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Magic Marine Scottish Championship

    Magic Marine RS400 Scottish Championships and Eurocup Event 2016


    10/11 September – Dalgety Bay Sailing Club


    An entry of 13 boats for the event was lower than expected but the strength of competition more than made up for the lack of overall numbers whilst Jenny and Jules from London added an international flavour. DBSC provided a great welcome and organised sunshine and warmth for the event.


    On Saturday as forecast the wind strength was moderate but variable and PRO Sandy McPhail anchored the Vital Spark off the shore to the west of the club, setting a longish course and a challenging start line. Tidal considerations were important and those that misjudged this element fell by the wayside rather rapidly.


    The first race was close fought with Jim Sinclair and Ben Wilcox establishing a gap between himself and the also rans, putting down a marker for the rest of the weekend. He followed this with a third and a second to be overnight leader, going home to consolidate his lead in his slippers. Neil McLelland and Andy McKeown made up for a lack lustre first race by winning the second two convincingly. They too went home for tea and cake. Keith and Kirsty were quick but didn’t manage to ease past the top two over the day whilst Richard and Naomi, making a guest appearance showed well as did a certain Emily / Jenny who won the first ‘Hoop of Shame’ award for giving the finish line a body swerve in the first race. Mr & Mrs Grumpy had a pair of unconvincing seconds but went home for an early bath in the third.


    The main event on Saturday evening in the comfort of the clubhouse was also closely fought, with tell-tale photographs on facebook demonstrating a variation on the use of the Hoop of Shame. A certain Robbie Wilson was also recorded in the fray. Everyone committed to the trip to Mounts Bay for the 2017 Nationals and unlike Stonehaven, DBSC did not run out of beer.


    Sunday dawned very quickly with the wind again inconsistent in strength. A similar pattern of racing was on the cards although the wind had a tendency to swing to the south on occasion. Neil won the first race with Jim second. Jim won the second race with Neil third. Keith and the Grumpys were there or there about. This left the final race as the decider.


    Everyone was a little enthusiastic on the start line and Jim had to head back which left Neil apparently in the clear. With the wind building the lightweight Keith and Kirsty were going well with the not so lightweight Robertsons leading the way. On the finish no-one was hearing the finishing beeps so returned to the shore unsure of scores. As it turned out Neil and Andy did get a finish and so won the championship by a point from Jim and Ben.


    Many thanks to the Sponsors, Stewart Brewing, JP Watersports and Magic Marine for their continuing assistance and helping to make events memorable.


    Written by Stewart Robertson

    Photo by Peter Taylor

    Final Positions:-                                                                        Points

    1. Neil McLellan / Andy McKeown 8
    2. Jim Sinclair / Ben Wilcox 9
    3. Stewart & Sarah Robertson 11
    4. Keith Bedborough / Kisty Higgins 17
    5. Richard Bolton / Naomi Moran                 25
    6. Angus Marshall / Imogen Barnett 26
    7. Jamie Rogers / Neil McLaren 33
    8. Emily Robertson / Jenny Douglas 36
    9. Phil Briton / Jules Thorne 39
    10. Martin Booth / Oliver Milling Smith 41
    11. Iain Tait / Dean Simrick 49
    12. Mike Grant / Alan Birsie 62
    13. Fraser Harrison / Glen Halstead 64
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