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RS400 Boat Register / History

The boat register history has been built up over many years by owners of the boats entering their own details. If you see a boat number missing or a boat that you have previously owned but the entry is not there, please enter the details as a new entry.
This helps people when purchasing used boats as well as helping us build events calendars closer to the active fleets.
Boat Not Listed?

CountrySail NoOwnerPurchasedClub
GBR1521Andy Powell01/06/2021warsash
IRL1514Paul Phelan27/11/2020GSC
GBR1510Kelly + Hanby28/08/2020Beaver
IRL1509Trisha Clancy 08/07/2020
GBR1506Paul and Sharon Freeland29/05/2021Llandegfedd Sailing Club
GBR1501Ken and Susan Twemlow08/08/2019Notts County
GBR1493Geoffrey Holden03/05/2019Locks SC
GBR1484Mark Somerville01/07/2018Bassenthwaite sc
GBR1480Andy Hadfield08/12/2018Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR1479Mick Whitmore31/03/2018Eastbourne Sovereign SC
GBR1477Rob Timmis01/09/2018Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR1474Ben Campbell 01/12/2017Nbyc
GBR1471John McLaren01/10/2017Salcombe YC
GBR1469Martin Powell01/07/2018Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR1467Paul Ridgway25/04/2017Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1460David Exley18/11/2016Leigh and lowton sailing club
GBR1455John MacKenzie28/02/2016Dalgety Bay Sailing Club
GBR1453Stuart Halman 07/10/2015Leigh and lowton sc
GBR1452Howard Eeles11/09/2015
GBR1451Guy Mason14/10/2015Bartley SC
GBR1450Nick Eaves26/08/2015Bartley SC
GBR1447John Cooper16/05/2015Lymington Sailing Club
GBR1446Richard Hall02/05/2015Oxford Sailing Club
GBR1443Stuart/Richard Urquhart10/03/2015Royal Findhorn Yacht Club
GBR1441Paul Oakey19/02/2015Portchester Sailing Club
IRL1440David McFarland15/12/2014CAYC
IRL1438Ross Vaughan21/11/2018Royal North Of Ireland Yacht Club
GBR1436Chris Penney01/12/2017Carrickfergus Sailing Club
GBR1433Rob and Jan Martin01/06/2014Lymington Town
GBR1430Simon and Penny Mathews02/03/2014Lancing Sailing Club
GBR1428james gardner01/04/2014hisc
GBR1426Bruce Woodcock06/07/1905Dabchicks SC & West Mersea YC
GBR1425Roger Green23/04/2015Eastbourne SSC
GBR1420John Cass01/08/2015Downs Sailing Club
GBR1417Steve Wingrove14/03/2017Porthpean SC
GBR1410Jacob Ainsworth22/03/2021Tynemouth SC
GBR1407Paul Martin Frey21/10/2020Burgfield
IRL1406Newer than Liam's10/11/2012RNIYC
GBR1405Liam Donnelly01/11/2012Royal North of Ireland
GBR1401Bill Kenyon12/04/2012Budworth SC
GBR1400Steve Middleton30/03/2012Burghfield Sailing Club
GBR1398Graeme henry14/02/2015St Mary's Loch sailing club
GBR1395Paul Allen01/01/2013Leigh & Lowton
GBR1393Nick Zammit01/11/2012Locks
GBR1392Chris Stanton31/03/2015Queen Mary Sailing Club
GBR1391Martin Reeve09/09/2011Locks Sailing Club
GBR1390Andy Hatch01/09/2011Queen Mary Sailing Club
GBR1388Mike Acton20/05/2011Gurnard SC
GBR1386Mr Roger Elliman04/05/2011Chichester Yacht Club
GBR1385Mitch and Marie Haberfield25/01/2013Northampton Sailing Club
GBR1384Trevor Newley31/12/2014Emsworth Sailing Club
GBR1383Phil Robinson and Dave Pears 20/05/2015carsington
GBR1382Andrew hunt01/09/2016Eastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club
FRA1380Bernard de Castellane01/11/4889
IRL1379Neill Strain25/08/2017Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club
GBR1376Sam Knight Chris Bownes03/12/2020Bartley
GBR1365Martin Powell01/04/2016Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR1363Ross Ryan01/03/2014Notts County Sailing Club
GBR1362James Sinclair24/11/2013East Lothian Yacht Club
GBR1359Matt Reeves and Trisha Clancy15/09/2018Starcross Yacht Club
GBR1357Simon Coleridge01/04/2017Rock Sailing Club
GBR1355Paul Reynolds15/06/2020Notts county
GBR1354Ken Twemlow07/11/2011Notts County
IRL1353Robert Hastings26/10/2014Royal North of Ireland YC
IRL1352Simon Hutchinson15/07/2012Royal North of Ireland YC
GBR1351Richard green 13/10/2018Yorkshire Dales
GBR1350D Houghton / J Symonds18/04/2015Gt Yarmouth & Gorleston SC
IRL1349Garrett Donnelly11/09/2014MYC
GBR1348Martyn Styles01/01/2008Downs Sailing Club
GBR1347Jason Rickards12/08/2021CVLSC
GBR1346Phil Kilburn10/05/2014Notts County S C
GBR1345Mark Cockrill Cockrill01/04/2021Netley SC
GBR1341Richard Felstead08/04/2012Lymington Town SC
IRL1339Stephen Kane02/04/2019RNIYC
AFG1337Graeme Henry20/08/2013St Mary's Loch sailing club
IRL1335paul phelan01/12/2016Greystones S. C.
