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Special Treat! - We have 2 reports for this fabulous event

Also lots of lovely photos at http://www.posbrookpics.uk/p358553278   With thanks to Ross Underwood.

Report I - Rob Jones, 1109

Portchester SC was the venue for the second event of the Rooster RS400 Southern Tour. We arrived to a friendly welcome. After the obligatory cup of tea, the boats were rigged and thoughts turned to the sailing.

A number of competitors admitted to living close to Portchester sailing club, but never having sailed there. Well it turns out that we’ve been missing something!

The sailing area is in the north part of Portsmouth Harbour by Portchester castle. Plenty of space for some blasting about, which it turns out, is a good thing.

The wind for the day started at just under 20kts and built to around 25kts by the end of the day. Add in bright sunshine all day and the recipe for fun is just about there. 30 crews seemed to think so anyway.

Now this is where the information dries up a little. I’ll admit to not really paying a huge amount of attention to what the other competitors were doing most of the time.  Had I known that we would finish in the designated report writers position, I may have taken more notice!

With the wind and tide conditions as they were, a decent chop was making concentration on your own boat more important than in more benign conditions.

None of this seemed to bother Russ and Penny Clarke, who disappeared around the course with a pace that nobody else could match. They won the first two races and with the wind increasing, they along with some others in the fleet decided that discretion was the better part of valour and headed back to the welcoming arms of the Portchester shore crew.

With a discard coming into play upon the commencement of race 3 there was an opportunity for those who had been involved in various ‘moments’ in the previous two races to recover a result, or frankly just to enjoy full bore downwind blasting. The boats in 2-7th were all pretty close on the race course all day, so this one could make all the difference.

After a close race, Rob Jones and Amelia Camm took the race from Sean Cleary and Annalise Nixon by a matter of inches on the line. When the results came out at the end of the day it proved how close a number of boats had been and how one mistake or good tactical call could make all the difference.

Russ and Penny ran out deserved winners with a display of controlled speed that was head and shoulders above everybody else on the day.

There was a single point between places 2-6. Making up the podium places, 2nd place went to Francisco and Teresa Lobato. 3rd place went to Steve Restall and Chris Stubbs.

Finally, a big thank you to Portchester Sailing Club. The race management and the shore side volunteers were a credit to what must be one of the most friendly clubs that we have visited.

Report 2 - Andy Powell, 527
Sunday morning dawned and there was a real sense of excitement as we arrived at Portchester SC. Upon arrival we were greeted with a smile and made to feel genuinely welcome. The weather was outstanding and apart from warm sunshine there was a substantial SSW breeze for once pretty much as predicted by Wind GURU!!
Registration was an efficient relaxing affair with bacon rolls and coffee with friends on the veranda, but all the while it felt a little like the calm before the storm ahead…...
With rigged boats and having been briefed in full about the racing and the numerous underwater hazards awaiting us below the surface, we all took to the water and headed to the race area. We were greeted by wonderful sailing conditions, 20 ish Kts and a choppy sea state.
Race one got underway cleanly partly I am sure thanks to a very generous start line, from here on in the rest of the days racing  gets a bit hazy for me,  as Jon & I dealt with our own numerous dramas so for full details you will need to refer to the official results to fill in the gaps.
Subsequent races got underway like clockwork. The safety crews had a pretty busy day and were ever present to ensure the safety of all who had mishaps, including the odd Helm who managed to miss their toe straps (sorry Jon!).
There was some great close racing right through the fleet and as the wind built so did the speeds and excitement levels with speeds recorded in excess of 17 kts.
It appeared that the day took its toll on a great many of the fleet with just 16 boats lining up for the final race of the regatta due to a combination of broken boats and I believe the odd damaged sailor. The conditions made it a real challenge for the very best sailors so congratulations to all those that took to the water and in particular the last 16!!!
Eventually after 3 challenging races the fleet returned ashore and enjoyed some more wonderful Portchester hospitality, afternoon tea and the opportunity to re-hydrate with something from behind the bar.
In all it was a tremendous success. 32 boats in very challenging conditions could only have been managed by a well organised race team. Our thanks to the RO and the whole waterside team.
Finally congratulations to our winners Penny & Russ Clark and to all the other prize winners. Also thanks again to Portchester Sailing Club for the wonderful Welcome, great organisation and first class hospitality. I for one cannot wait till next year.


