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09/01/2017 17:34:05

Adrian Neal
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Been sailing a 400 for a few months now, its one of the older boats, 421. Love it to bits and already planning to buy a newer boat in the spring. Unfortunately we don't have any other 400's sailing at our club to compare settings, so have set the boat up as per the tuning guides. We have noticed when racing against other boats that upwind we struggle to point anywhere near as high as other boats of a similar speed. Now I know some boats can point particularly high but we can't point as high as any other boat it would seem. Probably by a good 5-10 deg across all wind ranges. We are using the original mainsail which is pretty tired and has shrunk quite a bit. The tack on the main sits 8-10 inches above the tack pin on the boom and rather rather than yanking it back down with the down haul we let it float and tie the tack to the mast and back down to the boom. We have a fairly new jib which we have tried using but doesn't seem to make any noticeable difference. We have the fairleads all the way back and sheet in moderately tightly on both jib and main upwind. Rig tension on to about 400lbs unless over powered. Foils all good, boat sailed flat as possible, small amount of weather helm on tiller. Sailing to the telltales on the jib and the boat feels good but just don't seem to be able to point. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Adrian

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