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Southern Championship

  • RS400s at RS Southern Championships, Parkstone YC, 20-21 June 15
  • RS400s at RS Southern Championships, Parkstone YC, 20-21 June 15


Great RS Southern Championships this weekend 20-21 June at Parkstone YC.  RS100s, RS200s, RS300s, RS400s, RS500s and RS800s made up the 114 RS dinghies competing in 6 races on 2 race tracks in Poole Bay.  Thanks to Race Officers Bryan Drake and Richard Whitworth for setting courses that enabled so many different types of RS dinghies to have such great racing throughout the weekend.


Parkstone YC hosted the fleet splendidly with delicious food throughout the weekend.  Saturday night we had a great party to Jay Tamkin's fab band Dfunk.


Superb photos from David Harding at Sailing Scenes.  All the weeked's photos will be available to purchase at sailingscenes.com


The results are thanks to Tom Bufton.


Click on your fleet report to be taken to its top.  Only the RS500 report isoutstanding now.


All the results are underneath the reports.  I am working on the anchor links.  But for now I am afraid you will have to scroll through them all.


RS100 Report


RS200 Report

RS300 Report


RS400 Report


RS800 Report


RS100 Southern Championship 20-21 June Parkstone YC by Clive Eplett


A fleet of 16 8.4 rig RS100s appeared for the RS Southerns held at Parkstone YC.  The usual suspects were nearly all in attendance, boosted by, among others, three always fast but reluctant to travel Parkstone boats.  One notable exception was your usual correspondent David Smartie-blue-stripe.  Given David and Greg Booth are seldom more than 5 boats apart at any regatta, would Greg be able to cope without his Daemon?


For most of the week, the forecast had been for a light to moderate breeze, but happily there was sufficient to heat up downwind, with the breeze blowing off the shore providing some interesting shifts. 


Race 1: It’s always good to get an event kicked off with a nice clean start.  Oops.  Accounts differ as to the chain of events, but the upshot of a 10-seconds-to-go tangle-up included Al Dickson capsizing (and his favourite cap completely disappearing), Hywel Roberts breaking his tiller extension and Clive Eplett doing a penalty turn having failed to keep clear of Neil Freeman to leeward.  We never have this trouble when the Parkstone fleet are absent.


Meantime. the rest of the fleet sailed off, with Tom Powell from Cardiff YC leading around the first mark, closely followed by a pack comprising Greg (no, not missing Smartie at all) Booth, Huw Powell, Neal Freeman and Phil Jackson.  These three enjoyed a tussle for the rest of the two-lap race, with Greg showing superior downwind speed to take the bullet, Neal taking second, Phil third and Huw ("I need more wind") crossing fourth. Al Dickson’s excuse for his 12th place was that he finally found his cap at the first windward mark attached to the bottom of his centreboard.  Answers on a postcard please as to how this could actually happen.


Race 2: Having upset several people in the first race, Al Dickson decided to stay well out of everyone's way and start on his own at the pin.  He’d clearly forgotten that the pin at 100 events categorically belongs to Al Hall.  No respect these youngsters but, showing further insensitivity, he converted this to a never to be contested lead.  Clive also started towards the pin end, arriving third at the first mark with the ever consistent Greg arriving second.  Clive and Greg then had a great tussle for the rest of the race until slippery-downwind-Greg slipped on the final gybe and went for a swim, dropping to 8th.  Meantime, Neal finds more pressure on the right to grab second, with Clive third, Hywell fourth and not-having-a-good-day Chairman Mark Harrison fifth.


Race 3:  Al Dickson again steals Mr Hall’s pin, but clearly there is a bit more wind as Huw Powell is in his more familiar position of leading around the first mark.  The not-to-be-missed incident was elsewhere though, where my-day-is-getting-even-worse Mark Harrison capsizes on his final approach tack, inverts and proceeds to sit on his boat rewarding (!) himself with a chocolate bar.  Very Flaky psychology that, surely, although once upon a time, this could instead have made a good cigar commercial.  Adverts over and back with the sailing, Greg’s earlier dip seemed to have woken him up, as he rounds next, chased by Al Dickson, Neal  and Tom Powell.  Al gybes off to grab second from Greg then does the same to Huw approaching the gate on the next run to secure another bullet, with Huw second, followed by Greg, Neal then Hywel.  Allegedly, Harrison did eventually finish his mid-race snack and complete the course.  Is being a grandfather slowing him down?