GBR1334John Woolhouse/Russ Pedder01/04/2012Northampton Sailing Club
AFG1333Rob Corfield27/09/2016Dell Quay Sailing Club
GBR1332Paddy Spink01/01/2008Brancaster Staithe S C
GBR1331Dave Hereward12/11/2007Datchet Water S C
GBR1330Bill Dawber03/09/2017Dell Quay Sailing Club
GBR1328Steve and Sarah Peat01/05/2014Starcross YC
GBR1327Mike Heeley04/01/2008Downs Sailing Club
GBR1326Nick Martin28/11/2012
GBR1325James Logan28/03/2016NCSC
GBR1324Liam & Sue McGrath11/09/2009Starcross Yacht Club
GBR1323Phil Titchmarsh01/11/2007Glossop & District Sailing Club
GBR1322Chris and Trisha Taylor-Firth08/10/2017Burghfield SC
GBR1321Robert Espey and Michael Gunning20/08/2013B.Y.C./ R.U.Y.C.
GBR1320Stuart Harrison30/09/2015Lee on the Solent Sailing Club
GBR1319Steve & Sarah Peat24/11/2007Oxford Sailing Club
GBR1317Roger Green05/11/2007Eastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club
GBR1315Graham Dodge21/03/2008Weir Wood Sailing Club
GBR1312David Swift01/07/2019Warsash SC
GBR1311David Robinson03/06/2008Arun Yacht Club
GBR1309Russell Clark01/02/2017Stokes Bay SC
IRL1308Gerry Cannon10/02/2007Greystones Sailing Club
IRL1307Simon Herriott25/03/2007Greystones Sailing Club
GBR1306andrew bown15/10/2015lymington town
GBR1302Andy Baldock01/01/2007Grafham Water S C
GBR1301Mick Whitmore01/06/2016Eastbourne sovereign sailing club
GBR1298Martin Parker11/03/2010Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1296Ian Paterson15/07/2017Grafham Water Sailing Club
GBR1294John MacKenzieDalgety Bay Sailing Club
GBR1293Richard Allen08/01/2017Carsington
IRL1292Liam Donnelly10/11/2010Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club
GBR1291David Shiel01/04/2006South Caernarvonshire Yacht Club
GBR1290Peter Taylor29/07/2018Dalgety Bay SC
GBR1289Matt Jackson24/05/2019Scaling Dam SC
AFG1288Peter Dancso27/04/2018Queen Mary
GBR1287Tom Peters and Anna-Louise Morris01/11/2005Weston Sailing Club
GBR1286Paul Stainsby01/09/2013Queen Mary Sailing Club
GBR1285Mike Latham14/06/2019Errwood Sailing ClubLeigh & Lowton SC.
GBR1283Chris Pickles07/05/2017none
GBR1279John Kemp01/02/2010Gurnard S C
GBR1278David Tozer31/08/2018Lee on Solent Sailing Club
GBR1277Graham Tullett20/04/2018Bristol Corinthian Yacht Club
GBR1276Reddington01/01/2006Bartley Sailing Club
GBR1275Sam Parker and Anna LudgateWeston Sailing Club
GBR1274Bill HandleyRestronguet Sailing Club
GBR1270James Cutler10/07/2014Burghfield Sailing Club
NOR1269Per Gunnar Waage25/05/2012Haugesund
GBR1268Alistair RoseRoyal Windermere Yacht Club
GBR1267Paul Huett04/12/2015Draycote Water Sailing Club
GBR1265John Perry and Mark Kingsley03/08/2010Aberdeen and Stonehaven YC
GBR1263David Stockton12/05/2018Wimbleball
AFG1262Jon Willars18/08/2017Welton Sailing Club
GBR1261Stuart Hills27/03/2012Exe
GBR1260richard shellcock10/05/2012oban s.c./ loch tummel s.c.
IRL1259McCready Sailboats01/07/2013Ballyholme Yacht Club
GBR1258Andrew Homer16/02/2008
GBR1257Nick LoweY Felinheli
GBR1256Paul Bowen 01/01/2010Gurnard S C
GBR1255PattersonRoyal North of Ireland Yacht Club
GBR1254Philip Murray13/05/2450Tynemouth sailing club
GBR1253Paul Miller25/01/2005Bexhill on Sea Sailing Club
NOTE: Written Off in Road Traffic Accident
GBR1252James AlsopQueen Mary S C
IRL1251Peter Bayly20/03/2016
GBR1249Malcolm Ritchie01/01/2009
GBR1248Kev O'BrienRAFSA
GBR1247Jonathan Smith01/02/2012RAFSA
GBR1245Paul Blowers20/07/2009Gurnard S C
GBR1241RobinsonAldeburgh Yacht Club
IRL1240Daniel Lordan06/05/2015INSC
GBR1239Ray Davies01/01/2004Brightlingsea S C
GBR1238Chris JenningsBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR1237Nick Craig01/01/2008Frensham Pond S C
GBR1236MartinBough Beech S C
GBR1235Chris Bownes04/02/2017Bartley
GBR1234William Ormerod30/05/2019
GBR1233Nick FrancisQueen Mary S C
GBR1232Chris Jordan12/10/2013Burghfield SC
GBR1231Nikita Watson28/08/2017Netley SC
GBR1227CharltonBrightlingsea S C
GBR1226Chris GarveyBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR1225BowenGurnard S C
GBR1224FairmanWeston Sailing Club
GBR1222Ken Twemlow01/10/2007Nottinghamshire county sailing club
GBR1221ModralUllswater Yacht Club
GBR1220FreemanParkstone Sailing Club
GBR1219Mark ReddingtonBartley Sailing Club
GBR1218Mark Bath21/09/2003Bowmoor Sailing Club
GBR1217CooperLymington Town S C
GBR1216Byrne04/10/2016Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club
GBR1215Sean Pratt05/08/2017Carsington Sailing Club
GBR1213David and Frances Wilkins19/08/2014Parkstone YC
