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Results / Gul Grand Prix Draycote Water SC - 31/03/2012

Despite nationwide predictions of death-by-tanker-strike strangely normal conditions greeted the brave competitors of the first wind-powered Gul Grand Prix of 2012 at Draycott water.

An extensive briefing outside the nice warm clubhouse gave the competitors the chance to realise it wasn’t quite summer yet, and make suitable choices for sailing clothing. Reduced water levels ensured that the RS400 fleet had a nice view of the rest of the empty lake from the small fluky corner where racing was forced to take place.  Eight boats lined up on a start-line that was crying out for a port end flyer, sadly no-one obliged, and  race one got away smoothly, with Nick Craig and endeavour tyro Alan Roberts leading in 1383, and assorted scuffling for other places. The short course was compensated for by a healthy number of laps ensuring cumulative confusion set in by the end of lap five, and big gaps allowing everyone to sail in clean wind. Rumour has it that the Craig machine took first, Jasper Barnham & Graham Saxton (1275) second, and Caroline Whitehouse with Guy Mason (1379) a solid third. The second race ensued promptly, with the same order establishing itself almost as quickly. In the third race somehow messrs Farbrother & Martin (1251) bucked the trend and appeared at the windward mark a good 30m ahead of La Craig, but luckily normal service resumed and a 200m lead had been re-established by the bottom of the same run. The suspiciously smooth sailing duo of Barnham & Saxton gracefully extracted second place from Farbrother/Martin by lap three, and the fleet waited for a mystic sign that the finish line was a legitimate place to go. Strangely, Mr Craig got the nod first.

By the fourth and last race the wind had mysteriously swung to make the fixed start line appear a thing of unbiased beauty, leaving the fleet in awe of the RO’s clearly psychic connection with the elements and race leaders.  This confused Mr Craig, who decided that wallowing on the start line for 30 seconds after the start was the way to go. This unexpected event led to some unseemly scuffling in the rest of the fleet, as the race was clearly wide open. This delirious state of affairs lasted almost two laps. Final order Craig/Roberts, Barnham/Sexton, Whitehouse/Mason.

The fleet retired to the shore and the warm welcome of the legion of midges who had misread the time of year. Luckily patented midge-repellent was available in the form of alcoholic beverages, served by the smiling Draycott shore crew and all was well. Day two was unfortunately canned due to lack of wind, water and midge repellent, leaving overall results as per last race. On to Bartley!

Sailwave results for RS 100/200/400 Open Meeting at Draycote Water Sailing club 2012
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RS 100/200/400 Open Meeting

Draycote Water Sailing club

Preliminary Results

RS400 Fleet

Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, Ratings: PY, Entries: 9, Scoring system: Appendix A
1st RS400 RS400
1383 Nick Craig Alan Roberts Frensham Pond SC (1) 1 1 1 4 3
2nd RS400 RS400
1275 Jasper Barnham Graham Sexton Snettisham Beach SC (2) 2 2 2 8 6
3rd RS400 RS400
1379 Caroline Whitehouse Guy Mason Bartley SC 3 3 (4) 3 13 9
4th RS400 RS400
1251 Howard Fairbrother Dan Martin Queen Mary SC (4) 4 3 4 15 11
5th RS400 RS400
1390 Andy Hatch Dan Hoskins Queen Mary SC (5) 5 5 5 20 15
6th RS400 RS400
854 David Rickards Chris Brown Weston SC 6 (10 DNC) 6 6 28 18
7th RS400 RS400
1240 Simon Read Eleanor Read Lee on Solent SC 7 6 7 (10 DNC) 30 20
8th RS400 RS400
1051 Matt Sheahan Caroline Sheahan ? (9) 7 8 7 31 22
9th RS400 RS400
561 Shawn Woodcock Tony Cliff Bartley SC 8 8 (9) 9 DNF 34 25



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