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16/10/2012 19:27:40

Andrew Rodwell
Posts: 6
Has anyone fitted ratchet blocks on their jib sheets? We've not raced for anything longer than a day of club racing so not suffered any problems but I'm guessing that a windy nationals could warrant these to take the strain away from poor old crew's arms!

16/10/2012 20:18:42

Nick Craig
Posts: 3
Hi Rodders
Yes we use jib ratchets that can be turned on & off.  Very helpful in breeze, save the crew's arms for fast hoist & drops!

29/10/2012 19:35:52

Andrew Rodwell
Posts: 6
Great Nick, thanks for the response. It must be fast then!!

I've bought a couple of Harken 40mm rachet blocks. Another daft question but where is the best place to fit them? On the track or after the cleat? (Not been to the boat for a while).

Cheers again,


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