GBR1212Richard Ashwell01/02/2016
GBR1211Stuart HudsonWeston Sailing Club
GBR1210James DownerGurnard S C
GBR1209Jim and Robyn Rosser17/06/2007Hickling Broad Sailing Club
GBR1208PykeBurghfield Sailing Club
IRL1207Cillian O'Mara03/01/2014Killaloe Sailing Club
GBR1206Mark Doughty-Keen12/05/2019
GBR1204Chris Gowers01/10/2006Port Dinorwic S C
GBR1203Johnny Limebear02/09/2018West Riding Sailing Club
GBR1202Eamon Cuthbert05/08/2020Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1201Neil Peacock01/01/2004Bartley Sailing Club
GBR1200Richard Buckman14/04/2014Shoreham Sailing Club - West Sussex
GBR1199Graham Child01/08/2008Lee on the Solent Sailing Club
GBR1198Simon Grey02/11/2013Chanonry
IRL1197Aidan Mac Sweeny01/05/2013Royal Cork Yacht Club
GBR1196Julie Boswell16/10/2019Llandegfedd Sailing CLub
GBR1192Jack Munnelly30/04/2015Arun Yacht Club
GBR1191McKeandLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1190JonesLeigh on Sea Sailing Club
AFG1189Steve Restall 01/02/2015
IRL1188Stephen mclernon01/09/2017
GBR1187GunnNottinghamshire county sailing club
GBR1186Dan Jackson 01/11/2016Tenby
GBR1185FellowesAldeburgh Yacht Club
GBR1184JonesBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR1183ElliottRotherham Sailing Club
GBR1182Matthew David Higginson07/02/2010Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR1181Bruce Mills01/08/2015Warsash S.C.
GBR1180Fiona Ferguson/Neil Jardine31/01/2009Loch Tummel Sailing Club
IRL1179David Rose02/06/2014RCYC
GBR1178Brian Holmes18/07/2012Coleraine YC
GBR1177Barrettw. o. b. y. c.
IRL1176Andrew Verso07/06/2011Greystones Sailing Club
GBR1175HendonBlithfield Sailing Club
GBR1174Garry PhareRoyal Torbay Yacht Club
GBR1173Joe Gallivan30/10/2020Weir Wood Sailing Club
GBR1172Alex Fleming05/05/2008Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1170Steven Sheridan10/03/2009RVYC
GBR1169ByrdDraycote Water Sailing Club
GBR1168Oli Harris19/04/2013Alton Water SC
GBR1167Robert Joce01/01/2008Queen Mary S C
GBR1166Paul Harris01/10/2017Southport Sailing Club
GBR1165Christopher HitchmanBartley Sailing Club
GBR1164Munro and Robinson01/08/2013Royal Findhorn Yaught Club RFYC
GBR1161Bruce Dawson26/04/2017Carsington
AUS1160James Grant01/01/2007
GBR1159Matt Reeves18/09/2018Starcross Yacht Club
GBR1158BissetLymington Town S C
GBR1157Philip Murray14/01/2018Tynemouth sailing club
GBR1155PAUL ALLEN01/10/2003Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1154TimmingsLymington Town S C
GBR1153NotleyMengeham Rythe S C
GBR1152Mike Jacot28/06/2017Saltash Sailing Club
GBR1151ClothierBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR1150Cathy Partington07/07/2019Leigh & Lowton SC
GBR1149Nick BellAldeburgh Yacht Club
GBR1148CurrieBassenthwaite Sailing Club
GBR1147Marek JezierskiQueen Mary S C
GBR1146RobertsonRoyal Forth Y C
IRL1144Marty O'Leary01/06/2020
IRL1143Alexander Rumball20/09/2014Irish National Sailing School
GBR1142ALAN RINGE01/06/2005exe
IRL1140Robert O'Sullivan03/04/2014MBSC
GBR1139AyreParkstone Sailing Club
IRL1138Mike Ferguson 24/10/2012Byc/ RUYC
IRL1136Connor Duffy06/04/2015RSGYC
GBR1135ShielLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1134Nick Simmons01/08/2007Weston Sailing Club
ITA1132Davide Patriarca10/08/2015ASD Club Il Castello
GBR1131erica caswell24/12/2016yorkshire dales sailing club
GBR1130David Gates24/04/2103Salcombe Y C
GBR1129David Webley/Fraser Mulford25/04/2013Wormit Boating Club
GBR1128Steve Middleton01/01/2003Burghfield Sailing Club
GBR1127David Geal30/10/2008Bewl Valley Sailing Club
GBR1126StewartBartley Sailing Club
GBR1125BaileyBartley Sailing Club
GBR1124Gael PawsonThorney Island SC
GBR1123Paul Aitken16/07/2015Lyme
GBR1122GreavesLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1121Henry Maples and Seb Cannon07/11/2007Weir Wood Sailing Club
GBR1120RayHighcliffe S C
GBR1119Paul Miller and Andy Bullen01/09/2018Bexhill Sailing Club
GBR1118Chris Hughes01/11/2015
GBR1117James Sinclair30/09/2012East Lothian Yacht Club
GBR1116David Buckley06/02/2011Chew Valley Lake S C
GBR1113Mark Meadows28/10/2005Burton Sailing Club
GBR1112Jon Abbatt05/09/2017Ullswater Yacht Club
GBR1110Norman Bell30/03/2007Grafham Water S C
GBR1109Mark and Tris Turner20/01/2019Warsash sailing club
GBR1107Allister Cleal13/04/2010Guernsey Yacht Club
GBR1106Dave Brannigan17/08/2006Llandegfedd Sailing Club
GBR1102GriffithsBewl Valley Sailing Club
GBR1101Baker01/09/2007Queen Mary S C
