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Results / RS400/RS700 International; RS800 European Championship Circolo vela Torbole - 22/07/2019

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RS400 Day One and Two

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RS400 Day Four

RS400 Day Five

RS700 Day One

RS700 Day Two

RS700 Day Three

RS800 Day One

RS800 Day Two

RS800 Day Three

RS800 Day Four

RS800 Day Five (please select day four and read report below, sorry)

RS400 European Championship at Garda, Days One and Two

It's our first time at Garda and I'm star struck by the place.  I'm still amazed how at midday hits and the Ora fills in!  The club has been very hospitable with dinner provided on the Monday night and Italian pasta night on the Tuesday.

Day one got off to a late 2pm start which seemed to result in a slightly weaker Ora in race two.  Mike Sims and Jack Holden got their series of to a good start with two bullets.  The Robertson's did push them coming away with two 2nds.  Sean Cleary and Annalise Nixon managed to hold on the back of the them to get two 3rds.  The best surprise performance was from Bruce Mills and Andrea Jarman who got a 7th in race two!

Day two started off with a stronger Ora which on the right side of course was touching 18knots.  On the left side of the course (RS400 outer loop) the wind was a bit tricky again with many holes to catch out the best of us.  Sean Cleary and Annalise Nixon started the day off with a bullet which came down to a tight battle to the finish with Russell and June Collister who came home in 2nd.  Bruce and Andrea did very well to spot a big gust off the Torbole cliffs to jump from 5th to first in one leg!

Race four got underway with Mike Sims/Jack Holden and Jim Downer/Jon Price leading the charge.  Most of the fleet banged the Riva cliff side so hard that the kites were nearly necessary to get back to the windward mark.  This gave Paul Oakley/Dan Martin the opportunity to push the leaders hard.  Mike Sims/Jack Holden took their 3rd bullet followed closely by Sean Cleary and Annalise Nixon.  Standout performance was from Jacob and Kayleigh Roberts who took a 5th in their new red boat spotting the closer angle to the windward.

By Sean Cleary

Garda RS400 – Wednesday Day Three

Right on schedule the Ora arrived with a bit more breeze nudging 20 knots for another day of racing in the sunshine at glorious Garda.  Also arriving from the deep south of Eastbourne Sovereign were the dukes of hazard in the form of Mike and Sophie Green, pulling off a port tack start in both races in their Colonel Lee coloured orange RS400.  Although the second one was probably closer to the driving style seen in the 1980s Saturday evening TV show.   With the increased breeze getting onto port and heading for the cliffs was the popular option on the first beats with the major decision being when to tack for the windward mark.  Hold on and come in free and fast was the majority view, but gains were also made by tacking earlier and taking the wind bend around the headland up to the mark.  At the second mark of the trapezoid course the leaders all gybed to head back to the cliffs on the Western side, which required crossing a patch of doldrums before hooking into the breeze for the blast to the bottom mark.  Over enthusiasm, or putting off gybing caused some to over stand and struggle up to the mark as the pressure increased and headed near the bottom of the course.  With pressure bands coming down the lake staying on the left hand side paid for some with a pink and bright yellow spinnaker playing this to perfection to be up with leaders by the bottom mark.  Sorry not to give due credit but you were too far away to identify.

At the end of some very close racing at the front James Downer and Jon Price posted two bullets with the super consistent pairings of Mike Simms and Jack Holden 2, 4 and Sean Cleary and Annalise Nixon 3, 3 both of whom had missed out after the last windward mark by staying in breeze on the right that on this occasion faded allowing the leading two boats who and gybed at the mark to escape for a comfortable finish.

Report by Paul Oakey

RS400 Garda Thursday Day Four

Once again it was sunshine and the Ora kicking in right on schedule but more evenly spread across the course with about 20 knots by the second race and a resultant chop.  The sight of super sailor Jack Holden looking excited before racing in a breeze is not unusual, but there was something different about his happy mood when we met just before launching.  Jack had just got engaged to Monique on a mountain overlooking Lake Garda, top location, top bloke and congratulations to them both.

As for the racing James Downer and Jon Price carried on from yesterday with a comfortable win in the first race from Mike Simms and Jack Holden, and Stuart and Sarah Robertson.  Barrie Thornton and Nick Hunt had their best result of the event coming in fourth.

Race two had the most wind and what seemed like the longest first beat to date.  This was possibly because the usual lift under the headland didn’t appear requiring a few extra port tacks instead of the typical freeing starboard lay line.  Mike and Jack rounded first with Paul Oakey and Dan Martin in close company, gybe-setting at the wing mark allowed this pair to be first back to the strongest breeze under the cliffs and to extend from the fleet.  The deployment of Dan, the lever, closed the gap enough for some serious covering approaching the last windward mark before Mike and Jack escaped to another win.  Sean Cleary and Annalise Nixon again showed impressive speed to secure third, with David Swift and Ian Clark in fourth for their best placing of the week.

With some super fast and consistent sailing Mike and Jack can’t now be beaten for the championships, giving Jack even more to smile about.  Still very close for second and third, and place shuffling throughout the fleet with lots of boats on equal or one or two points different so there is still plenty to play for on the last day.

