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  • Rooster Westcountry Boat Repairs RS400 Southern Tour, Chichester 2021
  • Rooster Westcountry Boat Repairs RS400 Southern Tour, Chichester 2021
  • Rooster Westcountry Boat Repairs RS400 Southern Tour, Chichester 2021
  • Rooster Westcountry Boat Repairs RS400 Southern Tour, Chichester 2021
  • Rooster Westcountry Boat Repairs RS400 Southern Tour, Chichester 2021
  • Rooster Westcountry Boat Repairs RS400 Southern Tour, Chichester 2021
  • Rooster Westcountry Boat Repairs RS400 Southern Tour, Chichester 2021

The Rooster West Country Boat Repairs RS400 Southern Tour's first event of 2021 took place at Chichester YC on a particularly cold Saturday morning. The Northerly wind was biting as the 18 competitor boats arrived at the club.

CYC had taken many precautions to minimise covid risks to the volunteers and competitors. The normally hectic registration and briefing in the sloop was replaced by calm socially distanced preparations. The Race officer, Nick Colbourne, had recorded a competitor briefing and published it to YouTube and WhatsApp was used to communicate the course. The Competitors arrived and prepared thier boats in the carpark, with lots of chatter between the competitors who were obviously pleased to see one another after the months of lockdown.

The race officer setup a windward leeward course with the committee boat start line close to the marina channel and the windward mark and spreader toward coperas point. The leward gate was adjusted carefully to remove any bias.

Race one was against a strong flooding tide, Ian Walker got a flying start from the Pin end and led for much of the beat, but it was Jack Holden that reached the windward mark first, closely followed by Ian and then Nick Craig.  As the race continued the leading boats were very closely matched, Jack led the fleet for the first few laps with Nick and then Ian closely following, but after four laps Nick Craig emerged as the leader.

Race two saw the competitors pushing for the line leading to two general recalls before they were eventually able to get away. Once again Ian Walker got a great start taking his favoured pin end of the line, the fleet all raced toward the Marina side of the channel to avoid any effects of the tide and to make the most of the stronger winds on the east side of the course.  By the time the fleet reached the top of the course Jack Holden and Robert Henderson had taken the lead, Steve and Sarah Cockerill just held off Nick Craig and Toby Lewis in second, but by the time the boats had passed the spreader and hoisted thier spinnakers, Nick had established a slight lead over Steve and was chasing down Jack Holden. The close racing continued for the next few laps, with Nick catching and eventually overtaking Jack to take a second win.

In Race Three, the fleet got away cleanly and headed directly for the slower moving water out of the ebbing tide. This time Nick Craig and Toby Lewis got the best start, timing their approach to the line to perfection and led the fleet with Ian Walker in close pursuit. The fleet tacked in a narrow band hugging the east shore of the harbour. Soon the leading quartette of Craig, Walker, Cockerill and Holden emerged at the head of the fleet, but this time Nick was the first to the windward mark and started to build a lead over the other boats. On one lap Nick Craig and Steve Cockerill both chose to gybe immediately at the windward marks, choosing the east side of the course for the downwind leg, this was clearly a good decision as they both extended thier leads from Jack Holden and Ian Walker who chose the centre of the course and the strong tide to carry them south.

After the three races, Nick Craig and Toby Lewis won the series with three wins. Jack Holden and Robert Henderson took second with two second places. Steve and Sarah Cockerill took third with an improving series of 4,3,2. Ian and Emmy Walker finished fourth, followed by Sam Pickering and Emily Heath who had a very consistent series with three fifth places.

After the racers came ashore, the prize giving was held outside on the steps of the sloop, bottles of wine were presented by Chris Grosscurth, CYC’s racing sec and one of the chief organisers of the event. Nick Craig thanked CYC and especially Nick Colbourne for running an excellent race series.

Full results and Many more photographs are available here on the CYC website.

Next stop on the Rooster West Country Boat Repairs RS400 Southern Tour is Salcombe YC 1st-3rd May.

Report: Mark Green

Photos: Chichester YC

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RS400 Open Meeting

Chichester Yacht Club


Results are provisional as of 13:34 on April 10, 2021


Sailed: 3, Discards: 1, To count: 2, Entries: 18, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Sail No Helm Age Crew Club R1
Total Nett
1st 1500 Nick Craig 47 TobyTastic Lewis Burghfield/Lee on the Solent (1.0) 1.0 1.0 3.0 2.0
2nd 1505 Jack Holden 28 Robert Henderson Arun Yacht Club/Lymington 2.0 2.0 (3.0) 7.0 4.0
3rd 1515 Stephen Cockerill 58 Sarah Cockerill Lee On Solent SC (4.0) 3.0 2.0 9.0 5.0
4th 899 Ian Walker 51 Emmy Walker Warsash SC 3.0 (4.0) 4.0 11.0 7.0
5th 1235 Sam Pickering 26 Emily Heath Chase / Itchenor SC (5.0) 5.0 5.0 15.0 10.0
6th 1399 Richard Gray 58 Jon Dyas Queen Mary 6.0 (19.0 BFD) 6.0 31.0 12.0
7th 1192 Jack Munnelly 29 Dominik Woodcock Arun YC 7.0 6.0 (11.0) 24.0 13.0
8th 1377 Neil Bevington   Alan Skeens Lee-on-Solent SC 8.0 (19.0 BFD) 7.0 34.0 15.0
9th 1503 Peter Snowdon 60+ Louise Carr Shoreham SC (10.0) 7.0 8.0 25.0 15.0
10th 1173 Joe Gallivan 25 Sarah Burridge Weir Wood SC (11.0) 9.0 10.0 30.0 19.0
11th 1043 Ian Watkins   Imogen Watkins Oxford SC 9.0 11.0 (15.0) 35.0 20.0
12th 1414 Ivan Burden 52 Blake Latta Portchester (14.0) 8.0 13.0 35.0 21.0
13th 1152 Mike Jacot 26 Rebecca Allen CYC (15.0) 13.0 9.0 37.0 22.0
14th 1435 Matthew Sheahan 59 Ellie Sheahan Warsash SC 13.0 10.0 (14.0) 37.0 23.0
15th 1386 Nick Elliman   Roger Elliman CYC (12.0) 12.0 12.0 36.0 24.0
16th 836 Steven Broomfield 42 Jenni Lewis Lymington Town SC (17.0) 14.0 16.0 47.0 30.0
17th 527 Andy Powell 50 Paul Caiger-Watson Warsash 16.0 15.0 (19.0 DNF) 50.0 31.0
18th 1479 Mick Whitmore   Sarah Whitmore Eastbourne Sovereign SC (19.0 DNC) 19.0 DNC 19.0 DNC 57.0 38.0


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