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Benromach Whisky & Stewart Brewing RS 400 Scotland Traveller Series

Event No 4 - Largo Bay Regatta.

Saturday was windy, very windy, and Kevin the Man In Charge decided we couldn’t go sailing.  The BBQ started at 5 and those that had stayed on enjoyed burgers and salads along with some of our sponsor’s excellent product.  Largo Bay Sailing Club then led the way to the Railway Inn where most stayed longer than the average Olympian.

Sunday dawned windy but didn’t quite have the bite the day before had. Four races were programmed and the 10am start was a bit of a challenge for some of us.

The first race started off with a handful of boats, there having been quite a few casualties on the way to the start. The Robertsons led at the first mark closely followed by Tim Ellis and Matt. and Angus and Imogen. The first downwind leg  was exciting whilst the second saw a few somersaults. The Robdobs came to from a relaxing swim to find themselves only just behind Angus and Imogen but converted this result before the end. Matt’s boat had suffered a shroud pullout whilst Jamie and Neil cruised to a steady third.

The second race started with the wind staying on the robust side. There were various differences in opinion on how much fun it was and The Robertson boat suffered a mutiny which shortened their day.  Others persevered and Jamie and Neil again cruised to a steady result finishing in front of the swimmers. Volvo ‘Rock Star’ Phil finished a good second in the Black Pearl.

The third race saw a similar pattern to the second with Jamie and Neil winning in good tactical style and Phil coming second.  Kevin decided to stop proceedings at that point in a diminishing field.

The results saw Jamie and Neil winning a well deserved bottle of Ben 10 from our other sponsor. They also won the Duckhams bottle for not hoisting a spinnaker all day. Phil felt hard done by, having half sunk the Black Pearl in an inspired attempt to win the major prize.  (Note to self – don’t forget to tighten the hatch covers on a windy day when swimming may be on the cards).  But to be fair, the judging had been done before the full extent of Phil’s achievement was appreciated.  He had to make do with second overall. Bizarrely due to the vagaries of the scoring system the elderly Robertsons finished third despite an abbreviated sailing performance.

Thanks are due to Largo Bay Sailing club for being fantastic hosts and our sponsors, Stewart Brewing, Benromach whisky and JP Watersports.

Stewart Robertson


  1. RS400 1073 Jamie Rogers & Neil Mclaren
  2. RS400 1445 Phil Britton & Mike Atkinson
  3. RS400 1463 Stewart & Sarah Robertson
  4. RS400 768 Angus Marshall & Imogen Barnett
  5. RS400 414 Tim Ellis & Matt Toynbee
  6. RS400 4776 Martin Booth & Ollie Milling-Smith
  7. RS400 1265 Colin Davis & Naomi Moran
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