GBR1100AshdownLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
IRL1099dara mcdonagh01/06/2019Greystones sc
GBR1098MayhewIsland Barn Reservoir S C
GBR1097Mark Swan and Paul Raven13/02/2016Exe Sailing Club
GBR1096Peter Taylor04/03/2017Dalgety Bay SC
GBR1095Adrian Buswell01/03/2011Mengeham Rythe S C
GBR1093Alistair Hill07/06/2015Grafham Water
GBR1092Alan Cooke01/03/2001Grafham Water S C
GBR1091Stuart and Cath Belfield12/12/2008Leigh and Lowton
GBR1090Cassandra BeasleyWeston
GBR1089RitchieAldeburgh Yacht Club
GBR1088KenyonParkstone Sailing Club
GBR1083Sam Wilford01/02/2011Hollowell Sailing Club
GBR1082Mark Somerville 14/08/2013Bassenthwaite sailing club
GBR1079Mark Helyer01/01/2007Torpoint Mosquito Sailing Club
GBR1078Peter Jackson & James DyasSilver Wing Sailing Club (BASC)
GBR1077Simon Nichol14/02/2013Chester
IRL1076Mark Sartini23/08/2016Killaloe Sailing Club
GBR1075AdamsBexhill on Sea Sailing Club
GBR1074GurneyThames Sailing Club
GBR1073Neil McLaren28/01/2017
GBR1072DawsonBassenthwaite Sailing Club
GBR1070Neil Kennedy07/07/2013Bexhill SC
GBR1069christopher mulholland09/07/2012Roadford Lake SC
GBR1067Tim and Is Brooke22/04/2016W&FYC
GBR1066Roland Walker01/07/2006Aldeburgh Yacht Club
GBR1064David Ramsden20/01/2012Queen Mary SC
GBR1063William Hall26/02/2011Rutland Sailing Club
GBR1062Richard Johnson02/05/2008Emsworth Sailing Club
GBR1061WatsonLoch Tummel Sailing Club
GBR1060Pete Pickford/Chris Carpenter27/11/2015Dell Quay
GBR1059Keith Ellis04/05/2014Castle Cove SC
GBR1058Richard Symons01/05/2017Dittisham sailing club
GBR1057McLarenBrightlingsea S C
GBR1056PinchQueen Mary S C
GBR1055PrinceWeir Wood Sailing Club
GBR1054Stephen Ratcliffe12/04/2008Hickling Broad Sailing Club
GBR1051Matthew Sheahan28/09/2011Netley Sailing Club
GBR1050PartingtonLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1049TeagueSouth Cerney Sailing Club
GBR1048Martin Hart27/08/2010Notts County Sailing Club
GBR1047TiceLocks Sailing Club
GBR1046Peter holmes Ben Burley20/02/2008Covenham Sailing Club
GBR1045CarverRoyal london yacht club
IRL1044Tom mcgrath01/09/2016Royal Cork
GBR1043Ian Watkins30/10/2010Grafham Water S C
GBR1042ChristopherQuintonWeston Sailing Club
GBR1041Henry Barnes and Grahame Smith 15/05/2016Staunton Harold Sailing Club
GBR1040PorterSouth Cerney Sailing Club
GBR1038Joe Helm21/12/2012Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club
GBR1037Queen Mary Sailing Club01/05/2014Queen Mary SC
GBR1036Tom Taylor-Jones01/09/2011Wivenhoe Sailing Club
IRL1035Brian Bryce01/07/2014Killaloe Sailing Club
GBR1034RiddingtonLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1033Cameron Wade08/08/2009Grafham Water S C
GBR1032Patrick and Norman burns10/10/2012RYA/Dalgety sailing club
GBR1031Max Tosetti20/06/2009Queen Mary
GBR1030Greg Pace01/04/2012Bartley
GBR1029Mick Noble25/09/2016Carsington Sailing Club
GBR1027CrowtherGrafham Water S C
GBR1025Neil Mathews and Mark Diamond21/07/2007Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club
GBR1024DyterAldeburgh Yacht Club
GBR1022Andy Clark09/09/2015Lancing Sailing Club
GBR1021Bruce Watt01/10/2011Queen Mary S C
GBR1020Justyn Jones01/04/2011Cardiff YC
GBR1019Rob Corfield01/07/2008Dell Quay Chichester
GBR1018Richard Bolton10/06/2012East Lothian Yacht Club
IRL1017Sean Cleary / Steven Tyner01/10/2011Greystones Sailing Club
GBR1016Richard Tower 03/05/2015Carsington Sailing Club
GBR1014Clifford Nicholson30/03/2016
GBR1010BlockleyLymington Town S C
GBR1009Ashley Henley01/01/2008Grafham Water S C
GBR1008Philip Kennard01/04/2008Burghfield Sailing Club
GBR1007WooseyLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1006AlexanderEast Lothian Y C
GBR1005Rob Mitchell25/09/2007Chew Valley Lake S C
IRL1004Tom Purdon30/11/2017Strangford Lough Yacht Club
GBR1003TelfordSouth Windermere Sailing Club
GBR1002David Atienza01/01/2005Aldeburgh Yacht Club
GBR1001Robert Espey10/10/2011Ballyholme YC
GBR999Lee Hailey02/05/2010Queen Mary Sailing Club
GBR983Peter Middleton17/09/2016Saltash SC
GBR981AttrillBrading Haven Yacht Club
GBR980Robert Mackay04/07/2015Queen Mary S C
GBR979David Nunn01/03/2020Bowmoor SC
GBR976Jeff and Harris Maidment14/04/2018Burghfield
GBR973David and Jackie Gebhard21/12/2017Tynemouth
GBR971Simon Kitchen31/03/2019Grafham Water SC
GBR968GibbLargo Bay S C
GBR966GreenLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR965Pete Bennett01/10/2012Silver Wing S.C./ Datchet S.C.