Day 2, Race 4: Not on Sunday morning it wasn’t.  Despite not being able to work out where the windward mark was, Harrison “got lifted every time I tacked” majorly over-standing but nevertheless reaching in with a never to be challenged lead.  Phil Jackson was next but was eventually hunted down by Neal.  Hywel then made it a solid Parkstone 2-3-4 (please come to some more events guys).  Al Dickson claimed that Greg buying him too much beer the night before was the cause of his expensive 8th. 


Race 5:  A left shift during the countdown made the line port biased, with the pin going to Al Dickson (again, but bear in mind that Al Hall had decided to give Sunday a miss).  However it was Neal Freeman who led at the first mark, followed by Al and Clive Eplett, who had started on the lifted port tack, then Hywel.  The latter two both got past Al on the run after which Neal and Hywel had a tight race, settled when Neal capsized one-sail gybing between the gate and the finish.  Doh! Al had got past Clive on the fourth (and supernumerary) beat but was not close enough to capitalise on Neal's swim. 


Race 6:  The wind and chop increased substantially as the wind moved left 60 degrees.  With only 5 starters, and Neal heading in for an early shower with the event already in the bag, there were some handy scores to be gained.  Dickson had sobered up further (or perhaps it’s the decades less wear and tear) and led from the off, surviving some iffy gybes but taking his third bullet of the weekend to cement second overall.  Huw “any-not-capsizing-gybe-was-a-good-gybe” took second, for third overall.  Harrison put down his third place finish to gobbling yet another choccy bar but this time with the boat the right way up.  Methinks he’s hoping for some sponsorship from the confectionary sector.  Gregg’s fourth put him level on points with Mark, but Greg came out ahead on count-back.  An honourable mention also goes to Tom Powell for hanging on in for the last race when the rest of us were dodging the chain-ferry or in the showers.


Thanks go to Parkstone for organising a great event and for putting our course miles closer to the harbour than the 200s, 300s and 400s who were buying ice-creams from Bournemouth beach. Or was it Highcliffe?  Oh, and a toast to the jellyfish that hide just beneath the surface and knock your centreboard and rudder up when you least expect it, making for some ‘interesting’ moments. Perhaps jellyfish should be fitted with a bright-blue stripe - we know just the man for the job.


RS200 Southern Championships at Parkstone YC 20-21 June 2015   Report by Lucy Preston


Over the weekend of 20-21 June, our biggest fleet this year of 40 boats assembled at Parkstone Yacht Club for the Southern Championships.  After sailing out of the Harbour, we set up course with the 400s and 300s along the coast line.


The first race got underway in a decent 10 knot breeze.  Ian Martin and Chloe Martin stormed off with Nick Charles/Alice Eyre in close pursuit.  The local knowledge in their boat wasn’t quite enough to clasp the victory leaving Ian/Chloe with the win, Nick/Alice in 2nd and David Jessop/Clare Michelmore in 3rd.


The second race threw up a more open racetrack and after trucking downwind, Mark Heather/Lucy Preston seized the win with George Yeoman/Sophie Ormsby and Ian/Chloe chasing them down.

The breeze picked up for the third race, with some big black rain clouds blowing through. This time it was George and Sophie who took the win, with Ally Martin/Simon Potts and Matt Mee/Emma Norris behind.


We then faced a huge sail in and after seven hours on the water, we rested our weary bones in the clubhouse.


The forecast for the Sunday was light… but luckily for the race officer, and most members of the fleet, this was certainly not the case.


We arrived on the race course with more breeze and a keen fleet.  Race 4 was underway and it was clear from the first upwind that there was a tight battle to be fought.  In the end, Ian/Chloe pulled away and took the victory with Mark/Lucy, George/Sophie following behind.


The breeze was building by the 5th race and there were some big gains to be made. Ian/Chloe went on to consolidate with another win.  Locals Ed Whitehead and Kate Allam found 2nd with George/Sophie in 3rd.


