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Results / Lord Birkett Trophy Ullswater YC - 06/07/2019

Lord Birkett 2019 Lord Birkett 2019 Lord Birkett 2019 Lord Birkett 2019 Lord Birkett 2019 Lord Birkett 2019 Lord Birkett 2019 Lord Birkett 2019

Light and Fickle Suits Pickles


A massive entry of 38 RS400s (by far and away the largest fleet) joined the 230 boat total that signed up for the Annual Holy Grail of Sailing Event at Ullswater. Dubbed the Glastonbury of Sailing, the unique annual Lord Birkett race was established in 1963 in memory of Lord Norman Birkett who successfully defended the right of public access to Ullswater which was threatened with reservoir status in the early 1960s. He spoke in the House of Lords in 1962 of the importance of retaining Ullswater's natural beauty for all, but sadly died shortly afterwards and the race has been held annually in honour of the 'Saviour of Ullswater' ever since.

Many arrived on the Friday night, when a F4/5 was in full flow, but come the morning, the lake was hosting a more gentle F2 NW, which encouraged the race officer to send the fleet a short distance to the North end of the lake before the traditional course around one of the islands at the South end of the lake, returning to the finish line off the club house.

The start line was as usual heavily congested with most choosing the club house side of the lake due to the slightly larger whisps of breeze close to this bank. The first start was of course a general recall and the black flag was the hoisted in readiness for the second attempt. This time even more competitors were sure that the Club end was paying and forcing may boats to play dodgems with each other and moored cruisers. Some were even seen using the club jetties to help time their run to perfection – a cunning Scottish technique by all accounts (no further clues required).

Half way up the first beat and in true Ullswater style, the beat turned inside out and those who chose the opposite, Western end of the start line were rewarded with a new breeze from the predicted wind direction – obvious really!  So it was that Richard Catchpole and Gary Coop (Leigh and Lowton SC) led at the first mark, closely followed by Jon Gay and Amanda Henderson from Lochaber, but with a lot of racing to come.

Many head scratching, becalmed and snakes and ladders hours later, it was Dave Exley (Leigh and Lowton SC who finally overhauled a consistent Chris Pickles and Matt Sharman (Bassenthwiate SC) to take the mentally exhausting win. Stuart and Sarah Robertson sailed an intelligent race to take 3rd from Richard and Gary in 4th.

The Rope4Boats raffle took place on the beautiful lakeside lawn in the Saturday evening sunshine. Due to the large number of entries, Ian Turnbull from Rope4Boats added and extra prize. The tapered 400 spinnaker sheets were won by Chris Mulholland from Ullswater YC. The £20 voucher was won by Chris Pickles from Bassenthwaite SC, and because he had won on a previous event, he kindly dontated his prize to raise funds for #BoatmanBonanza, a sailing regatta hosted by Sunderland YC on 24/25th August in memory of Martin Boatman (http://enter.sailracer.org/events/event-v2.asp?eventid=214020). The £10 voucher was won by Jeremy Child from Scammonden Water SC.

Sunday morning was not looking good – the forecast said 2-4 kts, the glassy lake said 0kts and many of the competitors said enough is enough and packed up for a relaxing Sunday doing something else. Those that did race, did not have the most exhilarating of days, but there were moments where both helm and crew sat on the same side.

Even with a substantially reduced starting number, the start line was just as crowded with many getting buried in a zero wind bun fight for the port end of the line. It was Chris Pickles and Matt Sharman who correctly predicted the carnage and started off the middle of the start line in slightly less wind, but more importantly clear air that capitalised up the first section of the course and extended to the finish a little over 2 hours later. Richard and Gary were second and Richard and Bradley Green from Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club sailed themselves cannily into 3rd place. Dave and Nige were 4th and Keith Escritt and Andrea Clough, also from Yorkshire Dales, came home in 5th to cap an excellent and very consistent introduction to the 400 fleet.

The overall 400 honours went to the ever consistent Chris and Matt, closely followed by Dave and Nige and Richard an Gary in 3rd place.

A great event, despite the light winds which has many draws to keep sailors happy even if the wind gods don’t play ball.

The 6th event out of the 7 event series is back to our long term favourite Notts County SC, where we hope to see you on 7/8th September.