GBR964Emma Johnstone20/04/2011Locksc
GBR963Jo Costura01/10/2007Rutland Sailing Club
BEL962Alexandre Juignet06/09/2014SNEH club de l'eau d'heure
GBR959Adrian Cross01/01/2007BMSTC
GBR958Craig Franklin08/03/2017Dittisham Sailing Club
GBR957Chris Lloyd19/04/2014Saltash SC
GBR956Ramsay Leuchars20/12/2014
GBR955FraserIsland Barn Reservoir S C
GBR953Stuart Halman27/08/2008Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR952Blaver-Mann01/01/2001Parkstone Sailing Club
GBR951Chris and Kathy Iles06/01/2007Locks Sailing Club
GBR950Alan Elkington01/10/2004Nottinghamshire county sailing club
GBR947Brian Beavis01/04/2007Portchester S C
GBR946Nigel Orkney29/10/2015Largo Bay Sailing Club
GBR945Tim Craig01/07/2008Elton Sailing Club
GBR944Winston LordWeston Sailing Club
GBR942Ben Collett21/03/2009Chichester Yacht Club
GBR941Fiona and Steve Atkinson26/08/2016Carrickfergus Sailing Club
GBR939Steve Janering01/05/2014Queen Mary
GBR938christopher roll10/04/2011King George S C
GBR937Andrew Gardiner07/03/2016Thorney Island Sailing Club
GBR936Mike Bayliss31/01/2008Covenham Sailing Club
GBR935MacLeanEast Lothian Y C
GBR934David Swift01/04/2014Warsash SC
GBR931Benjamin Ford 01/06/2018Neyland Yacht Club
GBR930Ian Collyer01/11/2011Hollowell Sailing Club.
GBR929John Whalley01/01/2006Royal Windermere Yacht Club
GBR928Mike Lewis23/04/2009Mengeham Rythe S C
GBR927WakelyWhitefriars Sailing Club
AFG926Dan Jackson23/08/2015TENBY S.C.
GBR925Russell Brayshaw29/04/2014Swanage SC
GBR924Patrick and Tim Denby05/06/2014Broadstairs Sailing Club
GBR923darren horton12/10/2012king george
GBR922Roger Carter / Ian Robertson01/02/2013Wormit Boating Club
GBR921ChipperfieldLymington Town S C
GBR918Tim Hardy30/09/2008Queen Mary
GBR917Mike Curtis01/04/1999Island Barn Reservoir SC
FRA916michael duflos20/10/2013
GBR915Sean Curtis 01/01/2015Curtis Sean
GBR914HerdDraycote Water Sailing Club
GBR913David Scott07/02/2007Northampton Sailing Club
GBR912Ian Hayhoe01/01/2007
GBR911David SparrowParkstone Sailing Club
GBR910Harry Houlding31/01/2015Fowey Gallants Sailing Club
GBR909steve patch10/10/2010lochcarron sc
GBR908Bill Burnett01/09/2013Bough Beech
GBR907Peter Daigneault 08/08/1999Eastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club
GBR906Matt Sayer / Agustin Reyna20/09/2013Cardiff Bay Yacht Club
GBR905WillisLymington Town S C
GBR904Grant Blake01/05/2015Oxford Sailing Club
IRL903Noel Davidson / Joe Turner11/04/2014Howth Yacht Club
GBR901Mark Reddington08/08/2014Bartley SC
GBR898Susan PrattleyOxford Sailing Club
GBR897Jamie Hembury-Gunn10/08/2015Brancaster Staithe Sailing Club
GBR896Ian Gray01/01/2004Queen Mary S C
GBR895MatthewsBlithfield Sailing Club
GBR893Ruth Iliffe11/04/2008Port Dinorwic SC/ Llandudno SC
GBR892Alasdair Sword01/11/2010Lympstone Sailing Club
GBR891Sean Ratcliffe10/10/2017Leigh and Lowton
GBR890TilleyLlandegfedd Sailing Club
GBR888Robin Taggart12/11/2014Coleraine Yacht Club
GBR887DavisNorth lincolnshire sailing club
GBR886Ben Rogerson01/04/2010Gurnard S C
GBR883BarkerMilton Keynes Sailing Club
GBR881Alex Reid30/12/2006Grafham Water S C
GBR880James Le Couilliard23/06/2019Aldenham Sailing Club
IRL877William Findlay11/12/4752Strangford Sailing Club
GBR875Jacob Ainsworth10/06/2019Tynemouth SC
GBR874GibbEast Lothian Y C
GBR872Roger Bennett01/03/2013Glossop and District Sailing Club
GBR871Kim Harris11/07/2014Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR870Simon Horsfield
GBR869Alex Walton04/09/2019Chase SC
IRL867Tiernan Regan and Simon Murray 08/11/2014National Yacht Club
GBR866Paul Reynolds01/02/2010Notts County Sailing Club
GBR865Michael Copeman and Nicola Palmer20/03/4917Bexhill Sailing Club
GBR863Nigel Maycock01/03/2007Littleton
GBR862RapleyMengeham Rythe S C
GBR861Gerard Barron01/07/2007Brancaster Staithe S C
GBR858Chris Rowsell15/04/2000Dell Quay SC & Torpoint Mosquito SC
IRL857Paul Phelan15/05/2015Greystones S.C.
