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Codling Bank Wind Park Irish Nationals Greystones SC

  • Crewsaver EOS Champs
  • 2012 RS EOS Champs
  • Llandegfedd Open 2013
  • RS 10th Anniversary Ball
  • RS200 Eurocup, YC Carnac, May 2018
  • RS200 Eurocup, YC Carnac, May 2018
The RS200 class is in its infancy in Ireland but this did not stop 12 English boats travelling over to Ireland to join 5 home boats for the inaugural RS200 Irish Nationals, sponsored by Codling Bank Wind Farm, Purple Marine and LDC Racing Sailboats. Greystones is a small seaside town 15 miles south of Dublin with a sea front that consists of the sailing club, then the chip shop (great curry chips), then Dan’s bar and then Life Night-club within half a mile (nearly heaven for self respecting sailors). It always promised to be a very top event with a group of sociable RS sailors determined to enjoy themselves, good sailing venue, Guinness, 4 of the top 10 from the British Nationals, Guinness, a dead friendly host club, Greg O Brien on a mission to get us all there and Guinness. Add in some of the most varied weather possible, Smirnoff Ice on draught, a great night-club that did not want to shut, a highly entertaining race officer, packed lunchs brought onto the water for you, Guinness, the Brothers Grimm/John Callaghan on top form and a hosts that fell over themselves to make the event a success. Then the recipe was complete for a great “crack”. A rather hazy fleet gathered on Friday morning after varied ferry trips and the first visit to Club Death. The weather was not in a good mood with very low clouds, very heavy constant rain and a good force 5 from the South East. Eventually the fleet left the dry of the clubhouse and drowned rigging boats. On the water the fleet found huge lumpy things, which made down wind very fast and wet. When the first race started the run became a graveyard on up turned 400’s and 200’s. When the wind increased on the second lap, the clouds got lower and the rain even heavier (not possible!!) the PRO took the very wise decision to abandon racing and get the fleet ashore. With capsized boats already anchored and the crews taken off, volunteers were found ashore to help recover the boats. This was successfully done only after the combined talents of Jubby and Matt had pitch poled a 200 with 30 stone in the boat!!!!! Saturday could not be more different; almost perfect clear blue skies, sunshine and a force 4 from the west. The Race Committee took the decision to try and run 6 races and really got on with it. The only trouble for the fleet was that the wind was coming off Bray Head and was doing some very strange things. There would be three forces difference in wind strength between boats only 50 yards apart and 40 degree shifts were the norm. There was never a dull moment in races that lasted only 35 minutes, including the 400’s entertaining inability to start. A leader never survived in the lead on any run and the furious pace of events kept you on your toes. After four hours on the water, five races and a picnic the fleet was happy for the PRO to call it a day in falling wind and increasing ebbing tide. John Greenland/Pippa Williams had been the most consistent with Not far behind was Colin Staite/Kate Savage on with Pete Vincent/Trudie Danbury in touch on Ian “I’m a coach” Pickard/ Claire Upton Brown, Martin English/Jane “I’ve pulled” Sutor and Andrew/Eve Hartley had some good races but not enough to be challenging. Star performance of the day had to go to Melissa Storey and Tash Styles in their first ever RS200 event who had a blinding start in race 4 to lead by a good distance at mark 1. John Greenland just caught them on the final run but second was a great result. Sunday and the fleet was still laughing at the antics of Matt “Grimster” Bailey and John Callaghan at the Championship dinner but amazed to find the PRO, still in the night-club at 03.00, ready to go. Luckily the very grey day had no wind. After a delay a force 3 from the north arrived and it was agreed to run one race with ferry times in mind. Quickly recovering from the shock of John Callaghan leading the 400’s, the 200’s were led off the start line by RS200 23 Ian Pickard. The leading three contenders were soon to the fore with Vincent/Danbury, in their last 200 race before Danbury terrorises the fleet by helming, leading. With all sorts of permutations possible much tacking and covering on the second beat produced an order of Vincent, Greenland and Staite. Greenland looked like he had made really sure of overall victory by taking the lead on the second run. The wind then started to switch off as big black rain storms rumbled into Dublin. A very nervous final run against the tide saw Staite get very close to passing Greenland but the order at the end was Greenland, Staite and a fast finishing Storey. A huge vote of thanks to everyone at Greystones who made everyone so welcome and to Greg O Brien who brow beat everyone into going, organised all the ferries and who bought everyone except me a beer. I think we all may possibly be going back next year.
1 RS 200 491 John Greenland Pipa Williams 1 5 2 1 2 1 7 2 RS 200 821 Colin Staite Katie Savage 2 4 1 4 1 2 10 3 RS 200 777 Pete Vincent Trudie Doris Danbury 4 1 3 3 3 4 14 4 RS 200 728 Ian Pickard Clare Upton-Brown 3 2 5 5 7 5 20 5 RS 200 601 Melissa Storey Natasha Styles 7 7 11 2 6 3 25 6 RS 200 710 Andrew Hartley Eve Hartley 6 3 4 8 5 7 25 7 RS 200 535 Simon Gillow Tracey Hill DNF 8 8 10 4 6 36 8 RS 200 498 Matt Ambrose Tania Gavder 10 9 6 6 8 8 37 9 RS 200 706 Martin English Bridget Cooke 5 6 9 9 9 9 38 10 RS 200 795 Mike Rohe Alan Tunmngky 8 10 7 6 10 DNC 41 11 RS 200 529 Jenny O'Leary Nick Huet 9 11 10 DNC 11 11 52 12 RS 200 611 Clive Coffey Brian Hunter 11 13 12 11 14 12 59 13 RS 200 632 Geoff Sheehan Barry Sheehan 12 12 14 12 13 13 62 14 RS 200 214 Gerry Mulligan Ben Mulligan DNF DNF 13 13 DNC 14 74 15 RS 200 640 Katerine Lovering Katarine Matthews-Lundin DNF DNF DNF DNC DNC 10 78 16 RS 200 417 Gabrielle Igoe Derval / Michael O'Sullivan DNF DNF DNF DNC 12 DNC 80
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