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Congratulations to our RS400 Rooster National Tour 2021 Champions Mike Sims and Mark Lunn/Jack Holden!

Congratulations to Mike Sims and Mark Lunn/Jack Holden, winners of the RS400 Rooster National Tour 2021.

In second,a nd just 1 point behind the leaders were Ollie Groves and Sam Waller - definitely one to watch for 2022!  Chris Pickles and Matt Sharman were a well deserved 3rd, again just 1 point behind 2nd place.

Great to see the class remaining so incredibly strong, with 91 boats on the scoresheet.

Full RS400 Rooster National Tour results here, thanks to Jacob Ainsworth

Thank you very much to Rooster for supporting the RS400 class so well (again) during 2021!

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Happy #RS400Sailing!

PS Photo thanks to Tim Olin

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