By  Paul Oakey

RS400 Day Five Final Report

Races 9 and 10 and the final day’s racing of what has been a fantastic week of close racing.  An hour long postponement due to a strong Northerly wind taking a while to be turned over by the Southerly Ora, racing got underway around 2pm in a nice breeze, not so full on as “Big Thursday” but enough for me to appreciate having a stand in crew weighing in at 14 stone!
The usual front runners of Mike Sims/Jack Holden, James Downer/Jon Price, Sean Cleary/Annalise and National Champions Stewart and Sarah Robertson all headed off towards the cliffs in anticipation of the usual lift back up towards the windward mark, whilst a couple of them made it across the fleet, some on the port layline managed, unusually to keep their personal lift to the mark and really mixed it up with the front runners.  The first downwind leg also threw in a surprise as those who gybed off to the cliffs didn’t get the usual bear away in the stronger breeze and were out done by those that went right and down the
middle.  The next beat saw most holding their positions.
Race winners were: Sean Cleary and Annalise Nixon, 2nd Michael Sims and Jack Holden, 3rd Paul Oakey and Dan Martin, 4th James Downer/ Jon Price.

The final race of the championship was a lighter wind affair as the thunder and storm clouds rumbled and built over the distant Dolomites.  Sensibly the race team shortened this to a one lap race to get the fleet ashore before it arrived.  With Michael and Jack already ashore having secured the overall win, it was left to the rest to fight it out.  Sean and Annalise capped a fine week with a bullet, 2nd Stewart and Sarah Robertson, 3rd Russell and June Collister, 4th Andy Hatch and Dan Hawkins.

So the end of a great week at Circolo Vela Torbole on the stunningly beautiful Lake Garda.  It didn’t disappoint and hopefully met everyone’s expectations. As usual the RS400 fleet were a great bunch to mix with on the water and off.  Competitive but fair racing.  The dinghy park meant you got to know everyone pretty quickly!

Thanks to Andy Powell for running the show for the RS400s.  The Pink Panther is on the up.
The new Euro Champions, and well deserved counting four bullets amongst their results, are Michael Sims and Jack Holden RS400 1488.  Second Sean and Annalise. Third James and Jon.  Fourth Stewart and Sarah.
Fifth Paul Oakey and Dan Martin.  Overall results online,

Good Luck to all who are going to Northern Ireland for the forthcoming Nationals.

Report by Mick Whitmore RS400 1479

RS700 European Championship at Lake Garda

Day One 22 July 19

It was a tricky day’s sailing today, the first day of the International Championship for the RS700s. Competitors were grateful for an inner loop but the lack of a leeward gate was strange to some. The course was set almost in the middle of the lake which made it a tough decision to go bang the cliffs as per usual or to head up the middle of the lake.  With approximately 12-14 knots from the South and 36 degrees on the sail out it was shaping up to be something special.

Race one clearly showed that heading to the cliffs was the answer with Richard Wadsworth and Matt Carter being the first out that way demonstrating huge gains from being in pressure whilst the likes of Jerry Wales and Milan Hajek who had gone further left were struggling for power. However this was not a foregone conclusion as by the time boats were coming within the vicinity of the windward mark the wind dropped off to sub 10 knots and shifting all over the place.  This theme continued downwind with once again more gains to be had heading over to the cliff side. Unfortunately Matt snapped his main halyard and had to head in for a record breaking pit stop but managed to make it back out fighting fit for the 2nd race.  A few questionable capsizes and the wind picking up the race ended up a bit of a formality and with the race officer shortening the race to two laps it was a photo finish between Milan and Jerry, with Colin Dacey placing a solid 3rd.

Race two and the wind had picked back up again with less holes in it.  The basic idea from everyone was to start on starboard but to get on to port and hit the cliffs again.  Milan had a peachy start alongside Robbie Bell.  They were quick to get a tack in and encourage the rest of the fleet that way.  Upon hitting the cliffs a few boats were greeted by a yacht trying to get out the way but seriously inconveniencing Milan and Theo Galyer who came off badly trying not to get run down by the fast approaching yacht.  After some fairly loud spoken words the race continued. However Robbie had profited highly from the situation and steamed ahead chased by Milan.  

A great race for 3rd was had between Richard, Jerry and Theo changing places with Jerry holding more height but similar speed up the second beat.  Robbie sailed fast and took the bullet with Milan hot on his tail.

After a busy recovery to shore smiles and stories were exchanged with great anticipation for the three races tomorrow.  At this point it is all to play for with a few boats showing good pace.

Report by Theo Galyer

Photos by Jamie Gettings

Day Two

It was more traditional fare for Day Two of the RS700 International Championship as the competitors prepared for the days racing in sweltering heat and no wind but this is Garda and Ora duly made its appearance providing a warm 18 knot breeze. 

Race One: 

First to tack off and head to the cliffs were Jerry Wales, Robbie Bell, and Richard Wadsworth with Milan Hajek close by.  These four broke clear and had a close race with Robbie gaining the advantage downwind to secure the win with Jerry followed by Richard and Milan. 

