04/2007Great Yarmouth & Gorleston S C
GBR848Ben Tate30/11/2007Weston Sailing Club
GBR847Ian Martin29/04/2007South Shields S C
GBR846Richard Hall24/04/2010Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR845Ian peace30/08/2018Island barn
GBR844Steve lane01/03/2008Bartley Green Sailing Club
GBR843StewardOulton broad sailing club
GBR842MillarEast Lothian Y C
GBR841Mark Stubbings and Michael Austen01/05/2010ESSC/ESC
IRL840Ryan Seaton06/01/2013BYC/CSC
GBR838Brian Lambert / Pete Hazell15/04/2013Brancaster Staithe Sailing Club
GBR833Gary Phipps01/03/2008Blackwater Sailing Club
GBR831Adrian Sherratt30/12/2012Northampton SC
GBR830Clive Posford13/07/2014Glossop SC
GBR829Graham Davidson-Guild and David Clementson18/01/2014Trearrdur Bay Sailing Club
GBR828Martin Spencer22/01/2016Leigh Lowton
GBR826TylecoteSpinnaker Sailing Club
GBR824Jack Davies 03/10/2018WestKirbysailingclub, lee on the solent,
GBR822John BurtonRipon Sailing Club
GBR820PearsonStarcross Yacht Club
GBR819Sean Ratcliffe10/08/2017Leigh and Lowton
GBR818McCarlieDalgety Bay S C
GBR817ExleyLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR816SandersHamble River S C
IRL815Diane Burgess and Stephen Magee20/10/2013Ballyholme Yacht Club
GBR813Chris Grosscurth02/02/2008Felpham S C
GBR812David Clarke08/05/2007Ullswater Yacht Club
GBR810Richard Fahey01/08/2015Tynemouth Sailing Club
GBR808Steve Wallace05/05/2012Bewl Valley
GBR806Bob AlexanderParkstone Sailing Club
GBR804Geoff Stones01/04/2009Jumbles SC
IRL803Ryan Seaton06/01/2013Ballyholme YC /Carrickfergus sailing Club
IRL802Dave Sweeney01/05/2015
GBR800Jay Colville 09/09/2010EDYC
AFG796Nicholas Alston01/05/2011Thorpe Bay yacht Club
GBR794HerewardDatchet Water S C
GBR792Roger ElimanChichester Yacht Club
FRA790pensec jacques06/10/2013foyer laique lanester section voile
GBR789Damir Gusic20/01/2919King George SC
GBR788Dave Hart08/08/2018Lee On Solent
GBR787GreenStarcross Yacht Club
GBR781SandsLee on Solent Sailing Club
GBR780BroughtonAldeburgh Yacht Club
GBR774PooreLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR772Ben Gilbert28/05/2008Plymouth
GBR771Dorian Woolger01/04/2006Sussex Yacht Club
GBR770Richard RobertsPort Dinorwic S C
GBR767Simon Barber
GBR765AdamsLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR764Mike Ridsdill-SmithBlackwater Sailing Club
GBR763Liam Alcock01/09/2015South Shields Sailing Club
IRL762Avril Doherty01/08/2012Monkstown Bay SC, Cork.