Now if any of you have keen maths skills, or were paying attention to the results, at this point Ian and Chloe had the event with a necessary discard.  George and Sophie had a consistent score line which meant victory could be theirs.  So what do team racing pros like George and Sophie do?  Hunt Ian and Chloe down of course!  The breeze was steadily building and as the rest of the fleet got racing, George/Sophie held Ian/Chloe behind the start line.  In the front, Mark/Lucy stole first from Tim Saxton and Holly Scott on the first downwind leg.  Unfortunately for them, they lost out to Ally/Simon who absolutely bossed the second upwind and sailed on for the win with Mark/Lucy in 2nd.  It’s certainly not Ian/Chloe’s first rodeo, and they managed to get out from George/Sophie’s aggressive jib flapping and battled through to 3rd, having stuck George/Sophie behind the pack.  This meant that an impressive show from Ian/Chloe left them in the top spot with George/Sophie in 2nd and Mark/Lucy in 3rd.


Thanks to Parkstone for hosting such a fantastic event and it was great to catch up with the other fleets.


Events upcoming:


27/28 June – Filey SC

5 July – Weir Wood SC

11/12 July – Weymouth Regatta

17/18 July – HISC


Hope to see you all soon!



RS300 Southern Championship at Parkstone YC 20-21 June 15  report by Tim Keen


114 boat from 6 RS classes, of which 9 were RS300s, gathered at Parkstone YC for the Southern Championships.  The Southern contingent got their excuses in that it was too far to travel so close to the Nationals and Martin Harrison was so excited about a local event he entered his surname twice.  Top merit award of the weekend goes to Mark Taylor and Alistair McLaughlin for making the short commute from Prestwick! 


The Principal Race Officer decided that we would be racing out in Poole Bay which meant a nice 1h20min sail to the start area in not a lot of wind, but once the racing got going the wind started to pick up which made for some good racing.  Race 1 saw Tim Keen take an early lead from Martin Harrison-Harrison and Sam Knight.  Race 2 was much the same Tim Keen leading, followed by Martin Harrison-Harrison and Rich Le Mare 3rd.  The Start of race 3 was 2 seconds late (according to Tim Keen) which meant Premature Pete Ellis had passed on the early starting batten which he had acquired at the Slalom event earlier in the year.  Sam Knight won the race followed by Martin Harrison-Harrison and Tim Keen.


After much of the fleet had been fed, watered and rested at Chris Arnell’s house on Saturday night, (who was unable to participate) the fleet headed out one again towards Poole Bay on Sunday morning.  Sun shining and wind blowing it made the trip out of the harbour a lot more fun and more difficult.  Gary Morris said he was going to have a go at drinking all that water in Poole Harbour but could only managed half of it which finished him off for the day while the other competitors decided on a game of chicken with the Brownsea Island Chain Ferry.  Race 4 saw Rich Le Mare power away for victory closely followed by Tim Keen and Martin Harrison-Harrison.  The wind continued to build for Race 5 where Tim Keen sneaked a win closely followed by Rich Le Mare and Martin Harrison-Harrison.  A depleted fleet of 3 started Race 6.  Not only did they have wind, waves and other RS classes to contend with but a fleet of motor cruisers decided that trying to get an RS300 down wind in 20knts is not hard enough so they thought they would throw themselves into the mix. Tim Keen had a swim while leading but Martin Harrison-Harrison was unable to maximise the situation finishing just behind, closely followed by the ever battling Ben Green. 


Many thanks go to Parkstone Yacht Club for hosting the event and also to Clare Sargent for the organisation of the RS classes.



RS400 Southern Championships at Parkstone YC  Report by Mark Oakey


Over the Solstice weekend 114 boats, 28 of them RS400s, descended on Parkstone Yacht Club for the Southern Championships.  In a building 10 to 12 knots the fleet headed out to the start in Poole Bay.


Race 1 got underway after a short delay and Jon Gorringe and Nicky Bass (1414) engaged their “go faster up wind” button to wriggle around the first mark in the lead.  They extended around the course to comfortably take the win.  However behind, the race for second wasn’t decided until metres from the finish.  With Paul and Mark Oakey (1441) just edging out Jon Hessig and Nicky Griffin (1407) and Howard Farbrother and Dan Martin (1418).


In race 2 Howard and Dan lead at the windward mark but Jon Gorringe and Nicky Bass got past on the first run.  They held the lead until the finish ahead of Howard and Dad with the Oakeys in 3rd.


Before race 3 a big black cloud promising more wind on the right hand side of the course, to go with the slacker tide, suggested right was the best option.  Yet somehow the majority of the fleet found themselves going left, and the wrong way, up the first beat.  This allowed Gorring and Bass to head hard right and lead by a street at the first windward mark.  Never to be seen again.  Hessig and Griffin were 2nd followed by Farbrother and Martin in 3rd.