Race Two: 

The wind increased to well over 20 knots for race two which caused plenty of incidents and casualties.  Jerry and Milan had a coming together launching their spinnakers which resulted in Milan having a swim.  Next was Richard who broke his wing bar then it was Robbie retiring with spinnaker issues.  This left the front of the race with chairman Theo Galyerbeing chased hard by Michal Kotek with Colin Dacey in close attendance.  Michal was showing some impressive speed in the near survival conditions.  The posting of three laps had caught out some competitors but this extra lap was enough for Jerry to catch up from his capsize and hone in on Michal who had a capsize to deny him of victory.  So Jerry secured the win, with Theo second, Colin third and Michal recovering well to finish fourth. 

The length of the second race gave enough time for repairs to be made as the fleet started the third race of the day.  Richard, always keen to try new things, decided to go left away from the cliffs - this has never worked and Richard will attest to this.  This left Robbie, Jerry and Milan to fight it out at the front of the fleet.  Jerry took his second win of the day and boosted himself to current overall leader.  Robbie managed to beat Milan to the post for second place. 

After five races Jerry is leading with 6 points, Robbie is on 8 and Milan ison 10 points.  So it is all still to play for with eight races to go.

By Colin Dacey

Day Three

The Ora filled in bang on midday and it felt fresher than the last two days. The fleet launched and had a cracking sail out towards the far shore in a good twenty knots of warm Southerly breeze. The first start saw the majority of the fleet favour the committee boat end.  However Colin Dacey and Ian Nolan monstered port-end flyers, and young Jack Napolitano tried to follow in their footsteps.  But the apprentice still has much to learn: the result was a few choice words exchanged from dagger boards with regatta leader Jerry Wales and so Jack vowed not to try that again.  The fleet tore towards the cliffs in a building breeze: Colin, Theo Galyer, Milan Hajek and Richard Wadsworth were all very close with Ian and Robbie Bell slightly to windward.  Robbie tacked early for the lay line, Richard sailed over the top and into the lead with the others hot on his heels.  Ian tacked to a loud crack as his mast head fitting let go, but he managed to carry on.  The downwind leg saw a few place changes throughout the fleet with Robbie getting the inside line on Richard at the leeward mark, which Richard hit, forgetting that we’re allowed to do that he thought a 360 was in order which let Theo in.  Robbie gained whilst Theo and Richard battled it out, and in the meantime Milan and Jerry, who’d recovered incredibly well since his earlier dip, were closing in.  Then Robbie’s rig made a nasty bang as a forestay block let go, but the rig stayed up and he blasted down the final leg and through the finish to look back and see Richard and Theo having a capsize competition near the finish, Theo won and Milan snuck through to leave Richard in 4th.  Jerry had sailed well to recover to 5th and Ian nursed his boat home in 6th.

Race two saw the course shortened (thankfully) to two laps, the breeze was fully switched on by this time and the fleet got away with fewer going for the port option and most starting at the starboard end and tacking early.  The whole fleet sailed in close company toward the cliffs.  Robbie had a good start and was first to tack for the layline with Richard and Jerry close behind.  The breeze lifted the fleet towards the windward mark and one of the large ferries, but an incident free rounding followed and the gybe-set option was favoured by the majority.  Downwind was a real blast with 17/18 knots of boat speed.  Robbie led with Jerry close behind and Richard and Milan battling over 3rd.  The second lap saw Robbie comfortably leading until the last 30 yards when he decided to put in a extra couple of gybes rather than soak.  It turns out soaking was the best option and that’s what Robbie got.  Jerry sailed through to claim the win, Milan had just overtaken Richard to claim second and Robbie limped home just behind Richard to claim a 4th.  Matt Carter came 5th and Theo sixth.

The potential threat of a storm lead to race three being canned and everybody blasted in.

By Robbie Bell

Photos Jamie Gettings

RS800 European Championship 2019, Circolo Vela Torbole, Garda, Italy

Day One

Anticipation and excitement have been building for months as the RS800 fleet returns to Garda for the first time in three years for their European Championship this week.  For those who competed in 2016 in Torbole, memories of a near-perfect regatta might be hard to live up to but few sailors have decided it worth risking missing out and the fleet has returned with almost double the number of boats.  Certainly this will be one of the largest European Championships in a decade.  As the class celebrates its 20th Anniversary it is fantastic to see many new young teams emerging and a number of class veterans making a comeback.

The field includes the current UK and French National Champions, the current European Champion helm, the Waszp World Champion, the 420 Women’s World Champion crew, International 14 World Champion crew, numerous previous RS800 National and European Champions and members of the British Olympic sailing team.

The weekend saw crews weary from the long hot drive initially a little phased by a modicum of chaos in the dinghy park on arrival, soon back smiling again after an exhilarating shake down sail in a perfect Ora afternoon breeze.  It was hard to find anyone when they returned to shore who hadn’t just had “the best sail this year”.  Wall to wall sunshine and 15-20 knots was broken at the end of Sunday by a big Garda thunderstorm catching a few boats out of the water for maybe a little too much excitement but all got safely home.

