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Home >> General Discussion >> Bowsprit/pole wingwang/tweaker control line replacement.
20/11/2017 15:21:00

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Hello - I'm new to the RS400 and am making a few basic repairs to an older boat to get us started.
Having bought the listed 4mm D12 line to replace the control lines that physically pull the sprit/pole to either side, I see that it is thicker than the original (very worn) line. As such how do you attach it to the end to the tufnol strip? The old line passed through a small hole and had a stopper knot... the 4mm line does not want to go through the existing hole, and the tufnol strip looks too thin to have a wider hole drilled. Is the listing for 4mm wrong???
Also, I bought the listed length for the tail ends running back to the cleats which appears to be on the short side! Where are the small single blocks on the forward end of this line supposed to reside with respect to the mast?  My original position was approx half way between the mast and the bow, but with the new rope length they will be right back by the mast not leaving much room for operation!
Any help or suggestions much appreciated.

27/11/2017 08:32:00

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Nobody got any thoughts on this one then?

10/12/2017 10:08:00

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had the same issue last season.  I thought i was going mad trying to get the line through the block. 
We got some 3mm dynema and that worked well.  The dynema is plenty strong enough but can slip so need to keep an eye on it.  Ideally it would be spliced where it connects to the wing wang lines.  
The wing wang blocks will come right back almost to the mast.  This works fine.

11/12/2017 13:18:00

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Thanks for your reply Jules.
In the end I found some PVC electrical tape wound at an angle to cover a couple of inches of the line, and the end of the line cut off through the tape provided a thin semi stiff needle that slipped quite easily through the hole.  Up to that point I could have used petrol and a match!! 
Thanks for the confirmation, my blocks now almost come back to the mast when pulled, however the 3m line length listed is too much for one side, but not long enough for both! 

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