A rather tired fleet returned to the yacht club where a fantastic dinner and a band were laid on for the competitors.  As per RS tradition a few hop-based recovery drinks were consumed in the bar before turning in for the night.


Sunday morning dawned with a little more breeze than day 1 as the fleet headed out to the start.  In race 4 Howard and Dan proved that Jon Gorringe and Nicky Bass weren’t invincible by taking the race win.  Howard’s hop-based recovery drink induced pep talk to the Oakeys, that they needed better first beats seemed to work and they managed to finish a close 3rd.


Farbrother and Martin and Gorringe and Bass had another epic battle in the 5th race.  With Gorringe engaging the “go faster up wind” button just enough to take the win and with it the event.  Sources report that Nicky broke a nail on the last spinnaker drop so they decided it was best to head for an early shower as the breeze approached 20 knots.


The departure of Gorringe and Bass allowed team Farbrother and Martin to romp to victory in the final race ahead of Hessig and Griffin and the ever consistent David Brown and Rebecca Witt (1290).  Team Oakey finishing just behind in 4th to hold on to 3rd overall by a point from Jon Hessig and Nicky Griffin.


Huge thanks go to Parkstone Yacht Club for putting on a fantastic event.  The race team did an excellent job in shifty conditions while running the racing so smoothly you could barely notice the 2 other fleets sharing the course.  Hopefully we will be back again soon!


In summary: Fantastic sailing, great food and excellent hop-based recovery drinks!



RS800 Southern Championship 20-21 June Parkstone YC  Report by Hugh Shone


Parkstone played host to the 800s for a fantastic Southern Championships.  The organisation was slick, the food plentiful and the wind kicked in as well.  Being a new venue for the fleet, many were not sure quite what to expect but we all had a nice tour of the surroundings over the longish commute to the race area - dodging crafts and jellyfish of all sizes.  All this dodging ferry malarkey and the busy harbour certainly reminded some of the Awesome Aussie Skiff videos from the good old days.  We gave the Australian accent an airing.  Not very polished.


In terms of the racing, Saturday was a story of it being a lot windier and colder than people expected.  Those who at the last minute decided not to don the wetsuit shorts were mightily relieved.  Race 1 saw a three way battle at the front between the Jimmy Green Marine boys (James Green and Jamie Trewick), Phil Walker & John Mather and Pete Barton & Chris Feibusch - all showing excellent pace uphill. By the finish, John and Phil pulled through for the win, Pete & Chris scooted in for 2nd and Hugh Shone & Hannah Tattersall claimed third as the boys from Beer were OCS.  Race 2 and the wind continued to build to around 15knots.  This one saw some very close racing at the front as Andy & Allyson Jeffries held on for the win, covering the charging Pete & Chris up the last beat.  Whilst Pete & Chris had had to settle for second in the first two races, it was evident that they were going extremely fast in their new ship and they did not have to wait long for their first win in it as they nailed the last race.  James & Jamie took 2nd in this one with last year’s National champions Roger Phillips & Will Crocker finding some form in third.  By the end of the day everyone was absolutely knackered after a full on day of very close racing (as ever) and steep chop to contend with.  Luckily we were all resuscitated via mountains of food, beer and some less than mobile dancing to the talented DFunk.  Overnight Pete & Chris led the field ahead of Hannah & Hugh in 2nd and the McEwens (Luke and Emma) in 3rd.


Sunday dawned, some mobility had been regained and bacon was eaten.  We were expecting more wind but for the first two races it was all about the humongous shifts firing off all over the place. The fleet were tacking all over the shop trying to find the ladders upwind and the shoots of extra pressure downhill.  Setting the pace in this one, Roger & Will zoomed off in to a massive lead with Pete & Chris behind and James and Jamie in 3rd.  Round 5 and it was again Roger and Will who seemed to have a grasp on the conditions.  That was until the final beat when the McEwens hooked into a massive lift on the last upwind to propel them towards the bullet.  Roger and Will secured 2nd whilst Hugh & Hannah took 3rd.  Highlight of the race was Jimmy Green Marine sailing full pace into the last windward mark after a particularly aggressive header.  The mark won.


