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Rapaura Springs to support RS200 and RS400s

In this year of the staycation, lucky RS200 and RS400 sailors will be able to enjoy a taste of New Zealand at both the Noble Marine West Country Boat Repairs RS200 Nationals and Noble Marine TridentUK RS400 Nationals.

Both of these flagship RS Class Association events will include a Rapaura Springs Day Each bottle of Rapaura Springs wine tells a story of a lifetime in Marlborough, NZ — of water and wine, and working with nature. Rapaura Springs wines are made by the Neylon family and friends, imbued with their resilience and realised dreams. They carry the story of bettering one’s best and breaking boundaries. Of discovering new things and savouring the moment. Of sunrises and sunsets, interspersed by days full of fun and full of hard work. Many an RS sailor might speak of their sailing journey in similar terms!

The two RS Class Association events will also seek to increase awareness and support  amongst sailors for the work  of WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, the  leading global charity dedicated to the protection of whales and dolphins. WDC engages the public to affect real change by putting pressure on decision-makers on key issues such as commercial whaling and captivity and is striving to end accidental deaths in fishing nets and create clean, healthy seas. WDC carries out vital research and fieldwork, funds conservation projects, advises governments and runs education initiatives around the world. Around 29 species of whales and dolphins are either resident in or migrate through UK waters so the RS Association hopes that sailors will welcome this opportunity to learn more about the creatures they encounter whilst sailing.

The RS Class Association delighted to be raising awareness of this charity, championing a cause close to sailors’ hearts and wines worthy of champions. 

RS sailros can donate here

UK National Stockist of Rapaura Springs www.vivino.com

Whale and Dolphin Conservation WDC https://uk.whales.org/

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