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Noble Marine TridentUK RS400 Nationals - Day 1

A big fat high pressure system had decided to park itself over the best part of the British Isles, so competitors were greeted with wall-to-wall sunshine, but sadly no wind. At the competitors briefing the PRO Howard Steavenson was still hopeful for a Sea Breeze and so the Team set off towards the Southern Bay to set a course with a view to releasing boats from the shore once the wind appeared. Four and a half hours of blazing sunshine and the ultimate in Race Officer patience later, with only a maximum of 2kts being recorded, the heroic race team decided to abandon racing for the day and returned to the Sailing Club without a single sailor having to leave the shore – On behalf of all the competitors, thank you race team, for sitting out there so that we didn’t have to.

Pizza followed by a buddy quiz sounds like a great evening to look forward to – let’s hope that the lack of sailing doesn’t have any unexpected consequences for hangovers tomorrow morning.

 Report by Dave Exley

More photos by Tim Olin here

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