Last race and the wind had shifted left and kicked in something fruity.  Ominously the chop was getting steeper by the second.  Joe Joyner & Will Broom showed some excellent upwind pace to round with a clear lead.  Alas they then demonstrated how not to gybe.  With pitchpoling an ever increasing threat it really did get a bit awesome Aussie skiffs.  There were many Ella Bache moments with mines being visited.  It finished with Andy & Allyson having a Nokia moment and overhauling both Hugh and Hannah and Pete and Chris on the last downwind.  It was a battle of balls-out sailing versus conservativeness.  It almost turned to disaster though as they kept the kite up through the finish almost slaying the poor Race Officer who had just delivered this epic.  So A&A in 1st, Pete and Chris in 2nd and Hugh & Hannah in 3rd.


Overall, Pete and Chris won by a country mile with top 3 consistency.  Andy & Allyson pulled up to 2nd with the win in the last and Hugh & Hannah came in 3rd.  There were some funny moments with people falling out of boats on the way in - some exemplary breast stroke was demonstrated, coupled with some less than exemplary single handed sailing skills.  Everyone had a laugh, the racing was incredible and the club did a fantastic job.  Onwards to Kiel and then Beer.  If you are reading this and you have an 800 - get your Nationals entry in now! 

RS100 Class

Sailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 16, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Class Rig SailNo HelmName CrewName Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total Nett
1st RS100 8.4 183 Neal Freeman   Parkstone YC 2 2 4 2 2 (17.0 DNS) 29 12
2nd RS100 8.4 410 Alistair Dickson   Port Dinorwic SC -12 1 1 8 3 1 26 14
3rd RS100 8.4 240 Huw Powell   Red Wharf Bay SC 4 -7 2 5 5 2 25 18
4th RS100 8.4 512 Greg Booth   Port Dinorwic SC 1 -8 3 6 8 4 30 22
5th RS100 8.4 379 Mark Harrison   Gurnard SC 7 5 -11 1 6 3 33 22
6th RS100 8.4 181 Hywel Roberts   Parkstone YC 9 4 5 4 1 (17.0 DNS) 40 23
7th RS100 8.4 119 Phil Jackson   Parkstone YC 3 6 7 3 7 (17.0 DNS) 43 26
8th RS100 8.4 509 Clive Eplett   Frensham Pond SC 6 3 6 9 4 (17.0 DNS) 45 28
9th RS100 8.4 413 Tom Powell   Cardiff YC 5 9 8 7 -10 5 44 34
10th RS100 8.4 303 Paul Luttman   Weir Wood SC 10 11 9 13 9 (17.0 DNS) 69 52
11th RS100 8.4 480 Al Hall   RYA 8 10 10 (17.0 DNC) 17.0 DNC 17.0 DNC 79 62
12th RS100 8.4 492 Nick Griffin   Castle Cove SC 13 12 (17.0 RTD) 11 11 17.0 DNS 81 64
13th RS100 8.4 454 Gav Benbow   Royal Windermere 11 (17.0 RTD) 12 12 17.0 DNC 17.0 DNC 86 69
14th RS100 8.4 309 Mostyn Evans   Mounts Bay SC (17.0 RTD) 17.0 DNC 17.0 DNC 10 12 17.0 DNS 90 73
15th RS100 8.4 219 Robert Holdway   Poole YC 15 13 (17.0 DNC) 17.0 DNC 17.0 DNC 17.0 DNC 96 79
16th RS100 8.4 228 Tim Le Mare   Castle Cove SC 14 (17.0 RTD) 17.0 DNC 14 17.0 DNS 17.0 DNC 96 79


