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    The third event of the 2016 RS Sailing sponsored RS200 Northern Tour took place at Yorkshire Dales sailing club on Saturday 11th June.  17 visitors joined 8 home boats in the best turn out at a Northern Tour event for many years.


    Race 1 saw a two way battle with Martin and Barbara Smith taking an early lead from Mike Saul and Sophie Hartley only to be ground down by Mike and Sophie on the second lap.  Emma Clayton and Faye Caswell took third.


    Race 2 saw home boats take first and second with Keith Escritt and Andrea Clough taking the win from Ana Paterson and guest crew Harvey Martin.  Martin and Sian Joesbury were the best of the visitors taking third.


    Race 3 saw Keith and Andre take another bullet with Martin and Sian second and James Penty and George Stainforth in third place.


    Keith and Andrea looked to be in a controlling position at the lunch interval, but this changed in race four, with Budworth boats taking a 1-2-3.  Martin and Sian took a well deserved win from Jon and Heather Ward, who had steadily pulled through from a not uncharacteristic poor start to take second from Jon Chapman and Wendy Martin.


    This left all to play for in the final race with Martin and Sian leading by a single point from Keith and Andrea.  Both boats could still win the event with a final race victory.


    Keith and Andrea pulled through from 3rd at the first mark to take the win.   Russell and Annabel Page kept their best until last to take second place from Martin and Sian in third.


    Overall victory therefore went to Keith and Andrea by a single point from Martin and Sian with Mike and Sophie proving the most consistent of the rest to take third place from Ana and Harvey.

    Many thanks to Yorkshire Dales for a great event.

    Photos courtesy of Danny Chapman photography.  View full gallery here



    Rank SailNo Club Helm Crew Place Points
    1 968 Yorkshire Dales K Escritt A Clough 1 1
    2 1606 Budworth M Joesbury S Joesbury 2 2
    3 1378 Yorkshire Dales M Saul S Hartley 3 3
    4 1359 Yorkshire Dales A Paterson H Martin 4 4
    5 1068 Delph M Smith B Smith 5 5
    6 931 Yorkshire Dales E Clayton F Caswell 6 6
    7 1560 Budworth J Ward H Ward 7 7
    8 1551 Beaver J Penty G Stainforth 8 8
    9 1419 Budworth R Page V Page 9 9
    10 1314 Budworth J Chapman W Martin 10 10
    11 1333 Beaver O Goves E Parkhurst 11 11
    12 1538 Beaver M Penty T Penty 12 12
    13 1023 Rickmansworth M Lulham-Robinson C Wilson 13 13
    14 1071 Beaver S Waller T Waller 14 14
    15 804 Yorkshire Dales W Hide B Lulham-Robinson 15 15
    16 1256 Leigh & Lowton L McKeand C Partington 16 16
    17 1249 Leigh & Lowton A Brookes J Bowden 17 17
    18 935 Staunton Harold S Yates S Bullous 18 18
    19 1374 Ripon A Scott S Scott 19 19
    20 1118 Yorkshire Dales E Caswell I Caswell 20 20
    21 663 Wanlip T Vance E Trewick 21 21
    22 1135 Yorkshire Dales J Allen G Allen 22 22
    23 289 Ullswater / South Windermere I Abbatt J Abbatt 23 23
    24 857 Yorkshire Dales A Rogers Mel 24 24
    25 841 Yorkshire Dales J Ward E Ward 25 25
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