GBR760OwensDale Y C
GBR759Peter King01/05/2010Dell Quay Sailing Club
GBR755Tomas / Frederico09/08/2015QMSC
GBR754Michael Morton Lee08/05/2012Thorney Island Sailing Club
GBR753Mark Munday01/09/2009Bewl Sailing Association
GBR751Howard Eeles29/01/2009Bartley Sailing Club
IRL748David Rose23/10/2013Royal Cork Yacht Club
GBR747Matt Godbold and Richard Turner22/07/9201Brancaster Staithe
GBR744Fiona Bolt and Iain Lewis01/11/2006Queen Mary S C
GBR740Ian Turnbull & Kate Lowe02/02/2010
GBR738Martin Faulkner04/09/2010Lochaber Yacht Club
GBR736JonesStone Sailing Club
GBR735Mark Hope01/10/2012Hollowell Sailing Club
GBR734OwenParkstone Sailing Club
GBR733WatsonWeston Sailing Club
GBR732Andrew Hurd01/06/2007Grafham Water S C
GBR729Anthony Sherran01/05/2007Royal Windermere Yacht Club
IRL728Andy Browne15/08/2013Carlingford Lough Yacht Club
GBR726Rob Powell01/05/2012Alton Water, Suffolk
GBR725Jason Riby02/05/2015
GBR723HeijneBough Beech S C
GBR721FryerWaveney & Oulton Broad Yacht Club
GBR717Bryan Smith28/04/2009Thorney Island Sailing Club
GBR716Derek Mitchell12/08/2015Burghfield
GBR714Thomas Hart02/04/2004Weston Sailing Club
GBR704Niall Campbell Morrison14/02/2009East Lothian Y C
GBR703Matt sharman26/06/2012Delph sc
GBR702WattsBough Beech S C
GBR700EdmondsLymington Town S C
GBR696gareth jackson07/07/2010llyn brenig sailing club
GBR695Duncan Ayre30/07/2012Stone sailing club
GBR694Matt Fowler12/09/2012Pevensey Bay Sailing Club
GBR693SmithLondon Corinthian S C
GBR692Donald Muir
GBR691CarnellLooe S C
GBR690Morgan-JonesEastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club
GBR689Matt Wright01/01/1998Thorney Island SC
GBR686StevensLee on Solent Sailing Club
GBR685Ken Newing02/01/2008Port Dinorwic S C
GBR684Matt Fowler12/09/2012Pevensey Bay Sailing Club
GBR683Richard Perriss15/09/2012Royal Torbay Yacht Club
CHE682Jonathan and Louise Cook01/05/2001Club Nautique de Versoix
GBR681Keen01/09/2009Eastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club
GBR680ArmitageThames Sailing Club
GBR678SmithWeston Sailing Club
GBR677Rhys Westcott10/05/2014Grafham Water Sailing Club
GBR676MarriottEssex Yacht Club
GBR670Greg Gilbert/Alex Mcintosh07/05/2010Bartley Green Sailing Club
GBR669MeakinsHamble River S C
GBR668Aidan Harvey01/01/2005Bexhill Sailing Club
GBR667Bill Jackson01/01/2008Llandegfedd Sailing Club
GBR666Ben and Louie Walker25/04/2018Staunton Harold Sailing Club
GBR664FelthouseBlithfield Sailing Club
GBR662Mike Curry28/08/2010Glossop Sailing Club
GBR661marshallDell Quay Sailing Club
GBR660Stephen Mason17/11/2010Delph Sailing Club
GBR659Warren Martin06/05/2017Brightlingsea Sailing Club
GBR658Iain Tait01/02/2015Dalgety Bay Sailing Club
GBR649Ian Webster and Simon Capp01/10/2014Poole Yacht Club
GBR647WhalleyRoyal Windermere Yacht Club
GBR642BarrQueen Mary S C
GBR640Jason Kay 01/03/2014Delph Sc
GBR638Jeromy Bosch28/08/2017Alton Water
GBR637NorrisRed Wharf Bay S C
DEU636Matthijs Plokker12/01/2013Altlander Yacht Club - Jork
GBR635MarriageQueen Mary S C
GBR628Bob & Maria Peak08/09/2007Alton Water Sailing Club
GBR627NicholsonBrightlingsea S C
GBR621Bob and Simon Leeming06/12/2014Coquet Yacht Club
GBR620RustBrightlingsea S C
AFG619Dan Langer01/02/2015Stewartby water sc
GBR617Andy MacLennan02/06/2008Aberdeen and Stonehaven YC
GBR616SaundersBewl Valley Sailing Club
GBR615Martin Stockbridge / Polly Scurrah12/08/2016Draycote Water
GBR614JonesChew Valley Lake S C
GBR611UsborneLocks Sailing Club
GBR609Peter and Margaret WhitePevensey Bay S.C.