RS200 Class

Sailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 40, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Class SailNo HelmName CrewName Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total Nett
1st RS200 17 Ian Martin Chloe Martin Burghfield SC 1 3 -13 1 1 3 22 9
2nd RS200 1508 George Yeoman Sophie Ormsby Itchenor SC 6 2 1 3 3 -13 28 15
3rd RS200 1488 Mark Heather Lucy Preston Island Barn Reservoir SC -10 1 6 2 7 2 28 18
4th RS200 1467 Ally Martin Simon Potts Burghfield SC 7 -10 2 5 9 1 34 24
5th RS200 1566 Matt Mee Emma Norris Wharf Bay/Burghfield SC 4 5 3 -9 6 6 33 24
6th RS200 1549 Tim Saxton Holly Scott GWSC 8 4 5 6 -12 4 39 27
7th RS200 1562 Edd Whitehead Kate Allam Parkstone YC 5 9 (41.0 DSQ) 4 2 9 70 29
8th RS200   Nick Charles Alice Eyre Parkstone YC 2 8 9 8 4 -11 42 31
9th RS200 1031 Chris Catt Roz McGrane Netley SC -12 6 8 7 5 7 45 33
10th RS200 1347 David Jessop Clare Michelmore Papercourt SC 3 -16 16 16 8 5 64 48
11th RS200 1490 Andy Hadfield Millie Alcock Parkstone YC -15 11 4 14 10 12 66 51
12th RS200 1237 Dicken Maclean Emma Pearson HISC 11 7 11 15 13 -17 74 57
13th RS200 855 Tom Brophy Amy Yeoman Parkstone YC -17 14 7 13 17 8 76 59
14th RS200 1004 Charlie Poyner James Duncalfe Emsworth SC -20 12 10 17 11 14 84 64
15th RS200 1159 Alistair Norris Fred Mainwaring Red Wharf Bay SC -21 13 12 10 15 15 86 65
16th RS200 15621 Karen Baker Jo Allam Parkstone YC 14 15 19 11 14 (41.0 RTD) 114 73
17th RS200 1325 Charlotte Savage Mike Wood RYA -19 19 17 12 19 10 96 77
18th RS200 1296 Matt Bromley Andrea Bromley   13 18 15 19 -23 18 106 83
19th RS200 1230 Chris Bower Max Carey Parkstone YC 18 20 18 21 18 -22 117 95
20th RS200 422 Owain Hughes Sam Norman Parkstone YC 22 22 20 22 20 (41.0 DNS) 147 106
21st RS200 655 Andrew Barnett Jo Lloyd Island Barn Reservoir SC 24 23 23 -25 21 21 137 112
22nd RS200 1517 Rob Ashman Ollie Aldridge   23 (41.0 RTD) 41.0 DNC 20 16 16 157 116
23rd RS200 429 Amber Brown Libby Courage Weston SC -33 26 14 33 25 24 155 122
24th RS200 8 Harry Gildchrist Giles Kuzyk Itchenor SC 25 24 -31 28 27 19 154 123
25th RS200 1585 Dave Pointer Jan Pointer Parkstone YC -35 27 21 26 28 23 160 125
26th RS200 1132 Peter Loretto Becky Kidd Parkstone YC 26 25 22 -27 26 26 152 125
27th RS200 1397 Paul Frey Dave Mitchell Parkstone YC -34 30 30 23 24 20 161 127
28th RS200 1277 Christian Birrell Saskia Clark Parkstone YC 9 (41.0 DNF) 41.0 DNC 18 22 41.0 RTD 172 131
29th RS200 1140 Jim Sowden Tom Crutchley Mudeford SC 27 21 34 24 32 (41.0 RTD) 179 138
30th RS200 1284 Tony Wilkinson Mike Christopher Parkstone YC 30 -34 24 32 30 25 175 141
31st RS200 861 Kirsten Glen Duncan Glen Parkstone YC 16 17 27 (41.0 DNC) 41.0 DNC 41.0 DNC 183 142
32nd RS200 224 Johnny Currell Nick Pugh Parkstone YC 39 (41.0 DNF) 28 30 33 27 198 157
33rd RS200 1428 Richard Brown Judith Brown Draycote Water SC 28 31 26 (41.0 DNC) 41.0 DNC 41.0 DNC 208 167
34th RS200 340 Callum Bright Siobhan Orr Wembley SC 36 (41.0 DNF) 33 29 31 41.0 RTD 211 170
35th RS200 433 Alex Palmer David Markey Parkstone YC 32 32 25 (41.0 DNC) 41.0 DNC 41.0 DNC 212 171
36th RS200 961 Simon Philbrick Carole Poole YC 29 28 32 (41.0 RTD) 41.0 DNC 41.0 DNC 212 171
37th RS200 316 Ben Townsend F. Heap Emsworth SC 38 33 (41.0 DNS) 31 29 41.0 DNS 213 172
38th RS200 374 Paul Williams Conner Banks Bristol Corinthian YC 37 29 29 (41.0 DNC) 41.0 DNC 41.0 DNC 218 177
39th RS200 983 Shaun Robson Marie Smith Parkstone YC 31 35 35 (41.0 DNC) 41.0 DNC 41.0 DNC 224 183
40th RS200 865 Julien Lightfoot Ross Neville-Jones Parkstone YC 40 (41.0 DNF) 36 41.0 DNC 41.0 DNC 41.0 DNC 240 199