CHE855CERN Yacht Club01/04/2004YCC (Yacht Club du CERN)
GBR854Chris Brown04/02/2010Weston SC
GBR853MAILLARD / KIAIE02/07/2011Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club
GBR852Maurice Barnes20/09/2009Hollowell Sailing Club
NLD851Frans Parthesius15/05/2021Elfhoven Gouda
GBR850JubbIsland Barn Reservoir S C
GBR849Hayley Parks01/04/2007Great Yarmouth & Gorleston S C
GBR848Ben Tate30/11/2007Weston Sailing Club
GBR847Ian Martin29/04/2007South Shields S C
GBR846Richard Hall24/04/2010Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR845Ian peace30/08/2018Island barn
GBR844Steve lane01/03/2008Bartley Green Sailing Club
GBR843StewardOulton broad sailing club
GBR842MillarEast Lothian Y C
GBR841Mark Stubbings and Michael Austen01/05/2010ESSC/ESC
IRL840Ryan Seaton06/01/2013BYC/CSC
GBR838Brian Lambert / Pete Hazell15/04/2013Brancaster Staithe Sailing Club
GBR833Gary Phipps01/03/2008Blackwater Sailing Club
GBR831Adrian Sherratt30/12/2012Northampton SC
GBR830Clive Posford13/07/2014Glossop SC
GBR829Graham Davidson-Guild and David Clementson18/01/2014Trearrdur Bay Sailing Club
GBR828Martin Spencer22/01/2016Leigh Lowton
GBR826TylecoteSpinnaker Sailing Club
GBR824Jack Davies 03/10/2018WestKirbysailingclub, lee on the solent,
GBR822John BurtonRipon Sailing Club
GBR820PearsonStarcross Yacht Club
GBR819Sean Ratcliffe10/08/2017Leigh and Lowton
GBR818McCarlieDalgety Bay S C
GBR817ExleyLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR816SandersHamble River S C
IRL815Diane Burgess and Stephen Magee20/10/2013Ballyholme Yacht Club
GBR813Chris Grosscurth02/02/2008Felpham S C
GBR812David Clarke08/05/2007Ullswater Yacht Club
GBR810Richard Fahey01/08/2015Tynemouth Sailing Club
GBR808Julian Sutherland01/05/2017Emsworth Sailing Club
GBR806Bob AlexanderParkstone Sailing Club
GBR804Geoff Stones01/04/2009Jumbles SC
IRL803Ryan Seaton06/01/2013Ballyholme YC /Carrickfergus sailing Club
IRL802Dave Sweeney01/05/2015
GBR800Jay Colville 09/09/2010EDYC
AFG796Nicholas Alston01/05/2011Thorpe Bay yacht Club
GBR794HerewardDatchet Water S C
GBR792Roger ElimanChichester Yacht Club
FRA790pensec jacques06/10/2013foyer laique lanester section voile
GBR789Damir Gusic20/01/2919King George SC
GBR788Dave Hart08/08/2018Lee On Solent
GBR787GreenStarcross Yacht Club
GBR781SandsLee on Solent Sailing Club
GBR780BroughtonAldeburgh Yacht Club
GBR774PooreLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR772Ben Gilbert28/05/2008Plymouth
GBR771Dorian Woolger01/04/2006Sussex Yacht Club
GBR770Richard RobertsPort Dinorwic S C
GBR767Simon Barber
GBR765AdamsLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR764Mike Ridsdill-SmithBlackwater Sailing Club
GBR763Liam Alcock01/09/2015South Shields Sailing Club
IRL762Avril Doherty01/08/2012Monkstown Bay SC, Cork.
GBR760OwensDale Y C
GBR759Peter King01/05/2010Dell Quay Sailing Club
GBR755Tomas / Frederico09/08/2015QMSC
GBR754Michael Morton Lee08/05/2012Thorney Island Sailing Club
GBR753Mark Munday01/09/2009Bewl Sailing Association
GBR751Howard Eeles29/01/2009Bartley Sailing Club
IRL748David Rose23/10/2013Royal Cork Yacht Club
GBR747Matt Godbold and Richard Turner22/07/9201Brancaster Staithe
GBR744Fiona Bolt and Iain Lewis01/11/2006Queen Mary S C
GBR740Ian Turnbull & Kate Lowe02/02/2010
GBR738Martin Faulkner04/09/2010Lochaber Yacht Club
GBR736JonesStone Sailing Club
GBR735Mark Hope01/10/2012Hollowell Sailing Club
GBR734OwenParkstone Sailing Club
GBR733WatsonWeston Sailing Club
GBR732Andrew Hurd01/06/2007Grafham Water S C
GBR729Anthony Sherran01/05/2007Royal Windermere Yacht Club
IRL728Andy Browne15/08/2013Carlingford Lough Yacht Club
GBR726Rob Powell01/05/2012Alton Water, Suffolk
GBR725Jason Riby02/05/2015
GBR723HeijneBough Beech S C
GBR721FryerWaveney & Oulton Broad Yacht Club
GBR717Bryan Smith28/04/2009Thorney Island Sailing Club
GBR716Derek Mitchell12/08/2015Burghfield
GBR714Thomas Hart02/04/2004Weston Sailing Club
GBR704Niall Campbell Morrison14/02/2009East Lothian Y C
GBR703Matt sharman26/06/2012Delph sc
GBR702WattsBough Beech S C
GBR700EdmondsLymington Town S C
GBR696gareth jackson07/07/2010llyn brenig sailing club
GBR695Duncan Ayre30/07/2012Stone sailing club
GBR694Matt Fowler12/09/2012Pevensey Bay Sailing Club