GBR608D. Hamilton and G. Paton15/07/2006Loch Tummel Sailing Club
GBR606BealeLancing Sailing Club
GBR605Martin Price01/04/2009Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club
GBR604David Houghton30/10/2010Great Yarmouth & Gorleston S C
GBR603Nigel C Reed03/05/1997
GBR602HarrisChew Valley Lake S C
IRL601John Malone20/10/2012
GBR600HoarePoole Yacht Club
GBR599Tom Leckie01/04/2011leigh and lowton sailing club
GBR596Pete Bennett24/03/2013Silver Wing S.C.
GBR595Carl Bridgewater26/04/2015Filey Sailing Club
GBR594Paul NaserSpinnaker Sailing Club
CAN593Trevor McGrath01/01/2013Queen City Yacht Club
GBR592James Sharratt and Steve PitcherRSWSC and Porthpean SC
GBR591Dave Percival01/01/2006Datchet Water S C
GBR588Ollie Berryman01/09/2010Helford river sailing club
GBR587Jess and Matt Womersley01/08/2009South Yorkshire Sailing Club
GBR585Andy Palmer and Lisa Brook15/08/2010
GBR584Harry Wilkes21/12/2016Parkstone Yacht Club
IRL582Brian O'Hare10/09/2012Royal St George Yacht Club
GBR579James and Tim Shuttleworth 02/08/2015Burghfield sailing club
GBR578Stephen KANE 01/12/2017Royal North of IRELAND
GBR577TravisCastle Cove S C
DEU576Michael Barth26/04/2012Segel Club Neuburg Donau
GBR575Mark Austin14/03/2015
GBR574Chris Stubbs19/05/2007Downs Sailing Club
GBR573RobinsonChew Valley Lake S C
GBR569WeeksLee on Solent Sailing Club
GBR567Ben Davis01/01/2007Thorney Island SC
GBR564jacob ainsworth12/01/2013ogston sc
GBR563MurrayRoyal Windermere Yacht Club
GBR561Shawn Woodcock01/09/2006Bartley Sailing Club
GBR560CorbyBewl Valley Sailing Club
GBR559MarshElton Sailing Club
GBR557John Tanner31/12/2010Oxford SC
GBR556Ross Davies and Clemmy Dymond 21/03/2014Queen Mary SC
GBR555Neilson Holiday Company
GBR554Chris Bromley24/07/2007Weston Sailing Club
GBR553Williams16/09/2012Llandegfedd Sailing Club
GBR551SimmonsBewl Valley Sailing Club
GBR550HomerMidland Sailing Club
GBR549RileyPort Dinorwic S C
GBR548Tim WeedenThorney Island SC
GBR547StevensAldeburgh Yacht Club
GBR546MuirRudyard Lake S C
GBR543Kierran Denning21/04/2012RSC
GBR539Lowden James03/04/1999Queen Mary S C
GBR538Jane Baxter01/10/2009Rutland SC
GBR537HoughOxford Sailing Club
GBR536LennonHayling Island S C
GBR535PrinceWeir Wood Sailing Club
GBR534Neil and Heather McCormack05/05/2010Scaling Dam Sailing Club
GBR533Jenny and Peter WeeksPortishead Yacht & Sailing Club
GBR532John Simms23/01/2016Yorkshire Dales SC
CAN529John Bennett and Janine Clark01/01/2013QCYC
GBR528SieversThorney Island SC
GBR527Andy Powell12/07/2015Warsash SC
GBR526Graham Cobb09/01/1999Oxford Sailing Club
GBR525Matt Jackson01/05/2011Scaling Dam SC
GBR522SimmonsCardiff Uni
GBR520DowrickPorthpean sailing club
GBR519John Brookes21/09/2016Tynemouth Sailing Club
GBR518Tony Bostock20/05/2017Trearddur Bay Sailing Club
GBR516GregoryStone Sailing Club
GBR515FoxLoch Venechar Sailing Club
GBR514Denise and Alan Bull03/12/2013Seafarers
GBR513Nicola and Malcolm Barker28/10/2015Guernsey Yacht Club
IRL512CHARLIE HORDER01/04/1995slyc
GBR511Tom Evans01/05/2007Weston Sailing Club
GBR510Stephen Donnelly 01/08/2017CSC
GBR509Darren Martin01/01/2007Royal Windermere Yacht Club
GBR507FisherWeston Sailing Club