RS300 Class

Sailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 9, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Class Rig SailNo HelmName CrewName Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total Nett
1st RS300 B 328 Tim Keen   Sheffield Viking SC/Nefyn SC 1 1 -3 2 1 1 9 6
2nd RS300 B 481 Martin Harrison   Royal Victoria YC 2 2 2 -3 3 2 14 11
3rd RS300 B 540 Richard le Mare   Bartley SC 4 3 5 1 2 (10.0 DNS) 25 15
4th RS300 B 335 Sam Knight   Bartley SC 3 4 1 5 5 (10.0 DNS) 28 18
5th RS300 B 500 Pete Ellis   Stewartby Water Sports Club 5 5 4 4 4 (10.0 DNS) 32 22
6th RS300 B 315 Ben Green   Highcliffe SC -7 7 7 7 6 3 37 30
7th RS300 B 336 Mark Taylor   Prestwick SC 8 6 8 6 7 (10.0 DNS) 45 35
8th RS300 B 490 Alistair McLaughlin   Prestwick SC 6 8 6 (10.0 DNC) 10.0 DNC 10.0 DNC 50 40
9th RS300 A 318 Gary Morris   South Cerney SC 9 9 9 (10.0 DNC) 10.0 DNC 10.0 DNC 57 47


RS400 Class

Sailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 28, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Class SailNo HelmName CrewName Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total Nett
1st RS400 1414 Jon Gorringe Nicola Bass Parkstone YC 1 1 1 2 1 (29.0 DNS) 35 6
2nd RS400 1418 Howard Farbrother Dan Martin QMSC -4 2 3 1 2 1 13 9
3rd RS400 1441 Paul Oakey Mark Oakey Portchester SC 2 3 -4 3 3 4 19 15
4th RS400 1407 Jon Heissig Nicky Griffin Llangorse SC 3 -7 2 5 4 2 23 16
5th RS400 1290 David Brown Rebecca Witt QMSC -5 5 5 4 5 3 27 22
6th RS400 1189 Steve Restall Chris Stubbs Downs SC 6 -8 6 8 6 5 39 31
7th RS400 1439 Kevin Podger Heather Chipperfield Lymington Town SC -9 4 8 9 7 7 44 35
8th RS400 1356 Pete Vincent Pete Cruickshank Bristol Corinthian YC 8 9 -10 7 8 6 48 38
9th RS400 1444 Nick Martin Caroline Martin Lee on Solent SC 10 10 7 10 -12 9 58 46
10th RS400 1393 Nick Zammit Nick Zammit Locks SC 13 11 12 6 9 (29.0 DNS) 80 51
11th RS400 1296 Howard Eeles Wayne Hancox Bartley SC 12 13 -18 11 10 10 74 56
12th RS400 1062 Simon Townsend Jack Townsend Emsworth SC -15 15 13 12 13 8 76 61
13th RS400 1212 Caroline Whitehouse Jason McDonnell Bartley SC 11 14 9 16 11 (29.0 DNS) 90 61
14th RS400 1192 Jack Munnelly Liam Vass Arun YC -17 16 14 15 15 13 90 73
15th RS400 4 Chris Brown James Brown Weston SC -18 17 17 17 14 11 94 76
16th RS400 1447 John Cooper Becci Wigley Lymington Town SC 7 6 11 (29.0 RTD) 29.0 DNC 29.0 DNC 111 82
17th RS400 791 Stuart Costigan Brett Grinnell Parkstone YC 22 21 -23 13 17 12 108 85
18th RS400 946 Nick Eaves Tony Sammons Bartley SC 16 24 20 14 16 (29.0 DNS) 119 90
19th RS400 1270 James Cutler Alan Glanville Burghfield SC 19 -22 21 18 18 14 112 90
20th RS400 1051 Matt Sheahan Ellie Sheahan Netley SC 14 12 16 (29.0 DNC) 29.0 DNC 29.0 DNC 129 100
21st RS400 1287 James Bowman Jonathan Carr Starcross YC 24 25 22 19 20 (29.0 DNS) 139 110
22nd RS400 1019 Rob Corfield Tom Dobbs Dell Quay SC 25 26 24 20 19 (29.0 RTD) 143 114
23rd RS400 846 Richard Hall Alicia Andrews Parkstone YC (29.0 DNS) 29.0 DNF 29.0 DNC 21 21 15 144 115
24th RS400 701 Martin Powell Jane Phillipps Parkstone YC 21 23 15 (29.0 RTD) 29.0 DNC 29.0 DNC 146 117
25th RS400 1357 Chris Garvey Jim Garvey Parkstone YC 23 19 19 (29.0 DNC) 29.0 DNC 29.0 DNC 148 119
26th RS400 117 Chris Appleton Izzy Savage Bristol Corinthian YC 20 18 (29.0 RTD) 29.0 DNC 29.0 DNC 29.0 DNC 154 125
27th RS400 1175 Shawn Woodcock Tony Cliff Bartley SC 27 20 (29.0 DNF) 29.0 DNC 29.0 DNC 29.0 DNC 163 134
28th RS400 1328 Steve Peat Tom Carr Starcross YC 26 27 25 (29.0 DNC) 29.0 DNC 29.0 DNC 165 136