It hasn’t taken the fleet long to migrate to their favourite hang-outs in town with Winds Bar bursting at the seams on Saturday night with the (unnecessary) excuses to celebrate ex-class chairman Chris Feibusch’s significant birthday and Rory Hunter’s silver medal at the Waszp Europeans that day.  The sailors were also dazzled by an incredible fireworks display off the waterfront providing a spectacular welcome back to beautiful Torbole.

Monday and day one of racing dawned with a moderate Peler (Northerly) wind.  By the time of the competitor briefing the Southerly Ora had started to establish itself and everyone was itching to get out of the hot dinghy park and on to the water and shake off their pre-race nerves.

Race One started in about 12 knots once the race team had let the RS400s get well clear on to their outer-loop of the shared course.  The RS800 fleet seemed undecided about which side of the course would pay and the first beat saw an even spread from left to right. Half way up the beat it became apparent right was where the breeze was and the gains would be made.  First round the windward mark were 49erFX team Megan Brickwood and Steph Orton who straight-set towards the right and payed the price as the following boats gybed off into the bigger breeze on the left of the run.  It was Tim Gratton and Fiona Hampshire who capitalised most on this and took the first win of the Championship.  Having a storming race and finishing close behind were James Penty and Eddie Grayson who overtook Frances and Tom Partington in the final 200m.  Talking about his European Championship debut, James Penty admitted it had been a tough year that had included a month in hospital following major surgery and he was delighted that the time him and life-long friend Eddie had put in to training over the Winter seemed to be paying off.  Megan and Steph recovered well from their first run to take 4th.

By race two everyone had figured right was the way to go upwind and the committee boat end of the line was predictably busy.  The wind had built to a solid 15 knots reaching 20 knots over by the Riva cliffs.  It was Luke McEwen sailing with Milly Boyle (on a fast learning curve on her day three in an asymmetric dinghy) who won the committee boat end and tacked off as soon as they could. Perhaps fuelled by a rather disastrous first race they showed solid boat speed to emerge first at the windward mark and never looked challenged for the rest of the race as they pulled away from the fleet to take the win.  Behind them Joe Joyner and Will Broom relished the stronger breeze to overtake Stevie Wilson and Rory Hunter to take second.  There weren’t many opportunities in this race for place changing as everyone demonstrated good boat speed and few made mistakes but Becky Diamond and Ed Fitzgerald finished the day on a high by pulling up to 4th place.

There has been much speculation about who will be the on-form teams this week and after day one the Championship looks wide open.  Only Stevie and Rory have two results in the top five; not too shabby given that Stevie last raced an RS800 in 2012 and the pairing had not managed to get any pre-race practice in as RS Sailing’s Stevie helped get everybody else’s boats fixed and on the water over the weekend.

In the evening Circolo Vela Torbole provided an awesome buffet with free-flowing local wines for the 200 RS sailors and friends to enjoy, sat outside in balmy conditions as the Ora gently faded for the day.

by Emma McEwen

Day Two

Another glorious day in Torbole.  It didn’t take long this morning for the heat to build up in the sun, the only respite a moderate Peler.  This died off early as the Ora filled, looking promising for a spectacular day on the water.

A general reluctance in the dinghy park to leave the shade, don wetsuits or expose sails to the sun meant a 20 minute delay to the scheduled 1pm start time.   The RS400s then got a little over keen on their first start, not helped by a starboard biased line and everyone set to go right to the Riva cliffs upwind, so by the time the RS800s came to start the Ora had built nicely to 15 knots.

The first start was decidedly messy with a few boats attempting to fit into gaps that probably weren’t really there in the front row.  The ensuing melee left an opportunity for the slightly later boats at the committee boat to slip round, tack off and they were half way to the cliffs before the line was cleared.  A few of the front runners got caught up in this while Luke McEwen and Milly Boyle led the charge up the beat.  They were chased hard by Frances and Tom Partington for the whole race but just managed to hold them off despite a conservatively early drop to gybe safely to the finish while navigating three tail-end RS700s.  By now the breeze was getting lively and the finishes rather fruity with a short line to gybe through on port.  Tom Morris and Guy Fillmore looked to be finding their form and made progress through the fleet to take third with Phil Walker and John Mather finishing in 4th.

Race two of the day and the breeze was up to a peachy 18-20 knots.  The starboard bias on the line created a pile up of boats at the committee boat and the bunch who ended up over the line were grateful to see the general recall flag go up as it was a U-flag start.  The committee boat conceded a few inches of bias by dropping back slightly and the fleet had a second go at it.  Again it was a mess for the majority but only one boat was caught over and so the fleet was off.  Joe Joyner and Will Broom footed off fast to the cliffs and had an enviable 100m lead at the windward mark.  Behind them Phil and John were being chased by Stevie Wilson and Rory Hunter with another bunch of boats not too far behind including Ben Clegg and Abi Embser-Kay.  Further back capsize count was starting to define the pecking order.