Report: Dave Exley

Photos: Tim Olin (Gallery here  http://olinphoto.co.uk/index.php/2019/07/08/the-lord-birket-trophy-2019-at-ulswater-sailing-club/)


RS400 Rank Birkett Rank SailNo HelmName CrewName Club R1 R2 Total Nett
1 3rd 1283 PICKLES Chris Matt Sharman Bassenthwaite Sailing Club 4 4 8 8
2 4th 1460 EXLEY Dave Nigel Hall Leigh And Lowton Sailing Club 2 7 9 9
3 5th 1396 CATCHPOLE Richard Gary Coop Leigh And Lowton Sailing Club 6 5 11 11
4 6th 1282 ESCRITT Keith Andrea Clough Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club 11 10 21 21
5 8th 1407 GLEDHILL Hamish Andy Dawson West Riding Sailing Club 10 14 24 24
6 20th 1454 HEISSIG Jon Nicky Griffin Llangorse 43 11 54 54
7 26th 1351 GREEN Richard Bradley Green Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club 70 6 76 76
8 29th 1461 EXLEY Caroline Mark Lunn Leigh And Lowton Sailing Club 59 28 87 87
9 33rd 669 AINSWORTH Jacob Kayleigh Roberts South Shields Sailing Club 63 31 94 94
10 35th 1395 SNOWDON Peter Louise Carr Scaling Dam/Shoreham Sailing Club 73 25 98 98
11 37th 603 LEONARD Alex Ben Murrell Bass SC / Yorkshire Dales SC 52 46 98 98
12 47th 1073 ROGERS Jamie Neil McLaren   83 34 117 117
13 53rd 1203 LIMEBEAR Johnny Abi Morgan West Riding Sailing Club 92 39 131 131
14 55th 1112 ABBATT Jon Nicola Abbatt Ullswater Yacht Club 102 32 134 134
15 82nd 1463 ROBERTSON Stewart Sarah Robertson Royal Forth Yacht Club 5 232.0 DNS 237 237
16 84th 937 BLAMEY Cameron Nathan Bradley Isle Of Man Yacht Club 149 91 240 240
17 87th 874 GAY Jon Amanda Henderson Lochaber 12 232.0 OCS 244 244
18 88th 754 COOKE Graham Mike Galespy Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club 148 97 245 245
19 99th 8 FLETCHER Wayne Martin Cooper RYA 38 232.0 RET 270 270
20 102nd 1437 THORNTON Barrie Nick Hunt Scaling Dam Sailing Club 45 232.0 RET 277 277
21 104th 973 GEBHARD David Mrs Jackie Gebhard Tynemouth Sailing CLub 50 232.0 DNS 282 282
22 109th 956 GEBHARD Joric B Richardson Tynemouth Sailing CLub 60 232.0 DNS 292 292
23 112th 1423 CHILD Jeremy Paul Cornish Scammonden Water Sailing Club 67 232.0 DNS 299 299
24 120th 1210 KNOTT Martin Jon Schofield Ribble 77 232.0 DNS 309 309
25 126th 725 RIBY Jason Laura Ball South Shields Sailing Club 86 232.0 DNS 318 318
26 127th 1024 KINDON Nick Paul Munro Staunton Harold Sailing Club 87 232.0 DNS 319 319
27 130th 750 BARGH Daniel Ian Turrel Scammonden Water Sailing Club 90 232.0 DNF 322 322
28 131st 534 MCCORMACK Neil Heather McCormack Scaling Dam Sailing Club 232.0 RET 92 324 324
29 138th 1447 WILLARS Jon Jon Willars Welton Sailing Club 101 232.0 DNS 333 333
30 142nd 1016 TOWER Richard Paul Hickman Carsington Sailing Club 111 232.0 DNS 343 343
31 148th 1131 CASWELL Erica Ian Caswell Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club 123 232.0 DNS 355 355
32 151st 1133 MULLIGAN Lester Jez Ince Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club 128.5 232.0 DNS 360.5 360.5
33 161st 1069 MULHOLLAND Chris Catherine Mulholland Ullswater Yacht Club 141 232.0 DNS 373 373
34 167th 1248 DYER Peter Rowena Garner Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club 151 232.0 DNS 383 383
35 173rd 1041 BARNES Henry Grahame Smith Staunton Harold Sailing Club 160 232.0 DNS 392 392
36 177th 536 DEXTER Mark Claire Dexter Carsington Sailing Club 232.0 RET 232.0 DNS 464 464
37 177th 730 GRAHAM Eilish James Moore Bassenthwaite Sailing Club 232.0 RET 232.0 DNS 464 464
38 177th 1123 WHITEHEAD Carl Ben Whitehead Filey Sailing Club 232.0 RET 232.0 DNS 464 464


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