GBR506Ono Olmedo and Jess House25/11/2018Exe Sailing Club
GBR505UnderwoodPortchester S C
GBR503Ben FALAT05/10/2009Great Yarmouth & Gorleston S C
IRL500John Lowry10/06/2012Cushendall Sailing & Boating Club
GBR497BirdRoyal Cork Yacht Club
GBR496Miles De Sa10/04/2018Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR495ClareChichester Yacht Club
GBR494Donald Rennie01/03/2007Wormit Boating Club
GBR491LindleyStokes Bay Sailing Club
GBR487RocheCrawley mariners yacht club
GBR484Jean Dennis & Tina Lovelock17/11/2007Burghfield Sailing Club
GBR483Lynne Rouse01/01/2007Netley Sailing Club
GBR482Isobel Adams02/02/2008Cardiff Yacht Club
GBR479Peter Hunter02/03/2008Oxford Sailing Club
GBR476Mark and Bec Barron01/10/2004Loch Tummel Sailing Club
GBR475Chris Dowie01/09/2012Aberdeen & Stonehaven Yacht Club
GBR474David Trevelyan01/04/2010Thornbury Sailing Club
GBR470iain horlock16/09/2008Exe Sailing Club
POL469Jarek Waszkiel / Robert Lyskawa25/10/2014L.O.K. Ostroda
AUS467Brendan Cleaver20/02/2001Mooloolaba Yacht Club
GBR465BarnesHollowell Sailing Club
GBR463nigel hunter01/10/2007ponden
GBR462Jim Short and Tony Jaffa04/06/2008Royal Torbay YC
GBR461Angus Maclaren01/01/2014South Cerney
GBR460Michael Wilson01/04/2005Isle of Man Yacht Club
GBR458Paul Burger20/03/4917Wimbleball SC
GBR457ClarkWeston Sailing Club
GBR456WilsonBartley Sailing Club
IRL455Ronan Currid and Karen Joynt09/04/2016National Yacht Club
GBR454James Milne01/01/2007Aldeburgh Yacht Club
GBR453Ryan Schenck20/10/2018Oxford Sailing Club
GBR452Nick MeyneHickling Broad Sailing Club
GBR451Matt Harris01/09/2008Southport Sailing Club
GBR449Richard White and Kelly Hewlett27/08/2014Clevedon S.C.
GBR448Neil Jardine and Fiona Ferguson25/03/2006Loch Tummel Sailing Club
GBR447Oliver Webster15/05/2010Aberdeen and Stonehaven YC
GBR446Stuart CutlerWarsash Sailing Club
GBR445Dave Barden05/08/2016Saltash sc
GBR444Paul Harris14/04/2008Southport Sailing Club
GBR441Scott Henderson07/03/2014Rosehearty Sailing Club
GBR440Robert Yeamans01/02/2013Aberdeen and Stonehaven Yacht Club
GBR438Phil Nickells23/11/2018Covenham
GBR437David Smith12/10/2013Restronguet SC
GBR436RiddingtonLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR433tom bowman06/05/2012Dabchicks sailing club
GBR432Christian and Martin Butcher18/10/2008West Lancashire Yacht Club
GBR431Charlie Wintle Sam Jacklin01/06/2018Warsash SC
GBR429David Webley/David Anderson08/09/2006Wormit Boating Club
GBR427Ian & Charlotte Burrans15/09/2008LOcks Sailing Club
GBR426Peter Van de Velde/Henrik Asplund01/10/2007Guernsey Yacht Club
GBR425Vicky Lincoln Jody Slater02/01/2018Netley SC
GBR423christopher mulholland08/09/2009Shearwater S C
GBR415Matthew Johns03/12/2012Restronguet Sailing Club
GBR414Matt Toynbee28/12/2015Dalgety Bay
NOTE: Insurance Write Off summer 2017
GBR413Martin Potter05/07/2009St Ives S C
GBR412Ollie Shaw01/06/2009Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR410HearnParkstone Sailing Club
GBR407KellardFrensham Pond S C
AUS3Ken Cameron11/05/2013Portland Yacht Club, Victoria
Boat Sold, new owner details not available.
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