By the second windward mark Phil and John had overhauled Joe and Will with Stevie and Rory hot on their heels.  Frances and Tom, and Tom and Guy both made gains spotting bands of pressure on the run that meant banging left wasn’t always the way to go downwind.  By the leeward mark Stevie and Rory were through to second with Tom and Guy moving up, rounding just ahead of Will and Joe.  Lay line calls at the top of the beat where the wind was particularly shifty allowed opportunities for overtaking. Tom and Guy nailed their lay line on the final beat to pass Stevie and Rory.  At the finish after a big wind run Phil and John took the win from Tom and Guy, followed by Stevie and Rory, and Luke and Millie.

Back ashore pasta was heartedly enjoyed and bruises and wipe-outs compared.

By Emma McEwen

Day Three

Tuesday night was hot and humid and in the morning it didn’t take long for the cicadas in the olive groves above town to build to top volume as the full heat of the day hit in.  A lighter Peler blowing in the morning fuelled rumour of a big Ora day to come.  By the time the D flag was dropped to release the sailors from the shore the wind had already kicked in nicely and with certainty this was going to be another awesome day’s sailing.

The start of the first race of the day was super competitive with a busy front row of boats bang on the line.  They all got away cleanly with Tim Gratton and Fiona Hampshire timing their committee boat start to perfection and tacking away first towards to cliffs.  Megan Brickwood and Steph Orton were next hot on their heels.

At the windward mark it was overnight leaders Luke McEwen and Milly Boyle who hoisted first but then trawled their kite allowing three boats past.  So Andy and Allyson Jefferies, demonstrating their big breeze speed skills, took the lead, followed by Stevie Wilson and Rory Hunter and Tom Morris and Guy Fillmore.  Tom and Guy gybed off early down the run and by the leeward mark Stevie Wilson and Rory Hunter had powered past Andy and Allyson to take the lead.  It was very tight behind with Luke and Milly rounded in third place just ahead of Tom and Guy and the French team of Gilles Peeters and Heloise Baize who were having their first great race of the regatta. 

The top four places remained unchanged for the rest of the race as they all sailed bows-down for speed upwind and enjoyed the sleigh ride downwind, with the Riva cliffs side of the course the one side to go each way.  With boats hoisting their kites on the top spreader reach there were opportunities for losses or gains as manoeuvres started to get challenging in the building breeze.

The second leeward mark became slightly more interesting as two paddle-boarders had decided it a good idea to visit it.  After some very close calls with the tail end of the RS700 fleet, the rescue boat finally managed to escort them clear just before the leading RS800s reached the mark.

The final gybing of the leading boats in to cross the challengingly short finish line was action packed and very close as the top six finished with a boat length or two separating them.  Frances and Tom Partington nearly caught the leaders and just held off Gilles and Heloise after a very exciting race.

By the start of the second race it was like being in giant hair dryer switched to full power.  In a bizarre pre-start moment Steve and Sarah Cockerill’s mast folded in half leaving them to pick up the pieces and get towed ashore.

Meanwhile, Hugh Shone and Hannah Tattersall got a cracking start and were looking sweet as they tacked off followed by Joe Joyner and Will Broom.  While the vast majority of the fleet stuck to the game plan of heading to the cliffs, Luke and Milly got a good start but took a gamble to go hard left. By half way up the beat it was apparent this was a very bad idea and they crossed back behind over half the fleet, opening up the top of the leader board again.

At the top mark Gilles and Heloise were having a fantastic day hoisting in first place.  By the leeward mark they had been overhauled by a very close battle between Hugh and Hannah, and Andy and Allyson.  Over the next lap Hugh and Hannah established the lead which they impressively held to the finish.  The second leeward mark offered up the additional challenge of a slow-moving RS700 that created problems for the chasing pack; Tom and Guy negotiated best pushing Gilles and Heloise hard while Frances and Tom got in to difficulty and lost out allowing Stevie and Rory to move on up to 5th.

Wobbly boat handling was witnessed throughout the fleet and many fell victim to a capsize or two.  Some big gusts made the final run to the finish fairly hectic even for the top teams.  Big smiles from Hugh and Hannah, and Andy and Allyson as they finished well clear of the rest of the fleet.  Tom and Guy finished a good day in 3rd; with the new over-night leaders Stevie and Rory claiming 4th.  Frances and Tom recovered to 5th place with Rob Gullan and Callum Healey having a much better day finished in 6th.

Returning to the class after more than a decade, Geoff Carveth and Lesley Dhonau were having a great race until a swim on the final spreader reach caught them out.  The new team of Eddie Bridle and Ed Gibbons continue to improve race-by-race as they finished in 8th place.  Chris Feibusch and Nick Jerkins were looking cool up in the top 10 until a disastrous pitchpole caused by halyard malfunction resulted in Nick face-planting on the jib track and a trip to hospital to stitch up a nasty head injury.  They’ll be devastated if this has taken them out of racing for the rest of the week.

The evening was billed to be lively as the Crews Union gathered for pizza and prosecco at the favourite and tolerant Sotto Vento restaurant, leaving the helms to fend for themselves.  Stories of the big day on the water and quirky helm habits were exchanged at the crew’s dinner while the helms probably discussed rig settings and mark rounding rules with enthusiasm.  All seemed to still be in one piece as everyone convened at the Winds Bar for another late session.