RS500 Class

Sailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 6, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Class SailNo HelmName CrewName Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total Nett
1st RS500 1054 Graham Bristow Alan Olive Leigh & Lowton SC 2 1 2 -3 2 1 11 8
2nd RS500 659 Peter Curtis   Island Barn Reservoir SC 3 4 3 2 1 (7.0 DNC) 20 13
3rd RS500 727 Jane Olive Chris Tuckett Netley SC 1 2 1 (7.0 DNC) 7.0 DNC 7.0 DNC 25 18
4th RS500 625 Heather Wilkins Tim Wilkins Great Yarmouth & Gorleston SC 4 5 4 1 (7.0 DNC) 7.0 DNC 28 21
5th RS500 1005 George Wilson Sarah Newton Netley SC 5 3 5 (7.0 DNF) 3 7.0 DNC 30 23
6th RS500 565 Will Pook Alex Cole Netley SC (7.0 DNC) 7.0 DNC 7.0 DNC 7.0 DNF 7.0 DNC 7.0 DNC 42 35


RS800 Class

Sailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 15, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Class SailNo HelmName CrewName Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total Nett
1st RS800 1219 Peter Barton Chris Feibusch Lymington Town SC 2 2 1 2 -6 2 15 9
2nd RS800 1212 Andy Jeffries Allyson Jeffries Eastbourne Sovereign SC 4 1 (16.0 DSQ) 5 4 1 31 15
3rd RS800 1189 Hugh Shone Hannah Tattersall Castle Cove SC 3 4 -6 4 3 3 23 17
4th RS800 1204 Roger Phillips Will Crocker Burghfield SC 5 -7 3 1 2 7 25 18
5th RS800 1129 Luke McEwen Emma McEwen Royal Lymington YC 6 3 5 6 1 -10 31 21
6th RS800 1163 James Green Jamie Trewick Beer SC (16.0 OCS) 5 2 3 5 6 37 21
7th RS800 1195 Paul Jenkins Peter Jenkins Eastbourne Sovereign SC 7 8 4 8 -12 4 43 31
8th RS800 1146 Martin Orton Ian Brooks Chichester YC/Trearddur Bay SC 12 10 (16.0 RTD) 9 9 5 61 45
9th RS800 1043 Christopher Dodd Bryony Meakins Rutland SC 8 11 10 -13 7 11 60 47
10th RS800 1135 Ella Morland James Morland Warsash SC 9 12 7 7 13 (16.0 DNS) 64 48
11th RS800 1166 Ralph Singleton Sophie Singleton DWSC 10 -13 8 11 11 9 62 49
12th RS800 1050 Joe Joyner Will Broom Lyme Regis SC 11 9 (16.0 DSQ) 10 8 12 66 50
13th RS800 1211 Phil Walker John Mather Wimbledon Park 1 6 (16.0 DSQ) 16.0 DNC 16.0 DNC 16.0 DNC 71 55
14th RS800 1099 Alistair Hodgson Sue Ogg RYA (16.0 OCS) 16.0 RTD 16.0 DNC 12 10 8 78 62
15th RS800 1196 Andrew Smith Marcus Collings Stokes Bay SC 13 14 9 (16.0 DNC) 16.0 DNC 16.0 DNC 84 68
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