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  • Starcross prize winners
  • Starcross prize winners

The last event on the Rooster and Zest Rs400 southern tour calender for 2019 was a one dayer event at Starcross yacht club in conjunction with the rs200 ugly tour. We arrived via a train line bridge which barely fit the rs400 in, let alone Sean! We were welcomed to three windward leeward races with a  8-12kt northerly wind blowing down the river.


The sailing was based on being on the right side of frequently ocsillating shifts, avoiding downwind RS200s and navigating the building outgoing tide. After getting tangled in a start line incident Howard Farbrother and Lou Hosken took the overall win with two 1sts and a 3rd. Sean Cleary and Annalise Nixon battled out second place with local favourites Richard Cain and Barney Dearsley, showing their local river knowledge and speed. 


Big thank you to Starcross yacht club for hosting us, providing us with delicious pasties, great racing and gorgeous scenery. Full rs400 Rooster and Zest southern tour results and summary to follow! 




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