Sailwave results for Portchester SC RS400 Open Meeting 14.05.17 at 2017

Portchester SC RS400 Open Meeting 14.05.17




Sailed: 3, Discards: 1, To count: 2, Entries: 30, Scoring system: Appendix A
Class SailNo Club HelmName CrewName R1 R2 R3 Total Nett
RS400 1309 Stokes Bay Russ Clarke Penny Clarke 1.0 1.0 (32.0 DNC) 34.0 2.0
RS400 1288 Queen Mary SC Francisco Lobato Teresa Lobato 2.0 (5.0) 4.0 11.0 6.0
RS400 1189 Downes Steve Restall Chris Stubbs 4.0 2.0 (5.0) 11.0 6.0
RS400 1109 Warsash SC Rob Jones Amelia Camm (7.0) 6.0 1.0 14.0 7.0
RS400 1017 Oxford SC Sean Cleary Annalise Nixon 5.0 (7.0) 2.0 14.0 7.0
RS400 741 Royal Ulster Yacht Club Philip Adams Mikey Ferguson (6.0) 4.0 3.0 13.0 7.0
RS400 684 Pevensey Bay SC Matt Fowler Greg Shipley (10.0) 3.0 7.0 20.0 10.0
RS400 925 Swanage SC Russell Brayshaw Hugh Brayshaw (21.0) 9.0 6.0 36.0 15.0
RS400 1441 Portchester SC Paul Oakey Mark Oakey 3.0 13.0 (32.0 DNC) 48.0 16.0
RS400 1212 Bartley SC Richard Ashwell Tony Cliff (16.0) 8.0 8.0 32.0 16.0
RS400 1377 Portchester SC Jamie Pidduck Adam Oakey (15.0) 12.0 10.0 37.0 22.0
RS400 1202 Lee on Solent Niel Bevington Alan Skeens 8.0 15.0 (32.0 DNC) 55.0 23.0
RS400 1435 Netley SC Matt Sheahan Ellie Sheahan 12.0 11.0 (15.0) 38.0 23.0
RS400 1060 Thorney Island SC Pete Pickford John Pickford (18.0) 17.0 9.0 44.0 26.0
RS400 836 Thorney Island SC Adam Humphrey Jo Humphrey (14.0) 14.0 12.0 40.0 26.0
RS400 421 Castle Cove SC Adrian Neal Tracy Neal 13.0 (32.0 DNC) 13.0 58.0 26.0
RS400 1210 Hayling Island SC Mike Partridge Claire Davis (25.0) 16.0 11.0 52.0 27.0
RS400 1007 Warsash SC Nick Daniels Mark Aitken 11.0 (32.0 DNC) 16.0 59.0 27.0
RS400 505 Portchester SC Ivan Burden Andrew Shrimpton 22.0 10.0 (32.0 DNC) 64.0 32.0
RS400 527 Weston SC Andy Powell Jon Costin 23.0 (32.0 DNC) 14.0 69.0 37.0
RS400 1215 Queen Mary SC Howard Farbrother Lou Farbrother 9.0 (32.0 DNC) 32.0 DNC 73.0 41.0
RS400 1342 Queen Mary SC Max Tosetti Jules Thorne 17.0 (32.0 DNC) 32.0 DNC 81.0 49.0
RS400 1220 Burghfield SC John Cooper Andy May 19.0 (32.0 DNC) 32.0 DNC 83.0 51.0
RS400 1393 Lee on Solent SC Nick Zammit Olie George Taylor 20.0 (32.0 DNC) 32.0 DNC 84.0 52.0
RS400 947 Portchester SC Brian Beavis Louise Wells 24.0 (32.0 DNC) 32.0 DNC 88.0 56.0
RS400 934 Warsash SC David Swift Rob Burgess 26.0 (32.0 DNC) 32.0 DNC 90.0 58.0
RS400 1333 Dell Quay SC Rob Corfield Tom Dobbs 27.0 (32.0 DNC) 32.0 DNC 91.0 59.0
RS400 1322 Dell Quay SC Gideon Ewers Gilly Ewers (32.0 DNF) 32.0 DNC 32.0 DNC 96.0 64.0
RS400 1022 Shoreham SC Andrew Clark Lukasz Sieniawski (32.0 DNF) 32.0 DNC 32.0 DNC 96.0 64.0
RS400 1444 Lee on Solent SC Nick Martin Caroline Martin (32.0 DNF) 32.0 DNC 32.0 DNC 96.0 64.0



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