By Emma McEwen

Day Four

RS800 Sailing is thirsty work, luckily there were plenty of drinks available at the separate crew and helm dinners.  These drinks were available in the normal format or if one preferred via Prosecco soaked napkin balls being launched with much gusto.  Once again Rory Hunter was the star of the show.

Some were a little worse for wear the next morning, including yours truly.  The hangovers were not helped by the evidently windier day ahead.  The Ora had come in early and was looking lamb bhuna to vindaloo. Those who were looking for a slightly milder korma were to be disappointed.

Race one saw Frances and Tom Partington absolutely smash the fleet.  Their job was made slightly easier with Luke McEwen and Milly Boyle capsizing whilst in pursuit - handily marking the downwind layline for the rest of the fleet.  Other contenders showing form were Andy and Allyson Jeffries who seem to have found their old mojo over the last two days with the building breeze.  Stevie Wilson and Rory Hunter also notched another top five.

After a casual hour long lunch break sponsored by Hyde sails which allowed everyone to give their pristine championship sails a good rag, we were treated to full hairdryer mode for race eight of the Euros.  The start saw a classic pile up at the starboard end as per norm.  Once the dust had settled and people had finished putting their fenders away we all headed off to the cliffs.  UNBELIEVABLY we had to do more than one tack as the wind had shifted 30 degrees during the lunch break.  Lots of sailors struggled with the huge pulsing gusts and the gybes got increasingly twitchy.  A few of the top guns had issues with Luke and Milly snapping a pole, Frances and Tom swimming and then doing very well to avoid a marauding RS700 and John Mather and Phil Walker also swimming.  In the end it was Stevie and Rory, Andy and Allyson, James Penty and Eddie Grayson who clinched the top spots.

Looking forward to the BBQ this eve and another day of champagne sailing tomorrow.

By Hugh Shone

RS800 Day Five

Day five began with a lingering Northerly wind causing a postponement on shore.  Much debate was had amongst the Garda veterans about what was going to happen with the breeze.  There was plenty of speculation that the day was not going to happen although it was probably more a case of wishful thinking from those not wanting to fall down the leader board. 

After about an hour’s wait the breeze came in and it was all on to decide the championship. Race one got interesting off the start with a group of boats hooking up into a bit of breeze from the left and managing to sail a lift all the way over to the cliff.  Frances and Tom stormed through to take the win over the Jenkins and, despite a boat breakage, managed to effectively wrap up the championship with a race to spare. 

Race two was a short affair with some ominous looking clouds in the distance halting racing after one lap. Andy and Ali Jeffries continued their impressive form over the second half of the regatta to come through for a 3rd place, jumping them ahead of Stevie Wilson and Rory Hunter on the leader board for 2nd overall. 

So Garda is over for another year and it did not fail to deliver.  Great breeze every day with a super high standard of racing.  There were seven different race winners from ten races.  A great time was had off the water as well - both the bar at the sailing club and Winds Bar were certainly visited a few times over the five days!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 20th Anniversary Nationals in Eastbourne!

