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Fat Face Racing Circuit Bristol Corinthian SC

  • Crewsaver EOS Champs
  • 2012 RS EOS Champs
  • Llandegfedd Open 2013
  • RS 10th Anniversary Ball
  • RS200 Eurocup, YC Carnac, May 2018
  • RS200 Eurocup, YC Carnac, May 2018
Fat Face Racing Circuit – RS200 - Bristol Corinthian YC – 23/24 March 2002 Round 2 of the Fat Face RS200 Racing Circuit at Bristol Corinthian YC saw some really memorable racing, some new faces to 200s over the winter really introducing themselves to the front of the fleet, and a devastating performance by Jon Lewis and Paula Hall on Sunday to claim overall victory. 51 200s travelled west to the club that proclaimed at its entrance to be the best in the west, to find a force 2-3 from the east. The wind proved patchy with many slants that meant the leaders always had to be very aware of what was happening just behind them. PRO Ken Falcon was also kept very busy, constantly fine tuning the course to keep it true and by a very competitive fleet pushing hard at starts. Race 1 set the scene, when 5 of the top 10 were sent home at the second mark; OCS at the start. This did not make any difference to Chris Howarth and John Teague from Bristol CYC who already had a good lead, which they extended, to a big margin by the finish. Hamish Calder/Severine Rees Jones in their second RS200 event were always in the leading pack and sailed a crafty race to finish second with Mason Woodworth (helming a 200 for the first time) and Pippa Williams third. Race 2 was Steve Dunn/Dottie Cormack's race. They got the better of early leaders Ollie Holden/Sarah Freestone with Pete Vincent/Trudie Danbury from the host club just getting the better of Simon and Mary Davis. Race 3 in slightly lighter wind was a race long tussle between long time leaders Calder/Rees Jones and Vincent/Danbury. Vincent led at the final leeward mark but Calder managed to break away on the final beat. When the two boats came back together Vincent still had the lead and carefully sat on Calder to the finish with Jon Lewis/Paula Hall rapidly closing in third. Vincent and Calder were joint overnight leaders but both had an OCS; a point very forcibly rammed home when both were OCS on the first race on Sunday, ending their challenge. In a slightly stronger easterly then Saturday, Jon Lewis went into such a large lead in race 4 it was rude. Ian Pickard/Laurie Dunn, after a disaster of a Saturday, clearly had decided to stop mucking around and were equally well clear in second with Woodworth third. Race 5 was almost a repeat performance as Lewis got the leeward end start so right he soon port tacked the fleet and won comfortably. Behind, a very close tussle for second was won by the Davis's with Ralph and Sophie Singleton just beating the Woodards from Wembley. With one race left it was virtually anyone’s event. Lewis and Hall had to be favourites with but had been OCS in race 1 and had to count what ever they finished in the final race. Vincent at last showed he could start to lead at mark 1 with Simon Callow/Tracey Hill (Wembley) and Woodworth in close company. Lewis was sixth and starting to look good for overall victory. As Callow, Woodworth and Vincent swapped places at every mark Lewis was getting closer, finally taking the lead at the final leeward mark. Despite the best efforts of Vincent, second, and Woodworth, third, Lewis won the race to record three race wins on Sunday and overall victory. This was a very emphatic performance by the Lewis/Hall team, who are clearly the form horse in the 200s. Competition is hot though, such experienced campaigners as Calder and Vincent surely will not collect two OCSs again, Dunn and Pickard will learn to be consistent as well as fast; the consistent Singletons and Davis' will always be a threat whilst newcomers Woodworth and Holden can only improve. On top of this the Hewitsons, Derby's and Littlejohn's have not even come out of winter hibernation yet; promises to be quite a year for the RS200 Gul and Fat Face Circuits
1. 754 Jon Lewis/Paula Hall Burghfield 15 "my foils are faster than yours" 2. 491 Mason Woodworth/Pippa Williams HISC 30 "autogasonestop runs on old foils" 3. 417 Ralph and Sophia Singleton Chew VLSC 31 "really old foils" 4. 604 Simon and Mary Davis Wembley 36 "would I have gone faster with new foils?" 5. 741 Ollie Holden/Sarah Freestone HISC 39 "smooth foils" 6. 728 Ian Pickard/Laurie Dunn Bristol CYC 42 "fat foils" 7. 626 Paul and Caroline Fisk RYA 46 "three up is fast" 8. 696 Steve Dunn/Dottie Cormack Stewartby 50 "Foiled again" 9. 739 Robertson/Helen Rollinson Bowmoor 4.20.. 52 10.550 Cliff Milner/Bec Wheatcroft Cotswold 55 11.364 Simon Gillow/Tracey Hill Wembley 56 12 340 Paul Dorer/Ian Robertson Bowmoor 63 13.695 Alex Robertson/Emily Howarth Bowmoor 12.24.. 67 14.632 Colin Staite Bartley 68 15.264 Chris and Rachael Jenkins Frampton 68 16.756 Hamish Calder/Severine Rees-Jones 70 17.520 Pete Vincent/Trudie Danbury Robbed of Bristol 75 18.602 Chris and Linda Woodard Wembley 15.16.. 79 19.581 Mike Chapman Wembley 79 20.637 Sarah Taylor/Claire Upton-Brown HISC 84 21609 Chris Brann/George Wainwright BCYC 89 22.743 Andi Riley/Julie Marsden Stewartby 92 23 341 Chris Howarth/John Teague BCYC 94 24.443 Andrew Griffiths Bartley 94 25. 457 Alice Allen/Sharky BCYC 102 26. 732 Sue Antonelli/Jo Lloyd Littleton 104 27.391 Matt Davies/Melissa HISC 108 28.392 Ben Alexander/Liz Deben 113 29.706 Martin English/Alex Wembely 133 30.654 Ann Jackson/Jackie Field Burghfield 137 31.514 Hamish Walker/Caroline Eyre RNSA 137 32.557 Alan Tyler/Chris Tyler RNSA/Lyme Regis 143 33.669 Mark Carleton Sally Potter BCYC 144 34.405 Claire Rowbottom Lucy Matthews Locks 146 35.426 Anne Vaudrey HISC 152 36.686 Dave Milner Debbie Reynolds Bradford on Avon 154 37.359 Christian Michelle BCYC 159 38.416 Paul Teague Pat Teague BCYC 167 39.648 Chris Reid Tessa Reid BCYC 170 40.543 Simon and Michael Chapman Chew VLSC 174 41. 625 Nygel and Dora Gardner Burghfield 185 42.464 David and Jackie Sweet Chew VLSC 192 43.501 Annabell Graeme BCYC 192 44.697 Toby and Sarah Peacock Chew VLSC 197 45.420 Mr Howell Sam Howell Wembley 200 46.551 Adrian and Tracey Taylor HISC 203 47.621 Jerry Gilby John Hibberd BCYC 203 48.411 Will Rhodes BCYC 229 49.383 Paul Goodwin Tracey Williams Draycote
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