GBR693SmithLondon Corinthian S C
GBR692Donald Muir
GBR691CarnellLooe S C
GBR690Morgan-JonesEastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club
GBR689Matt Wright01/01/1998Thorney Island SC
GBR686StevensLee on Solent Sailing Club
GBR685Ken Newing02/01/2008Port Dinorwic S C
GBR684Matt Fowler12/09/2012Pevensey Bay Sailing Club
GBR683Richard Perriss15/09/2012Royal Torbay Yacht Club
CHE682Jonathan and Louise Cook01/05/2001Club Nautique de Versoix
GBR681Keen01/09/2009Eastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club
GBR680ArmitageThames Sailing Club
GBR678SmithWeston Sailing Club
GBR677Rhys Westcott10/05/2014Grafham Water Sailing Club
GBR676MarriottEssex Yacht Club
GBR670Greg Gilbert/Alex Mcintosh07/05/2010Bartley Green Sailing Club
GBR669MeakinsHamble River S C
GBR668Aidan Harvey01/01/2005Bexhill Sailing Club
GBR667Bill Jackson01/01/2008Llandegfedd Sailing Club
GBR666Ben and Louie Walker25/04/2018Staunton Harold Sailing Club
GBR664FelthouseBlithfield Sailing Club
GBR662Mike Curry28/08/2010Glossop Sailing Club
GBR661marshallDell Quay Sailing Club
GBR660Stephen Mason17/11/2010Delph Sailing Club
GBR659Warren Martin06/05/2017Brightlingsea Sailing Club
GBR658Iain Tait01/02/2015Dalgety Bay Sailing Club
GBR649Ian Webster and Simon Capp01/10/2014Poole Yacht Club
GBR647WhalleyRoyal Windermere Yacht Club
GBR642BarrQueen Mary S C
GBR640Jason Kay 01/03/2014Delph Sc
GBR638Jeromy Bosch28/08/2017Alton Water
GBR637NorrisRed Wharf Bay S C
DEU636Matthijs Plokker12/01/2013Altlander Yacht Club - Jork
GBR635MarriageQueen Mary S C
GBR628Bob & Maria Peak08/09/2007Alton Water Sailing Club
GBR627NicholsonBrightlingsea S C
GBR621Bob and Simon Leeming06/12/2014Coquet Yacht Club
GBR620RustBrightlingsea S C
AFG619Dan Langer01/02/2015Stewartby water sc
GBR617Andy MacLennan02/06/2008Aberdeen and Stonehaven YC
GBR616SaundersBewl Valley Sailing Club
GBR615Martin Stockbridge / Polly Scurrah12/08/2016Draycote Water
GBR614JonesChew Valley Lake S C
GBR611UsborneLocks Sailing Club
GBR609Peter and Margaret WhitePevensey Bay S.C.
GBR608D. Hamilton and G. Paton15/07/2006Loch Tummel Sailing Club
GBR606BealeLancing Sailing Club
GBR605Martin Price01/04/2009Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club
GBR604David Houghton30/10/2010Great Yarmouth & Gorleston S C
GBR603Nigel C Reed03/05/1997
GBR602HarrisChew Valley Lake S C
IRL601John Malone20/10/2012
GBR600HoarePoole Yacht Club
GBR599Tom Leckie01/04/2011leigh and lowton sailing club
GBR596Pete Bennett24/03/2013Silver Wing S.C.
GBR595Carl Bridgewater26/04/2015Filey Sailing Club
GBR594Paul NaserSpinnaker Sailing Club
CAN593Trevor McGrath01/01/2013Queen City Yacht Club
GBR592James Sharratt and Steve PitcherRSWSC and Porthpean SC
GBR591Dave Percival01/01/2006Datchet Water S C
GBR588P Richardson29/03/2021
GBR587Jess and Matt Womersley01/08/2009South Yorkshire Sailing Club
GBR585Andy Palmer and Lisa Brook15/08/2010
GBR584Harry Wilkes21/12/2016Parkstone Yacht Club
IRL582Brian O'Hare10/09/2012Royal St George Yacht Club
GBR579James and Tim Shuttleworth 02/08/2015Burghfield sailing club
GBR578Stephen KANE 01/12/2017Royal North of IRELAND
GBR577TravisCastle Cove S C
DEU576Michael Barth26/04/2012Segel Club Neuburg Donau
GBR575Mark Austin14/03/2015
GBR574Chris Stubbs19/05/2007Downs Sailing Club
GBR573RobinsonChew Valley Lake S C
GBR569WeeksLee on Solent Sailing Club
GBR567Ben Davis01/01/2007Thorney Island SC
GBR564jacob ainsworth12/01/2013ogston sc
GBR563MurrayRoyal Windermere Yacht Club
GBR561Shawn Woodcock01/09/2006Bartley Sailing Club
GBR560CorbyBewl Valley Sailing Club
GBR559MarshElton Sailing Club
GBR557John Tanner31/12/2010Oxford SC
GBR556Ross Davies and Clemmy Dymond 21/03/2014Queen Mary SC
GBR555Neilson Holiday Company
GBR554Chris Bromley24/07/2007Weston Sailing Club
GBR553Williams16/09/2012Llandegfedd Sailing Club
GBR551SimmonsBewl Valley Sailing Club
GBR550HomerMidland Sailing Club
GBR549RileyPort Dinorwic S C
GBR548Tim WeedenThorney Island SC
GBR547StevensAldeburgh Yacht Club
GBR546MuirRudyard Lake S C
GBR543Kierran Denning21/04/2012RSC
GBR539Lowden James03/04/1999Queen Mary S C
GBR538Jane Baxter01/10/2009Rutland SC
GBR537David Finch01/04/2014Hythe and Saltwood Sailing Club