By Rory Hunter



Risultati RS400                            
Punteggi presi in considerazione 2  scarti                           
No Numero Nome Punti 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10    
1 GBR 1488 Michael Sims, Jack Holden 13 1 1 3 1 2 -4 2 1 2 (dns)    
2 GBR 1377 Sean Cleary, Annalise Nixon 18 -3 3 1 2 3 3 -15 3 1 2    
3 GBR 1385 James Downer, Jon Price 26 -6 5 (dsq) 3 1 1 1 5 4 6    
4 GBR 1441 Paul Oakey, Dan Martin 31 8 -14 -21 4 6 2 5 2 3 1    
5 GBR 1463 Stewart Robertson, Sarah Robertson 32 2 2 -6 -20 5 5 3 6 6 3    
6 GBR 1355 Phil Murray, Neil Schofield 59 -11 11 4 6 -12 8 8 9 5 8    
7 GBR 1456 Russell Collister, June Collister 64 7 9 2 9 -22 -17 10 15 8 4    
8 GBR 1455 John MacKenzie, Andy Box 64 5 4 10 12 7 6 -16 -17 10 10    
9 GBR 1390 Andy Hatch, Dan Hawkins 73 12 -23 8 8 -17 9 12 10 9 5    
10 GBR 1425 Mike Green, Sophie Green 75 4 8 9 -18 4 (ufd) 6 14 16 14    
11 GBR 875 Jacob Ainsworth, Kayleigh Roberts 80 -15 12 13 5 -18 7 11 11 12 9    
12 GBR 1465 Ben Williamson, Charlie Ticehurst 87 (ocs) 10 -22 14 14 11 13 7 7 11    
13 GBR 1312 David Swift, Ian Clark 89 9 -21 12 10 13 10 17 4 14 -22    
14 GBR 1394 Mark Tucker, Julie Tucker 95 16 -26 -17 7 15 16 7 12 15 7    
15 GBR 1447 Jon Willars, Richard Brameld 99 17 13 14 -22 -25 13 9 8 13 12    
16 GBR 1437 Barrie Thornton, Nick Hunt 115 20 18 7 (dns) 11 14 4 (ufd) 11 dns    
17 GBR 1181 Bruce Mills, Andrea Jarman 116 14 7 11 16 20 12 -22 -23 20 16    
18 GBR 1007 Nick Daniels, Mark Aitken 124 13 17 16 13 -24 -19 19 13 18 15    
19 IRL 1255 Ruan O'Tiarnaigh, Cat Chimney 127 19 20 5 17 10 21 14 21 -22 (dns)    
20 GBR 1263 Dave Stockton, Sophie Stockton 129 18 6 15 11 -26 (dns) 20 22 19 18    
21 GBR 1233 Max Tosetti, Simon Edwards 137 -28 15 20 -21 16 18 18 20 17 13    
22 GBR 1479 Mick Whitmore, Sarah Whitmore 150 10 24 24 15 9 15 (dns) (dns) 23 dns    
23 GBR 527 Andy Powell, Alice Powell 157 21 19 19 -25 19 20 24 16 -25 19    
24 GBR 1325 James Logan, Philippa Logan 179 23 -27 18 23 23 23 27 (dns) 21 21    
25 GBR 1354 Ken Twemlow, Goizeder Aspe Juaristi 180 25 22 (ocs) 24 21 24 23 24 -27 17    
26 GBR 1426 Dan Woodcock, Bruce Woodcock 182 22 (dsq) 23 19 (dns) dns 26 18 24 20    
27 GBR 628 Ben Daigneault, Matthew China 184 27 16 26 (dns) 8 22 25 (dns) dns dns    
28 IRL 1210 Peter Boyle, Stephen Boyle 193 24 25 25 26 27 (dns) 21 19 26 (dns)    
29 GBR 1382 Andrew Hunt, Matthew Hunt 232 26 (dns) (dns) dns 28 dns dns dns 28 dns    
Risultati RS700                            
Punteggi presi in considerazione 3  scarti                           
No Numero Nome Punti 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 GBR 875 Robbie Bell 17 -4 1 1 -15 2 1 4 1 2 -7 1 4
2 CZE 1065 Milan Hajek 25 1 2 4 (dnf) 3 3 2 -10 4 4 2 -5
3 GBR 1063 Theo Galyer 30 -13 4 5 2 -7 2 6 3 3 3 -8 2
4 GBR 720 Richard Wadsworth 35 9 5 3 (dns) -11 4 3 2 1 1 7 -13
5 GBR 1027 Colin Dacey 51 3 6 9 3 4 8 7 5 -14 6 -15 -11
6 GBR 1023 Ian Nolan 54 8 7 -11 -14 6 6 -9 6 6 2 6 7
7 CZE 1018 Tomas Vastl 54 5 -11 -8 7 -8 7 8 7 5 8 4 3
8 GBR 966 Matt Carter 54 -22 8 6 5 9 -10 5 4 7 5 5 -12
9 CZE 988 Michal Kotek 55 6 -10 10 4 5 9 -15 -18 8 9 3 1
10 GBR 1060 Jerry Wales 61 2 3 2 1 1 5 1 (dns) (dns) (dns) dns dns
11 CZE 905 Vaiclav Brabec 98 -14 12 -18 6 -13 13 13 11 11 12 11 9
12 GBR 860 Jack Napolitano 99 10 14 14 8 (dns) 15 10 9 9 10 (ufd) -20
13 GBR 1055 Jonathan Cameron 106 11 9 7 16 10 11 11 8 (dns) (dns) (dns) dns
14 CZE 951 Marek Dudak 113 -16 -18 13 10 12 12 (dns) 16 13 15 14 8
15 CZE 9881 Kamil Kotek 118 17 (dns) 12 11 14 (dns) 12 14 19 (dns) 9 10
16 CZE 1036 Jiri Lassig 120 7 15 -20 13 -21 -18 16 12 18 13 12 14
17 ESP 781 Michael ten Bokum 129 19 13 17 (dnf) 16 -20 (dns) 17 17 14 10 6
18 GBR 914 Graham Blake 132 18 -20 -19 (dns) 15 14 14 13 12 11 17 18
19 GBR 982 Roland Smith 139 12 -21 15 12 -19 17 17 -20 15 16 16 19
