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    RS200 ‘Double Whammy’ weekend at Burnham SC and Royal Corinthian YC

    15th/16th July 2017

    Report by Will Taylor


    The Burnham double-whammy weekend took place on July 15th and 16th, providing competitors with the opportunity to sail 2 separate events at adjacent clubs on the same water, - 4 races at Burnham Sailing Club on Saturday and 4 on Sunday at Royal Corinthian Yacht Club.  The overall result from each day contributed independently towards the Fox's Marine & Country RS200 Great Eastern Traveller Series. 


    Day 1 (BSC):  9 Boats entered for the Burnham Sailing Club Open with 7 boats from the Burnham Clubs and 2 visitor boats.  Along with the Buzz and Feva sailors we gathered for the briefing on the Burnham Sailing Club decking, the main excitement was that we would be starting without the Feva’s on our line and the sailing area was going to be down at the mouth of the River Roach. Fortunately we would have the tide under us on both the sail down there and back. 

    After the long downwind sail to the Roach we were greeted with near perfect conditions, with 10-15 knots and an overcast sky. The first race started with a small amount of adverse tide off the start line. However at the first mark it was the boats that went left towards the tide that came out on top with James HP & Tom Jay rounding the windward mark first. Down the run the wind had picked up enough to go high and fast, providing entertainment for everyone with a few place changes and the pack spreading out. Up the next beat there were a few gains to be had with some larger shifts becoming more important than the weakening tide. As the race, progressed James lost the lead to Niamh and myself and a few boats struggled as the wind increased.  David Jessop and Sophie Mears could claim third.

    Race 2 was very similar with slightly more wind and the tide turning to push the fleet over the line. The main excitement of the race was when David cut the windward mark lay line a bit close and managed to get his kite sheet around the buoy and dragged the windward mark 100m from its original position. Could this be enough for him to get Duckhams on the first day of Nationals?  Once again Niamh and myself took the win with James and Tom repeating their second place and Ben Harden and Becky Caiger coming in third. Quite a few teams struggled in this race with the breeze picking up even more. 

    The third race started with a lot less wind during the first lap before picking up again on the second lap. The reduced wind at the start helped to keep the fleet bunched and racing tight. A few more boats headed in early due to a few swims and tiredness as the 45 minute races were starting to take their toll. The final race and there were a few less boats but still fun was had throughout the fleet enjoying some mega-planing downwinds. After the race we had the long sail back to the club and I don’t know if we would have made it if the tide wasn’t under us! 


    Day 2 (RCYC):  Again, the day started with a briefing but this time at the other end of the town at the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club. A few boats had ‘tactical’ crew changes from the previous day’s hard work and a new boat racing, filling in for one that could not compete. Again, the racing was taking place down-river from the town though fortunately not as far as the previous day. 

    The wind was much lighter to start with and clear skies made it very pleasant rash vest weather. Like the previous day the tide was pushing against us hard during the first race meaning the aim was to stay close in to the bank to avoid the tide. At the front of the race there was a four-boat battle with David and Sophie, James HP and Ben HP, Chay Taylor and Dylan Collingbourne and finally Matt Taylor and myself. These four boats had a tight tussle the whole way around the first race with Matt and myself getting the win, Chay and Dylan taking second with David and Sophie pushing James and Ben to take third. 

    The second race started like the first with slightly more wind and the tide decreasing, making extra pressure and shifts the key to the beat. Matt and myself got a jump on the fleet at the windward mark and planed off to increase our lead going downwind. James and Ben were in pursuit with the rest of the fleet very tightly bunched. The next lap brought the same until after one gybe Matt and myself came out of it to find our tiller had snapped at the stock. This meant an unplanned early end to our day. Positions remained similar with Ben and James taking the win with David and Sophie in second and Chay and Dylan in third. Then came the next blow to the previous race winner with Ben and James having a large hole put into the side of their boat forcing them to retire.

    The third race had David and Sophie racing Chay and Dylan with Jamie and Ollie Mears finishing in that order with very similar wind conditions to the previous race. The final race David and Sophie won, taking the event as well, with the Mears second and the Andersons came through to get a third. Overall Chay and Dylan came second with the Mears in third. It was great to see the Burnham boats racing and hopefully we can entice them away from home for the final two events of the Fox's Marine & Country RS200 Great Eastern Traveller Series to be held at Aldeburgh and Brightlingsea.


    Overall Results: 

    BSC:   1st – Will Taylor and Niamh Davies;  2nd – James HP and Tom Jay;  3rd – David Jessop and Sophie Mears

    RCYC:   1st - David Jessop and Sophie Mears;  2nd - Chay Taylor and Dylan Collingbourne;  3rd - Jamie Mears and Ollie Mears


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