GBR536LennonHayling Island S C
GBR535PrinceWeir Wood Sailing Club
GBR534Neil and Heather McCormack05/05/2010Scaling Dam Sailing Club
GBR533Jenny and Peter WeeksPortishead Yacht & Sailing Club
GBR532John Simms23/01/2016Yorkshire Dales SC
CAN529John Bennett and Janine Clark01/01/2013QCYC
GBR528SieversThorney Island SC
GBR527Will Appleby31/08/2021Warsash SC
GBR526Graham Cobb09/01/1999Oxford Sailing Club
GBR525Matt Jackson01/05/2011Scaling Dam SC
GBR522SimmonsCardiff Uni
GBR520DowrickPorthpean sailing club
GBR519John Brookes21/09/2016Tynemouth Sailing Club
GBR518Tony Bostock20/05/2017Trearddur Bay Sailing Club
GBR516GregoryStone Sailing Club
GBR515FoxLoch Venechar Sailing Club
GBR514Denise and Alan Bull03/12/2013Seafarers
GBR513Nicola and Malcolm Barker28/10/2015Guernsey Yacht Club
IRL512CHARLIE HORDER01/04/1995slyc
GBR511Tom Evans01/05/2007Weston Sailing Club
GBR510Stephen Donnelly 01/08/2017CSC
GBR509Darren Martin01/01/2007Royal Windermere Yacht Club
GBR507FisherWeston Sailing Club
GBR506Ono Olmedo and Jess House25/11/2018Exe Sailing Club
GBR505UnderwoodPortchester S C
GBR503Ben FALAT05/10/2009Great Yarmouth & Gorleston S C
IRL500John Lowry10/06/2012Cushendall Sailing & Boating Club
GBR498Alistair Coates01/01/2003Bassenthwaite
GBR497BirdRoyal Cork Yacht Club
GBR496Miles De Sa10/04/2018Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR495ClareChichester Yacht Club
GBR494Donald Rennie01/03/2007Wormit Boating Club
GBR491LindleyStokes Bay Sailing Club
GBR487RocheCrawley mariners yacht club
GBR484Jean Dennis & Tina Lovelock17/11/2007Burghfield Sailing Club
GBR483Lynne Rouse01/01/2007Netley Sailing Club
GBR482Isobel Adams02/02/2008Cardiff Yacht Club
GBR479Peter Hunter02/03/2008Oxford Sailing Club
GBR476Mark and Bec Barron01/10/2004Loch Tummel Sailing Club
GBR475Chris Dowie01/09/2012Aberdeen & Stonehaven Yacht Club
GBR474David Trevelyan01/04/2010Thornbury Sailing Club
GBR470iain horlock16/09/2008Exe Sailing Club
POL469Jarek Waszkiel / Robert Lyskawa25/10/2014L.O.K. Ostroda
AUS467Brendan Cleaver20/02/2001Mooloolaba Yacht Club
GBR465Piers Shoesmith23/09/2020Eastbourne Soverign Sailing Club
GBR463nigel hunter01/10/2007ponden
GBR462Jim Short and Tony Jaffa04/06/2008Royal Torbay YC
GBR461Angus Maclaren01/01/2014South Cerney
GBR460Michael Wilson01/04/2005Isle of Man Yacht Club
GBR458Paul Burger20/03/4917Wimbleball SC
GBR457ClarkWeston Sailing Club
GBR456WilsonBartley Sailing Club
IRL455Ronan Currid and Karen Joynt09/04/2016National Yacht Club
GBR454James Milne01/01/2007Aldeburgh Yacht Club
GBR453Ryan Schenck20/10/2018Oxford Sailing Club
GBR452Nick MeyneHickling Broad Sailing Club
GBR451Matt Harris01/09/2008Southport Sailing Club
GBR449Richard White and Kelly Hewlett27/08/2014Clevedon S.C.
GBR448Neil Jardine and Fiona Ferguson25/03/2006Loch Tummel Sailing Club
GBR447Oliver Webster15/05/2010Aberdeen and Stonehaven YC
GBR446Stuart CutlerWarsash Sailing Club
GBR445Dave Barden05/08/2016Saltash sc
GBR444Paul Harris14/04/2008Southport Sailing Club
GBR441Scott Henderson07/03/2014Rosehearty Sailing Club
GBR440Robert Yeamans01/02/2013Aberdeen and Stonehaven Yacht Club
GBR438Phil Nickells23/11/2018Covenham
GBR437David Smith12/10/2013Restronguet SC
GBR436RiddingtonLeigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR433tom bowman06/05/2012Dabchicks sailing club
GBR432Christian and Martin Butcher18/10/2008West Lancashire Yacht Club
GBR431Will Appleby15/08/2019Warsash
GBR429David Webley/David Anderson08/09/2006Wormit Boating Club
GBR427Ian & Charlotte Burrans15/09/2008LOcks Sailing Club
GBR426Peter Van de Velde/Henrik Asplund01/10/2007Guernsey Yacht Club
GBR425Vicky Lincoln Jody Slater02/01/2018Netley SC
GBR423christopher mulholland08/09/2009Shearwater S C
GBR415Matthew Johns03/12/2012Restronguet Sailing Club
GBR414Matt Toynbee28/12/2015Dalgety Bay
NOTE: Insurance Write Off summer 2017
GBR413Martin Potter05/07/2009St Ives S C
GBR412Ollie Shaw01/06/2009Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR410HearnParkstone Sailing Club
GBR407Craig Holder14/07/2021
AUS3Ken Cameron11/05/2013Portland Yacht Club, Victoria
Boat Sold, new owner details not available.
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