20 CZE 788 Jiri Kuthan 144 -20 16 16 9 17 16 19 15 (dns) (dns) 19 17
21 CZE 984 Kiara Houskova 153 15 19 -22 (dnf) 20 19 18 -21 10 18 18 16
22 GBR 1046 Miles Roebuck 157 21 17 21 (dnf) 18 (dns) (dns) 19 16 17 13 15
Risultati RS800                            
Punteggi presi in considerazione 2  scarti                           
No Numero Nome Punti 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10    
1 GBR 1234 Frances Partington, Tom Partington 30 3 7 2 6 5 5 1 -9 1 (dns)    
2 GBR 1228 Andy Jeffries, Allyson Jeffries 36 (ocs) 9 -26 10 2 2 2 2 6 3    
3 GBR 1215 Steve Wilson, Rory Hunter 39 5 3 11 3 1 4 3 (ufd) 9 -12    
4 GBR 1207 Phil Walker, John Mather 44 11 6 4 1 8 (dns) -14 10 3 1    
5 GBR 1144 Tom Morris, Guy Fillmore 44 8 8 3 2 4 3 (dns) (dns) 8 8    
6 GBR 1171 James Penty, Eddie Grayson 46 2 -16 13 7 7 7 4 1 -14 5    
7 GBR 1220 Luke McEwen, Milly Boyle 47 -32 1 1 4 3 18 10 (dns) 4 6    
8 GBR 1222 Paul Jenkins, Peter Jenkins 58 -19 5 10 8 12 -13 8 3 2 10    
9 GBR 1231 Hugh Shone, Hannah Tattersall 64 13 11 -21 -17 9 1 9 5 7 9    
10 GBR 961 Megan Brickwood, Stephanie Orton 70 12 4 9 -20 13 9 5 -17 11 7    
11 GBR 1194 Joe Joyner, Will Broom 84 14 2 14 5 14 15 12 8 -17 -24    
12 FRA 1236 Gilles Peeters, Heloise Baize 89 10 -17 17 12 6 10 16 (ufd) 16 2    
13 GBR 1131 Rebecca Diamond, Ed Fitzgerald 90 4 14 7 15 16 (dns) -26 13 10 11    
14 GBR 1203 Tim Gratton, Fiona Hampshire 91 1 10 -20 16 11 17 6 11 19 (bfd)    
15 GBR 1187 Geoff Carveth, Lesley Dhonau 100 17 12 5 13 -21 11 18 19 5 (bfd)    
16 GBR 1139 Eddie Bridle, Ed Gibbons 110 20 -30 -23 11 10 8 17 4 21 19    
17 GBR 1121 Ben Clegg, Abi Embser - Kay 121 -34 13 8 9 15 12 13 (dns) 33 18    
18 GBR 1225 Stephen Cockerill, Sarah Cockerill 125 9 -26 18 22 20 (dns) 24 16 12 4    
19 GBR 1204 Martin Orton, Ian Brooks 128 -29 15 12 14 24 16 7 (dnf) 24 16    
20 GBR 1188 Daniel Goodman, Debbie Clark 144 15 21 -32 19 26 21 -27 14 15 13    
21 GBR 11 Robert Gullan, Calum Healey 146 7 22 (dnf) (dns) dns 6 20 21 13 14    
22 GBR 1064 Chris J Haworth, Stuart Aston 149 6 19 (dns) (dns) 19 24 29 12 23 17    
23 GBR 1232 Cameron Moss, Darrol Moss 150 16 20 6 (dns) 30 14 15 6 (dns) dns    
24 GBR 1043 Christopher Dodd, Bryony Meakins 154 24 -29 24 21 18 -26 19 7 26 15    
25 GBR 1145 Peter Bromley, Chris Doe 162 18 18 15 23 -27 22 25 23 18 (dns)    
26 GBR 1224 Fred Lord, Louise Gale 176 23 (dns) 16 26 25 19 23 22 22 -28    
27 GBR 1200 Richard Smith, Ellie Smith 189 22 (ufd) 27 27 22 27 21 18 (dns) 25    
28 GBR 885 Chris Feibusch, Nick Jerkins 197 (dns) 23 22 18 17 (dns) 11 dns 20 bfd    
29 GBR 834 Chris Matthews, Ali Hinds 200 30 27 -34 25 23 20 (dns) 20 32 23    
30 GBR 1126 George Smith, Alice Crick 210 21 24 25 28 29 28 (dns) (dns) 28 27    
31 GBR 1198 Alex Benfield, Nick Ireland 217 26 -35 31 30 -38 25 28 24 27 26    
32 GBR 1241 Stephen Brown, Phil Bairstow 225 31 28 29 29 -32 -32 30 26 31 21    
33 GBR 1195 Graham Williamson, Jeremy Williamson 233 28 25 19 24 28 23 (dns) (dns) dns dns    
34 GBR 1057 Mark Oakey, Emily Robertson 246 27 (dns) 28 34 (dns) dns 22 15 34 dns    
35 GBR 1115 Stuart Keegan, Sophie Johnston 247 38 31 30 33 -39 30 34 (dns) 29 22    
36 NED 878 Tjeerd van Rij, Matthijs de Langen 252 33 32 33 32 34 29 (dns) (dns) 30 29    
37 GBR 1238 Ciaran Hurney, Mel Kwan 256 -35 34 -36 31 33 34 31 27 35 31    
38 GBR 1140 John McKelvie, David Jessop 259 25 33 35 (dns) 35 (dns) dns dns 25 20    
39 FRA 1101 Alexandre Emanuel, Anne Fromentoux 266 37 38 -39 35 36 33 32 25 (dns) 30    
40 GBR 913 Adrian Howe, Fenella Williams 278 (dns) 36 38 37 37 (dns) 33 28 37 32    
41 FRA 1105 Francois Bergasse, Johanne Ulrich 280 36 37 40 36 31 31 (dns) (dns) 36 33    
42 SUI 1180 Uwe Hoffmann, Julius Haffmann 334 (dnf) 39 37 (dns) dnf dns dns dns dns dn    
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